Investigating Gyelpozhing

Last Saturday, more than two months after Business Bhutan broke their story about alleged land grabbing in Gyelpozhing by senior public servants, the Anticorruption Commission announced that they:

“… are in the process of studying laws related to land, policy issues, analysing and re- viewing the complaints they received with regards to Gyalpoizhing land case.”

The Gyelpozhing land case has raised serious questions about alleged corruption involving our senior-most public servants when land was acquired and redistributed in Gyelpozhing. This is a big case. And it is an important one. So the ACC is correct in studying the case carefully before they launch an all-out investigation.

But the questions remains: Is ACC taking too much time to start investigating the Gyelpozhing land case?

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  1. yeah,gyelposhing,jemena,phobjikha cases should be dug properly n inform the public……

  2. It is a big case indeed and ACC needs to tread this path with maximum caution. Beneficiary seems to include people from all walks of lives; people from religious body, politicians, then Sector heads of Mongar Dzongkhag, etc., etc….

    I do not understand why the then Dzongdag of Mongar is keeping mum. The fact that he keeps mum actually speaks a lot for us to infer. Protecting his cronies and master, etc. The member of allotment committee who were singing earlier in BBS TV about the land allotment happened to be the ones who did not get their share. ACC must probe the benefit he accrued directly or indirectly from this undue favor.

  3. it is started doing investigation. now you have to follow up with ACC.

  4. yes..the acc is taking unusually long in probing this land does nothing to allay doubts the public hold that acc is ineffective when it comes to corruption involving the big fish..
    that the pm, chief justice, speaker, ministers, royalty, md of kurichu power project & other public officials are alleged to have benefitted through the speaker’s stint there indicate how entrenched corruption is in our system..that these are all people who have been bestowed trust & responsibility by our kings show what they are really after behind our kings back..that these people took advantage to satisfy their greed over poor, landless & vulnerable sections of our society is totally wrong..
    their actions show us the real character of our public servants..profess gnh, equity, justice & loyalty to our king, country & people shamelessly whilst always looking out for ways to enrich themselves with the least effort..there is no end to their greed..despite the fact that these are people who are not starving & struggling to live..
    this is the real bhutan – bend as low as possible in our kings presence, preach gnh to all & sundry, carry out favors to those in power & acquire as much wealth as possible, through all available means, disrespecting rule of law & selfishly grabbing as much as you can disregarding that they are fellow countrymen who are less fortunate..
    this land scam will test the acc to fulfill its mandate..we hope all of those found guilty will be punished, regardless if it be the pm, chief justice, speaker..

  5. Paro Penlop says

    coming up last news again. come on lets look for this every1……….!

  6. Pema Tenzin says

    ACC is simply afraid and aum Neten is simply a paper tigress. Keeping the big fish alone and frying the small fishes, ACC is simply a convenient tool for the powerful.

  7. Tenzin P. Wangdi says

    Coincidentally, after the Gyelpozhing land case, Tensin Lamsang has been silenced (no longer with Business Bhutan), has been banned, does not work, and there is no voice of dissent in the country. This is now a perfect country, no complaints, and peaceful. Is this the democracy we want? subservient and kowtowed in front of the self-serving leader who wants all others to bow down low and do he says. The sites and have been filled with facts and complaints against the PM and now all is peaceful after the websites are not working and the principal guy that brought the story in the froefront is quiet. What is happening in Bhutan?

  8. The OL is as usual barking up the wrong tree. The ACC has gone on record to say that their hands are full at present with other high profile cases to devote quality time on the Gyelpozhing land grab case, but slowly but surely they will begin their investigations into it. So at this moment in time, lets give the ACC the benefit of the doubt. And, please don’t get me wrong, I am also confident that the then Dzongda and the present speaker flouted all rules, both moral and legal, when land was being distributed at Gyelpozhing. The list of big shots and their kin that were given land there is proof that something was amiss when the so called allocations were being made.

    While I applaud the OL for keeping this story in the limelight, no matter what, we must see this case through to a logical conclusion, because as everyone agrees, it is a very serious case.

    Similarly, however, if the OL is truly serious about uprooting corruption in the country he must not ignore the following cases:

    1. Why was ACC not informed about the verdict from the High Court in regard to payment of dues to some big shot contractors for the Isuna area road, which denied the ACC of filing any appeal to a higher court of law as the ten days within which one party not satisfied with the verdict had time appeal had expired.

    2. Army welfare case.

    3. Bangkok Embassy medical funds embezzlement case.

    There may be many more such instances, however, the above three cases need some logical closure and we have seen none so far.

  9. this what we lost the trust to the Government. Who is government, the appointed ministers are government.

    the case gets dissolve if there is big fish involved. so How can the ACC take action on it, i fell there is fear among the official who is investigating the case including Chief aum Neten.

    lets hope for best

  10. Lyonpo…i was surprised when your blog was out of news/Blogging ….YHS class XII student case. “Student beaten black and blue by police office”.

  11. I think ACC can do best job when the present Government is dissolved for 2013 elections. Then, the current leaders in the power and position can’t influence or coerce ACC to tilt case in their favor. Until then, keep the fire burning.

  12. pem tshering says

    It’s never too late for ACC. Perhaps, it is getting a bit too late for all those in power who got the land in Gyelpoizhing, because most of them are over 60 now and they do not have many years left to live on earth, forget in Gyelpoizhing. Some of them are already receiving regular treatments and only God alone knows how long they can carry on. But, ACC must do their job even in the death-beds of these shameless people…so that the case sees its light of day…

  13. Since, it is proven beyond doubt that the land in Gyelposhing was illegally distributed to higher shots and illegally received by those who benifitted from it, the government (probably land commission, ACC and court) should publish the details of those who received land illegally and should be immediately taken over by the government until the case is completed and made public.

  14. The beneficiareis must not wait for the ACC or otherwise to name the names. They must, if deep down their heart feel guilty, surrender the land to the government. The names include some unexpected ones. Ofcourse this does not take away the punishment that they deserve. Law must take its own course and an appropriate sentence must be given and implemented if we are very serious of rooting out the corruption.

  15. Thank god and OL for the alive forum left becuase the kuensel online forum and bhutantimes forum is already dead and OL blog can be used insteaD

  16. perhaps its time that Tenzin Lamzang does another story 🙂

  17. pem tshering says

    There’s a rumour in town that the PM is not standing for elections in 2013. Can this be true? Or is he running away safely from the Gyaloizhing land scam without lossing his face?

  18. It is true he is not standing in 2013 election becuase he has not done anything as commited. he is not ularity in his constituency. whenever question is asked on the developement activities his word is by 2012.

  19. If it was legal to pssess a land with a claim that his father had been a shongarpa, then, I certainly shall be eligible for a piece of land from Bhumthang, because my father was a Boegarp at the court of 2nd King Jigmie Wangchhuk. The second statement that there were no takers….had been advertised in any media inviting for people to take the plots in Gyelposhing. Thirdly, the letters sent from Department of Roads & Ministry of Communications need to be clarified since the actual letter states that no one has the independant rights to allocate land at Gyelposhing unless decided by the committe. The committe member already on air informed that they have had no rights to discussions and were just made to sign by the Dzongdag…..there’s many more….for ACC to ensure and sue…or is ACC waiting for the PM to complete his tenure in 2012.

  20. Mr I M concerned says

    There is no doubt that HIs Majesty s repeated Kashos were ignored.
    Leaving aside other violations and abuses the kasho voilation itself warrants suspension of those involved immediately and carry out uninterrupted investigation.

    This has been the practice so far, why the difference.The ACC at some point will have to be made accountable for their action to the people of Bhutan for the delay in the process of delivering justice.

  21. The ACC should have interogated the Municipal Engineer of Mongar Dzongkhag who is the main culprit and have been there more than eleven long years. He himself managed to own as many as 4-5 plots registered in his spouse and other relatives. He has successfully and deceitfully taken inocnet Mongarpas for a ride who got entangled in the scheming net of land pooling. This is manifested amply in show of BBS Dawa on 17th June, 2012. When the devil is hiding in the east, no resulting effect throwing Torma to the west.

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