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Helping out

Helping out

Ashoka Changemakers have announced the finalists in a competition to select the three most innovative solutions that radically rethink mental health to achieve individual and community well being. And, Dr Chencho Dorji’s project, Promoting Mental Health Treatment in Traditional Bhutanese Society, has made it to the final12 entries.

Dr Chencho Dorji needs your vote to make it to the winning three entries, and be recognized by Changemakers. To vote, you will first need to create an account at Changemakers. A step by step account on how to vote is available here.

Dr Chencho Dorji is a senior psychiatrist at the JDWNR Hospital and, for the longest time, was the only person treating drug abuse, alcoholism and mental disorders in Bhutan.

The polls will be open for only two more days, so please take a little time – immediately, if possible – to vote for our own Dr Chencho.

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  1. I am hearing about this Doctor for the first time. I have no idea what he does so I will not waste my time for voting.

    Frankly, speaking I will not vote for any doctors in Bhutan as most of them act very expensive and hardly can see them if you are not an influential person.

  2. dear Thinley…

    I am also hearing about him for the first time, but glad to know about him and what he has been doing so far. I respect your perception and with immense respect, I would like to make a statement that we should be proud to know that amongst eight hundred thousand of us, he had been carrying out his duty with dynamism and diligence, since he is specialized in this field. today we lack behind since we don’t value others hard work, no offense but you might have been treated by those doctors so called “expensive”. You find someone expensive, when they cherish their hard work with rewards, you find someone expensive when you are not favored amongst hundreds. but dear, this is not about you and me, its about we.

    lastly ! i am glad that you atleast have the potential to picture things but make sure to picture it from the bigger perspective, where you analyze and then criticize or comment based on ideology rather than being bold.

    i am so sorry to say so, but as one of the Bhutanese brother, i take this right to value other Bhutanese with due admiration.


  3. Thinley, correction please.
    If you do not want to vote for Dr Chencho its totally fine, even I might or might not as well. Just being a Bhutanese and knowing him does not make him better, I will read about his contestants as well and then decide.
    However, I dont think generalization of all Doctors in Bhutan as expensive and hard to see is not correct. There are doctors who are really selfless and hardworking. Come on my friend, even in America people have to wait for hours at times to see doctors. Its only in movies and novels where we see things are perfect. Be realistic and appreciate what people do for us including doctors.

    Besides that if you dont know or atleast heard about Dr. Chencho it might be very much possible that you never had to deal with any psychiatric patients or issues at all, otherwise its hard to miss him as mentioned in the article. you are lucky! For that matter, I even saw several BBS productions with him and many other talks. I am sorry you missed them all.

  4. correction for the article line 4:
    However, I dont think generalization of all Doctors in Bhutan as expensive and hard to see is correct.

  5. Good luck to Dr. Chencho. I think we will be very proud of him when he wins.

  6. Congratulation to doctor chencho! I am proud as a Bhutanese to hear that you made up to the finalist. I trully understand the hardwork and sacrifice you made to come up to here. Unfortunately only few fellow Bhutanese seems to appreciate your hardwork and sacrifices. But that should not undermind your determination to go ahead and work even more for the benefit of people who suffer with mental disorders. After all you didnt do this just to earn Dollar but to change the attitude of people towards mental health and I must say that by reaching to finalist from a tiny isolated kingdom you have achieved what you wanted to. Though few seems to appreciate your work it didnt go unnoticed globally.

    I voted you not to win that prize but as a token of appreciation to your great piece of work!

    Hope you wil be recognized more…

  7. i wish dr.chencho all the best and hope he makes it to the winning three entries.

    good luck doc.


    We want to give our children good education. Yet when the teachers ask for something, we say they have had enough.

    We don’t want criminals and hooligans hanging in our neighborhoods. We don’t want illegal drugs, rapes, murders and illegal immigrants in our country. Yet when our policemen and women ask for more welfare and pensions, we say they get free rations and uniforms all their lives.

    We want good health care for all our people. Yet when the doctors cry for public support, we condemn them for acting expensive and asking too much.

    We don’t want someone to blow out a bomb at our doorsteps and kill our near and dear ones. We don’t want the terrorists infiltrating our country from various corners. Yet when the army asks for more budget to improve their weapons and arms, we deny them saying we need the money for other developments.

    We don’t want corruption in our country. We all have been a victim of such practices one way or the other. Yet when the ACC asks for life long security, higher payments and allowances, we say they are robbing the nation in open day light.

    And so on and on…..

    If we all continue like this, and if we do not change our attitudes, Bhutan will never become any better than what it is now.


  9. I know this doctor but he doesnot know me. I know him for his work as a social worker. I met him briefly when he was talking to some addicts and on television ofcourse.

    I will be there to register and vote for him. Good luck Dr.Chencho.

  10. DorjiDrolo says

    I am voting for Dr. Chencho… I know he initiated the first Disabled Day in Thimphu to highlight the issued disabled people face.

  11. dorji thongja says

    Tangba, this is the only point where I fully agree with you. I read some of your comments on this blog and other websites and was even suspicious that you were growing as a terrorist. I could be wrong after I read this comment of yours. I wish we had many more people in our country with greater wisdom and understanding. What you said is absolutely right. There is often a mismatch in what we say and do and so we are …….??

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