Facing the Ban

Kinley Shering, a concerned citizen, has launched “Amend the Tobacco Act”, a group on Facebook. The group is closed but, if you have a Facebook account, you can ask to join the group.

Cee Dee Jamtsho, another concerned citizen, posted this on Kinley’s Facebook group:


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  1. kelzang dorjee says

    one of the biggest blunders of DPT! rights to personal liberty is NIL in Bhutan… could have easily raised the tax on sales (unlike on motor cars), rather than going for the ban. and hand cuffs for smoking???? OMG!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing the information…. will definitely join the group.

    Free Sonam Tshering

  3. What’s this all about? Some Sonam Tshering was put behind the bars because he wasn’t aware of Tobacco Control Bill and was smoking openly in the public area?
    Well Bhutan is a country of many bans. First they banned meat, and then alcohol and tobacco. And they call it a transition from monarchy to democracy. What’s the use of democratic form of govt. when its citizens are morally and literally crippled?
    And yet Bhutanese people are silently following every rule imposed upon them. Either we have no guts or we don’t care enough, I can’t quite decide.

  4. Its too much to the people of this country… DPT goverment is always after ban and imposition.
    Please dont take the advantage of being silent by the people… if they happen to shout, the goverment wont be in the position to control it….
    its not far…….
    sonam tshering……

  5. This goes to NC RR and MP(D)UW, enough of your weird justification on today’s issue. For one moment, think as human and be real. Stop your ‘I’m the best & always right’ attitude. It sucks

  6. Someone once told me that he wonders if our lawmakers are high on pot when they make up all these rules. I laughed, it was a joke- kind of- but now im thinking again. seriously.

  7. Unfortunate that the tobacco act should take such a turn, but it had to be. I think we’re basically a society that likes taking the short-cuts. All we seem to want to do is ban and punish. Remember the plastic ban with no real alternatives. The reality is that old habits die hard, and people need time, support, and EDUCATION. Sonam Tshering said he was unaware, and promoting awareness is not what we do well at all. Our laws are plain punitive or any proactive elements in them are just ignored. They say, if you do this, this will be the penalty. There is hardly any focus on ‘this is why we want to do this, and this is how you will be helped to achieve this.’ I’m sure some time and effort in public awareness and education may have avoided Sonam Tshering’s plight. We want to be smoke-free but there’s hardly anything much to help and support smokers to give up if they wanted to. I believe there are programs & therapies out there that can help, and stuff like nicotine patches & gums could be introduced tax free. However, I do understand there are people who see smoking as an individual choice and right; & I’m fine with that as long as they don’t impact other people’s health.

  8. it is indeed ridiculous!!! and to think of, the act was supposed to be effective from 1st january 2011 and sonam tshering was detained on dec 24th 1020? and handcuffed? oh shit!!! it sure sounds like a blunder.

    we really need to do something about this draconian law…and that too sooner the better.

  9. ….dec 24th 2010….sorry

  10. Yes. Amend the the bloody Act.

    I am not a smoker but it is making a mockery of our country.

  11. Maybe our parlimentrains were doped out when they were making act on the tobacco. Do something before half the population goes behind the bar……..wake up DPT government……

  12. The draconian law’s first vicitim is a monk, is ita good sign?

  13. the youth are the future of the country,the time has now come for me to show the society what do i know and protect society from unnecessary policies hampering society.
    i knew tobacco ban in the previous time is going to fail because the policy/rule,isn’t relevant and practical,infact it lead to some siezure of licences and fined them,which i saw vias..(when there was 100s of tobacco seller,they could harrass the smaller shops..please study the license siezed report and post me as i know many big shops who sold tobacco and who arent caught..
    now,when the act this time was enforced,i was against it as the rule breaker are suppose to go behind the bar.i tried and publish my view in facebook which i saw was the only possibility,we had some discussion and days passed and now some of the fellow folks are behind the bar,
    what must be going on with sonams family,if sonam is somewhere between 40s-50s,what would have happened to his children,wife and relatives???
    possibly his children will suffer humiliation,leading to mental defficiency and everyone knows where will their destination be.secondly the chances of his wife going to be unfaithful can cause another divorce now or later and so on..
    is it that our government is out of work or excess of budget???i being an entrepreneur can see a lot to be done,which are never being done..
    tobacco is not only the issue for me,as far as i am concerned i fear how our policy maker work???tuition ban,ban of ten sports,etc are some more i would like to raise???because having such a policy maker might eeven lose so many priceless values and morales.

  14. What a Hilarious Law.All the the Law makers who voted for such Hilarious Act must be kept in line and shot!.Wasting our Tax payers money and resources.
    They should all Resign and give Bhutanese Citizen Freedom to live and Breadth.Before its too late.Or Else There will be a Another Crisis In Bhutan like Egypt recently had.

  15. Creed FAILED us all says

    Shall I say something to Bhutanese government?
    I shall be imprisoned. I know, I better not. Since here I am so anonymous, I can perhaps, I will heavily write it here. I have pondered upon it real hard and I shall hammered it here, all the nails to all the loopholes.
    Smoking is banned in Bhutan, just to the eyes of the floating government, didn’t I see one of the memeber of the leading party smoking N he is my uncle. He was in all condition in rapport to BAN TOBACCO in Bhutan. BUT why is he still smoking?
    It was lot good earlier when our majesty was in reign, it was just banned in Public area.
    Now the law only implies to people who are badly bad in background N no family in political powers.
    Bhutan has left no stone unturned for Nepotism, how ever hard we may try BUT everything is a howling farce, so absurd, so ill. The law is full of loopholes and the laws are for only people like us who roam around the town penniless N have to wait 20 days just to go from Punakha to Thimphu for money N we are so imprisoned already by the law N this law is simply GROSS!
    Stop mutilating please, give the HUMAN RIGHTS to humans please, let Bhutan be still called the Last shrangi-la, it is a promised land though yet we are nation on the earth alone who has conservatively rooted to Buddhism. No god has certified your destiny nor your achievements, did any? Jampelyang is the god of Wisdom, does she guarantee wisdom to a Muslim?
    Please this is CREED distorted and human rights violated.
    If you believe in god, just keep faith, why has a smoke to do anything, does SHANG also create the same intoxication to god as it is also a smoke. N literally, both smoke of Cigarette and incense suffocate us for a moment.
    I am never telling nor at at all, shouting to you all GOVERNMENT that we should encourage smoking but make it legal to all.
    Thanks we have strong people like Her Highness(I would like to refer her like that)Aum Neten Zam who see decree as decree to all, it is not customized. She doesn’t spare.
    If government think they will not spare anybody form the law, then I am happy to tell, PLEASE IMPLEMENT THE LAW.

  16. Creed FAILED us all says

    Tashi P. Ganzin February 17, 2011 at 12:19 am What’s this all about? Some Sonam Tshering was put behind the bars because he wasn’t aware of Tobacco Control Bill and was smoking openly in the public area?
    Well Bhutan is a country of many bans. First they banned meat, and then alcohol and tobacco. And they call it a transition from monarchy to democracy. What’s the use of democratic form of govt. when its citizens are morally and literally crippled?
    And yet Bhutanese people are silently following every rule imposed upon them. Either we have no guts or we don’t care enough, I can’t quite decide.

    I really appreciate him. N I want to comment on it.

    Bhutan as it is a democratic country, one can speak anything BUT once the government sees it as their threat then they FRAME YOU SO BADLY, for this particular reason everyone is blindfolded and MUMMED… Wish we were a happy country of Equality.

  17. He did not know there was such a law? Bullshit! I am sure he had hidden the tobacco when he was caught. Why did he do that if he did not know there was this law? Even otherwise, ignorance of law is no excuse to commit crime. As a citizen, the first duty is to be aware of the laws of the land.

    Personally, if all smokers in Bhutan had the decency to smoke being mindful of those around not smoking, we would not need such law. But, they don’t. They smoke to their pleasure no matter who is or are around them. Everyone, please remember, when you smoke, the whole nation smokes, but when you drink, you drink alone. It doesn’t affect the person sitting nearby.

  18. Now that the Tobacco control act has got its first victim,a monk who shouldn’t be even using it in the first place,is making all the noise for wrong reasons.Let the ban rule machinery start running and moving irrespective of who gets caught in it.I would say that the rules are being put into practise despite the peoples hue and cry.If someone was let go free,then the government will be seen as lacking in will to implement its rules.And in this case,when it was followed to the book,people make all the noises for implementing it.I think people should draw a line and see where they stand,either in the rule book or outside it.But to me it seems,as always wanting to sit in between no mans land.And all these so called good hearted Samaritans who are making the cries here,what did you all do to sensitize the people or write a line or two of the good outcomes of this tobacco control acts.Its easy to comment and lament since its JYT’s government and we are just spectators.I think we all have a collective responsibility to make it work and even try sensitizing the people who have no knowledge of it.I am sure people here have friends who smoke and how often have they reminded of the ills and rules in place for smoking ban.I can imagine ,rather these people going about their own business of blogging and commenting the government for nothing.If we fail as a collective community in assisting the government and the rules,its as good as we don’t follow it and deserves a good lashings in our own blogs on our acts.

  19. This is the price we pay for voting such idiots as law makers.

  20. Gungtala says

    Now how would chewing tobacco be harmful to others? last i checked sonam tshering was caught for baba.
    Also, if smoking affects the whole nation, i bet driving cars will do the same… so ban cars?
    Be little bit mindful of what you are about to type with that terrible fingers.

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