Legalize abortions

Last month I posted a poll asking if abortion should be legalized in our country. Thank you for participating in the poll. And thank you for your views, both for and against legalizing abortion.

55% of you said yes, abortion should be legalized.

38% of you said no, abortion should not be legalized.

And 7% of you said, “I don’t know”.

I don’t know. That, apparently, is the government’s position too – they don’t seem to know.

When asked about abortions, the prime minister reportedly accepted that our laws are “causing certain problems and deaths to mothers.”

He added that, “The debate on the issue will go on, and it would be interesting to see the kind of discourse the media promote.” But that “No initiative will be taken by the government for the time-being.”

What? The government will do nothing? The government will take “no initiative” even though abortions cause “deaths to mothers”?

That is irresponsible.

Be responsible. Take a stand. Do something!

To prevent abortion from causing “problems and deaths to mothers” either make sure to stop abortion completely – through a combination of tough laws, sex education, family planning and contraception. Or make sure to legalize it.

But it’s not possible to put a complete halt to abortions. Just look at how many of us travel across the border to undergo abortions even though we know that they are dangerous and we know that they are illegal. And think about why emergency contraception pills are in such high demand. (A medical shop in Thimphu claims that, when they were allowed to sell emergency contraception pills, the I-Pill was a fast-selling drug, second only to Sinarest).

So legalize abortion. But do so with strict term limits, guidelines and procedures. And to reduce the number of women opting for abortions in the first place, increase sex education, family planning, counseling and contraception use.


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  1. ‘death to mothers’????????
    yes and what about the death to innocent babies???
    lovebirds should have been more cautious before giving in to carnal desires and putting everyone into risk!

  2. My opinion: Aborting once is preferred than killing a mother and her child everyday.

  3. my opinion: safe sex is preferred to abortion

  4. ABORTION!!! Solutions to all.
    if abortion solves the problems to those who are into abortions, it is a good thing. it is individual’s right, the law should avoid aborting the plans of abortions of the people in need of abortion.

  5. Yes, abortion should be legalized in Bhutan inorder to prevent young mothers from unwanted death. Legalization should be done based on the international practices and the prevalent cultural context,but restricting it to become a common pracitce for all. It is very imperative to legalize it in the society where many unwanted pregancies result to unwanted childbirth,especially to the young girls who fall victim to wedlock or night-hunting.Meanwhile, proper medical justifications to allow abortons also need to be established and not all doctors or health workers should be licensed to permit abortion. So go for legalizing the abortion that are deemed risky for both mother and child or if that is unwanted pregnancy rather than risk life by closing eye to the cross-border unsafe abortion.

  6. legalize abortion and kill innocent babies… save mothers and kill babies, disqualify the younger generations and let the old people rule the country… let the doctors kill younger patients and save the older ones…

  7. I would like to simply blame with those opinions for wanting to legalize killing lives, especially in our context of living. Legalizing in short to us would mean the following:
    1) Bhutan will become a place for butchering a human life.
    2) Increase in unsafe sex practices
    3) ……
    4) ……
    5) …… Please help me to add……….

  8. Firstly, the reason why our girls are conceiving unwanted babies are in hunt of daily bread for their survival. Secondly, the lust of almost all the men little better of in the society is to abuse the young girls from the poorer society. All the businessmen, high ranking officials of the government are after school going and school drop-out girls coming from low income society. Therefore, one solution I see for the control of abortion cases is to educate young girls on safe sex and make life imprisonment a law for the men who father the unwanted child.

  9. Nim Dorji says

    Sometimes, it is very hard to understand the issues leading to abortion in our country. It is always not necessary to legalize abortion but we need to look at why abortion is taking place in our country.
    Teenage love affairs and pregnancies, lack of education to the parents about their children development/growth behaviors, lack of guidance and counseling to the youths about sex education and hope of getting marry and settle rather than hunting jobs in the job markets are some of the causes of untimely or unplanned pregnancies.
    Instead of legalizing abortion and inviting problems like social norms, unsafe sex, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, we can look forward for better solutions than legalizing abortion.

  10. Nim Dorji says

    comments by Y. Penjor is a fact that most abortion take place because of girl’s fighting for survival and men taking advantages of their situations. I know some of my friends who did abortion because the partner was already married and one case of run away. This issue is growing in cities and towns of our country.
    So, instead of legalizing abortion we may look at the causes of abortion and act to it accordingly…

  11. When pregnant woman or girl opt for abortion. They must think deeply. In case of rape, by law to some extend it is legal but for those people who conceive intentionally and by ignorance. I think it is illegal. Even PENAL CODE OF BHUTAN 2004 and CRIMINAL AND CIVIL PROCEDURES 2001 has clear reflection about this. Moreover, education is must to curb this social issue. On one hand, i see people going for abortion to excuse from the social stigma. If the news about the issue come in the media, it would be the work force citizens. I would like to request those who are going for abortion, not to opt for that. Instead, go for safe sex with your partner. Prevention is better than cure, i quote.ALL THE CITIZENS OF BHUTAN USE CONDOM WAI. It is available in the BHUs and hospitals la. Don’t kill the innocents. They did nothing but our mistake la. My suggestion would be why can’t we educate our girls? Abortion is sin we say. That’s all

  12. Abortion is an easy and heartless solution to a complex problem, and so is legalizing it. We should be thinking about “preventing abortions”.
    btw, abortion is not ‘saving mothers’; it is saving people from being mothers, and perhaps being ‘murderers’.

  13. So our OL is pro-choice and not pro-life?

  14. bhutan claims to be a bastion for imprisonment for desecration & pillage of religious’s weird that govt falls back on buddhism to support issues if it suits them..killing is a big no – no in buddhism so how do we even contemplate legalizing abortions?
    scarce public resources are spent on reproductive health, advocacy & paediatrics..
    most, though not all, who opt for abortions resort to it after having been irresponsible in the 1st instance.. & too cowardly & weak to face the consequences.. legalizing abortions may result in saving face for a few woman but is the woman’s life more important than the childs? i’d like to believe they are equally precious..
    besides, knowing that abortion can be availed will mean increased promiscuos sex, increased chances for the spread of hiv/aids & other diseases, increased irresponsibilties..for e.g, there are numerous stories of the promiscuities of bhutanese women in new york & how the nepalese, tibetans & indians see bhutanese women as “easy meat”.. 
    even as bhutan is renowned for “talking” gnh (while denmark for one actually practice and are living it), it is inappropriate & absolute stupidity to criminalize tobacco & legalize infanticide.. if responsible sex is not an option, dont spread those legs..then there won’t be a baby killer.. 

  15. ajang_Tawjey says

    legalize abortion and let the innocent baby get killed.Ban everything and let the innocent suffer in prison.Increase the taxes for everything and let innocent poor people i appreciate and like both ruling and opposition party though for me opposition is doing best so far but now i am totally out of this world when our opposition leader also support for legalizing abortion. I will pray for a new party for next election who will be totally different from thoughts and plans of existing parties…otherwise i think we the bhutanese people will suffer under this two parties if their thinking and plan is only this much. We have to think about disadvantages over legalizing abortion rather than thinking only about saving the life of a mother…as legalizing abortion will lead to practice of unprotected sex and as everybody knows that number of cases of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases are increasing yearly so far, therefore think how it will be after legalizing abortion and people start practicing unprotected sex taking advantages over legalizing abortion…

  16. Abortion is a complex issue. A moral justification is always placed: “killing babies”, “murder,” and the like. However, once you look out of your usual thought process, there are several points that do “justify” abortion. For one thing, it does save mothers. It is better to have a safe reliable resource then to cross the border for cheap, often unsafe, procedures. Women should have the freedom to choose what they want to do; it is their reproductive rights. It seems that, we as men, it is easy to not think about abortion. Yes, there are many things–such as STDs, sex trafficking, and such–that do need attention, but we also need to realize that abortion is not as evil as people usually paint it to be. Although this issue stirs up people’s emotions, I do say that abortions done after the first trimester should be considered to be harmful to women and society in general. Before that time rears close, it seems that the new mother must make her decision.

    All in all, we need to see both sides of this issue, and we need to start thinking critically rather then thinking from one perspective.

  17. the word abortion itself is a unhealthy to me as well as to all so we souldnt pratactice or pass to our yanggeneration.
    first do we really have inforfation center for those who needed the most. if yes what are the guiden they provid at times, how we go aobut it should we use the word or any other solution. its not the policy.

  18. Tshering, no point talking to these Buddhist Talibans.

  19. To abort a pregnancy is to terminate a life along with all its potentials.

    Whatever the reasons, having to make this decision is a DEEPLU PERSONAL one for mothers — and, I should add, for fathers as well.

    It is not the public policy’s role to make that decision for individual citizens, by prohibiting abortion.

    Therefore, abortion must be legalized.

    So that individual citizen can exercise her/his freedom.

    Preventive health care and counseling are the mandate of public policies.

    “Freedom is not the power of doing what we like, but the right of being able to do what we ought.” by Lord Acton.

  20. These Buddhist Taliban will crucify you for even suggesting legalizing abortion.

    The Buddhist Taliban have already banned selling of Tobacco products, selling of meat on certain days and months, it won’t be long before the Buddhist Taliban run rampant in the country controlling everyone lives.

  21. Singey Lhendup says

    Laws can’t stop people – if people want an abortion they have it in India. Its like having a smoking ban in Phuntsholing – everyone just steps over the border and smokes.
    This laws just screws the lower class – they can’t afford to go to BKK or somewhere decent so end up in Jaigon/Siliguri. Half the time the mother dies and the other half she comes back missing a kidney.
    People make mistakes but I think they deserve second chances. Having an abortion definitely isn’t good for you (breast cancer, infertility etc), so if people choose to have it, they are shooting themselves in the foot. But family honor is more important and I don’t think its fair that only rich people should have a safer escape route

  22. No Abbortion

  23. Hello Bhutan says

    ” It is very imperative to legalize it in the society where many unwanted pregancies result to unwanted childbirth,especially to the young girls who fall victim to wedlock or night-hunting.”

    What is wedlock and night-hunting?

  24. It is right legalizing abortion just because majority of people who had access to internet voted yes. Firstly, only a few people have access to internet and of those fewer voted. Therefore, it is not just to go by the internet voting. My question is, is it time to legalize abortion? Is this the only option? and what %age of the women are victim (real data)? We should also think of the consequences of legalizing abortion. We cannot introduce the law because other developed countries have done. People are different, culture is different. please think twice.

  25. Abortion should be legalised in our country. Legalising abortion will completely stop unwanted pregnancy, which will in the near future help reduce social problems like unemployment, gang fights and drug abuse.

  26. Not a month ago I was visiting one of my friend. On my way I saw a lot of people gathered near a construction work. Wondering of what was happening I was shocked when I came in full view of the scenario. There lay a cute baby, all paled, no more breathing with her umbilical cord still intact in the mortar grinder used for mixing cement with pebbles. A white thin cloth sheet covering her face I wondered what did this Innocent child do to deserve this treatment. Where is humanity? But I too empathize the mother (whatever drove her to such inhumane act)what if she had option….what if… Call for all. Must visit the ground reality and take an action. I am not saying that the abortion can carried out till later life of the fetus but at least until they are not viable can do just to the unborn, mother and humanly act. I truly feel sorry for those who do not see the option and often land up in in-human acts.

  27. yes it shud b legalized in butan

  28. its burning issuse bt No ABORTION……

  29. sangaydorji says

    abortion should not legalized in our country..since it is one of most sinful against the humanity…so therefore bhutan government should not legalized the abortion.

  30. sangaydorji says

    no abortion n zero tolerance to those who did this..

  31. Rinchen Lhamo says

    People who are in need of abortion will do it anyway even if the law prohibits it. And people who need children will not go for abortion even if the law permit it. It is not the law fault of the law. People are dragged to this type of situation just because of their own personal circumstances. Legalizing abortion doesn’t mean to abort the fetus everytime a woman get pregnant. If one’s personal problem is genuine, then abortion should be allowed anyway.So, I think abortion should be legalized.

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