Impressive healthcare professionals


I had a toothache last week. So on Friday, I went to the JDWNR hospital where Dr Kuenga Penjor, a young dentist, showed me that one of my molars had developed a big cavity beneath an old filling. He quickly removed the old filling, cleaned the cavity, and applied a new filling. My aches gave gone, and my tooth now feels as good as new.

Dr Kuenga studied dentistry for six years at the Patna Dental College under a GOI scholarship. He is only 26 years old and has already decided to become an orthodontist. I’m impressed.

I’m also impressed with his assistant, Sangay Wangmo, a trainee at the Royal Institute of Health Sciences. I’m impressed with Sangay because, when I last saw her, more than two years ago, she was working at the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources as a receptionist. But she wanted to do more. So she enrolled at the RIHS. Another year and she’ll be a certified dental technician. Well done.


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  1. tshering says

    Recently I did scaling on my teeth by Dr Kunega Penjor and I am impressed.


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