Celebrating India

India became an independent country on 15 August 1947. But the British monarch, King George VI, continued as India’s head of state till the country was declared a republic. That historic declaration came into effect on 26 January 1950 when India adopted its constitution and became the world’s largest democracy.

As India celebrates its 60th Republic Day, I offer my tashi delek to all the people of India, especially those residing in Bhutan, and thank them for their warm friendship and unwavering support to our king, our country and our people.

I join President Pratibha Patil in wishing Indians everywhere: “Itney Unchey Utho ki Jitna Utha Gagan hai!”


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  1. i always thought India became(or was declared) republic before 15th August 1947.thanks for the info.
    Tashi delek to Indians from me too.

  2. ‘itney unchey utho ki jitna utha gagan hai’ to India!!

  3. This reminds me that Bhutan has always been a sovereign independent nation. We celebrate the national day every 17th December. We know what happened that day in the year 1907. That was when hereditary monarchy was established. It would be informative to all Bhutanese if Lyonpo could highlight the following:

    a) Why and how ‘national’?

    b) What significance does this day bear in today’s context?

  4. why cant tchoden shut up?

  5. sameer jain says


    Thank you, on my personal behalf and on behalf of many other fellow Indians for your best wishes on occassion of our Republic Day.

    So many of us read your Blogs with much interest and it is fascinating to see the quality of comments, constructive feedback and deep engagement of citizens on your blogs website.

    A vibrant constructive opposition makes for a richer democracy!
    Best wishes
    sameer jain

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