Supreme excuse

Bhutan Observer, Bhutan Times and Kuensel are doing a pretty good job of keeping the controversy over the appointment of the Bhutan Post CEO alive. If it were not for them, the Cabinet’s tentative response to ACC’s investigation and report would have gone unquestioned, and the public would be none the wiser.

But now what? Constitutional experts argue that only the Supreme Court, as the final authority on the interpretation of the Constitution, can decide if the cabinet’s action on the ACC’s report, or lack thereof, is unconstitutional. And that the differences between the ACC and the Cabinet cannot be resolved until the Supreme Court is established. So there seems to be a growing consensus that nothing much can be done for now.

The experts are no doubt, correct. Except that ACC’s corruption charges, if any, are against a few individuals, not against the Cabinet. So those charges, if any, should be dispatched to the District Court.

Otherwise, with time, the gate will eventually close.


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  1. There are many instances where many such appointments have occured in the past. Just try and analyse how many of the people who are selected in the important executive posts are done fairly. I get surprised to know that this person is relative to this big boss and that big boss. Then the question that comes to my mind is, well, does it mean that only people who are related to big bosses are capable, not people from humble backgrounds? So I mean to say that there is no need to make so much noise over Bhutan Post CEO. There are many such cases. Bhutanese people know every secret, before even they come in the media. Our eyes and ears and always open.

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