Protecting our judiciary

Wanted: more protection

Well protected?

On 9 June, Kuensel reported that the selection of the new DDC secretary may have violated the RCSC’s position classification system. If this is the case, RCSC should look into it.

I have no problem about a member of the judiciary applying of a civil service post, and the RCSC accepting that person’s candidature, or selecting that person. No problem that is, as long as both the Judiciary’s rules and the RCSC’s rules are followed.

So the RCSC may wish to ensure that due process was followed.

RCSC should also consider if it has infringed on the independence of the Judiciary. Earlier the RCSC had issued a “transfer and appointment order” transferring a senior judge out of the judiciary and appointing him as a secretary in the civil service. But, according to the Constitution and related laws, RCSC does not have administrative powers on the Judiciary. So it cannot order the transfer of a judge. Doing so would compromise the independence of the Judiciary. And that, put simply, is very dangerous.

So the RCSC must retract its “order”. And apologize.


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