Why I’ve been lazy

Three reasons why I’ve been less than diligent with my posts recently:

  1. The National Assembly is in session;
  2. The World Cup is on; and
  3. My cough persists. It refuses to go away, and has kept me, and my family, awake for many frustrating nights. But, countless home remedies and two ill-advised rounds of antibiotics later, good sense eventually prevailed – I consulted a physician. The specialist ordered a sputum culture, identified the offending bacteria, prescribed the right antibiotic, and, just like that, I’m already feeling better.


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  1. Your Excellency, hope you recover from cough very soon and get into your daily activities as normal. As I am fan of soccer and Your Excellency too, I have one question for Excellency to answer: Which country is favorite to win and which country do Excellency support?

  2. Lyonpo la,
    Please bite on raw ginger occasionally and you cough should subside. I had recently discovered this and it works against cough, cold, runny nose, throat itch etc. No need to take antibiotics.
    I wish you a speedy recovery.

  3. I hope our Bhutanese national team and Olympic Committee people are watching the World Cup matches and taking notes so that we will not get 22 goals from a not-so-strong team as that of Kuwait. When I remember of that story of 22 goals scored against us reported in Kuensel my hairs stand still. A goal was scored every four minutes. Ya la ma kheno.

  4. this is the problem in bhutan.
    before u prescribe antibiotics u have to do a
    culture and sensitivity test. bhutanese hospitals they dont do it for each and every case.
    This is the reason why antibiotic resistancy develops too so lyonpo la before taking ur next course of antibiotics please insist on a culture and sensitivity test.

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