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  1. Zangley's Nephew says


    What is happening. Can’t you come out and help this poor victim waiting to be sentenced to 3-5 years in prison for carrying baba worth Nu.96. It breaks my heart uncle to hear this story and I am sure there are many out there to cray our aloud. It is just a matter of time uncle. Please do something. You need to help. We know health is important and banning smoking in public and selling in public may be bad too but isnt it extremes to go by this act to jail someone for 5 years for such a meagre act. Help before the baloon burst open. I am confused and angered too of this act.

  2. it is good that the parliament had made tobacco control act but i would like to say that tobacco control act is very inhuman and its undemocratic too.

  3. it is good to have tobacco control act, in other hand we are respecting our buddhism. our tobacco control act must be harsh in order to have limited voilators, if not everyone will try to vailot the act.

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