Bhutan’s address

daw penjoreForeign Secretary Daw Penjor delivered Bhutan’s statement to the 64th session of the UN General Assembly yesterday. He called on the UN members to collectively fight poverty, climate change and terrorism, and supported the ongoing discussions to reform the United Nations. He also spoke about Bhutan’s successful transition to a democratic constitutional monarchy, and about the recent natural calamities.

The General Debates conclude today.


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  1. Oh Lyonpo, you did not deliver speech la? I thought you are representing Bhutan there.

    • Pingpong, you are joking, right? Fortunately OL will not take your comment as an insult because he is one fine man.

      As for me, I can’t stop laughing at your comment. Hopefully you have commented out of ignorance and not as an insult.

      • Hey Karma, I don’t know what you meant by that. May be I am being too foolish, but since Lyonpo recently wrote that he was going to attend the General Assembly, I thought he would be delivering speech. But, if you find this as an insult to Lyonpo, please disregard. Trust me, I didn’t mean anything more or less than that. But you sound too sensitive, I’m scared!

        No offense intended to anybody else!!!!!!

  2. It doesn’t matter who makes a statement or who doesn’t.
    Sometimes, we have to consider… if everybody speaks, who will listen?
    What matters is, what he has heard and what he brings home from the Meeting.
    A wise leader is the one who knows when not to speak and when to listen. I think our Lynpo did exactly that. You sure do not want our representative to make a scene like the Libyan Leader Mr. Adhafi?
    The tent he set up was hilarious!

    • Mr. Adhafi or Gadhafi? I think it’s Gadhafi.

    • Have you ever heard an American ask…

      1. who dropped the first atom bomb on this planet killing millions of people and devastating whole cities?
      2. who was the mastermind behind the Korean wars?
      3. who was the man behind the Vietnam wars?
      4. who was the man who made the middle east situation an unsolvable crisis?
      5. why USA can have nuclear power plants, nuclear missile heads but other countries such as Iran and Korea who are capable of producing nuclear materials and willing to use it for peaceful purposes are not allowed to have it?
      6 why should other nations trust USA but USA can not trust other nations?
      7. who turned Iraq from a living hell into a killing field?

      The answer is very obvious: The Americans

      I hate terrororists but we can not deny the fact that in a world where everything is virtually controlled by a few people who call themselves as the ” civilised people” and treat other humans as orthodox brainless barbarians, it is inevitable that such leaders as Gadhafi, Ahmadenejad, Chavez, Kim Jong, and Bin Laden will be a necessary evil.

      Western people especially the Americans look upon these people with contempt.They condemn the countries where these strong and courageous leaders hail from. That is their way of doing things. Most nations have free press but the news and the information fed to the people by these mass medias are apparently true but actually are all a drama of a perfectly directed and secretly orchestrated shows where the audience sometimes take it for real and do not realise that it is just a show.

      Given the current situation in our country where the Opposition is overwhelmed by the ruling party in our parliament, it is very prone to giving birth to such individuals which will take the law into their own hands. However, if the ruling party is wise enough and govern our country with the rule of ONE LAW FOR ALL and do not breach OUR CONSTITUTION, there is no reason such individuals will rise up in our society and even if they do, the public will condemn him/her. On the other hand, if the ruling party, in the name of majority and democracy, rule the country like a dictatorship, such individuals will be there and the public will also support these individuals.

      And then it will not be hilarious.

  3. You got it Phuntsho… Gadhafi is the name.
    Thanks tons… It was an error typo.

  4. Just out of curiosity, your excellency, what was your contribution to any of the UN meetings? Why were you flown half way across the country?

    • Dear Deliwwo: Bhutan’s delegation to the UN General Assembly comprised of the foreign minister (delegation leader), foreign secretary and one foreign ministry director in addition to members of our permanent mission to the UN in New York. I joined the delegation later as an observer. As observer, I attended some of the GA general debate sessions, and participated in the Inter-Parliamentary Union conference.

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