Everlasting smile

Mark that smile

Mark that smile

Yesterday, at the Clock Tower Square, HRH Ashi Chimi Yangzom Wangchuck launched Grand Mutual Smiles, a project to exchange smiles – digitally, using smile detection cameras, computers and cyberspace – between the peoples of Thimphu and Linz, Austria.

Thimphu’s Smiles project will be on for a week. And it was selected to introduce what’s being called “80+1: A Journey around the World”, an eighty day event featuring projects in at least 20 locations around the world. The projects showcase themes that are critically important for the future ranging from food and markets to exploration to co-existence. Thimphu’s theme is “celebrating happiness”. Hence the smiles.

So if you come across Pierre Proske, the project coordinator and a group of VAST volunteers, offer them, and the world, your best smile.

A footnote: My wife learnt a song when she was in preprimary in Motithang School. And when anyone in our family sulks – and I’m normally the perpetrator – the other members get together and sing it. It’s sung to the tune of Auld Lang Syne and goes like this:

A smile is quite a funny thing,
It wrinkles up your face,
And when it’s gone you never find
Its secret hiding place.

Note to our teachers: the full song is available here.


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