Apologise and appeal

One year +

Today, we celebrated traditional day of offering.

Today is also exactly one year since Sonam Tshering was detained by officials for illegally possessing Nu 120 worth of Baba khaini. Sonam Tshering has already been in jail for one full year.

So today, on traditional day of offering, I thought about how we, parliamentarians, should offer our services to Sonam Tshering and the many others like him who continue to suffer under the oppressive Tobacco Control Act.

First we should apologize. We should apologize and take full responsibility for arrogantly (and foolishly) passing a law that quickly subjected so many of our people to untold pain and suffering.

Then we should appeal. As soon as the Tobacco (Amendment) Bill comes into force, we –  members of the National Council, the ruling party and the opposition party – should collectively appeal to His Majesty the King to grant amnesty to the people who have been incarcerated unjustly because of our foolhardiness.

Sonam Tshering and others like him are in jail because of us. The least we must now do is try our best to get them out.


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  1. to err is only human..but to have courage to acknowledge one’s mistake & attempt redemption is what we all ought to pursue..if only we can think & act this way, we will all be less embarrassed of the gnh pm jigmi thinley hypocritically & shamelessly preaches..

  2. soanam dhendhup says

    Big salute to honourable OL for such thoughts. Hope other parliament members also at least share a bit of the responsibility to support you and accept their foolishness to pass such a draconian law.

    Recently, I saw our PM with other Parliament members of PG celebrating losar in PG which is purely for the political purpose as the election is approaching. Otherwise, all those MP’s doesn’t have any true feelings towards the people of PG. Over the last more than 3 years, nothing has been done in PG despite having two ministers from that dzongkhag including PM. The only visible thing done was shifting of PG township to Denchi where PM owns hundreds of acres of land, the idea of which was actually not liked by the people of PG. There are many other areas more suitable than DENCHI where the new township can be established. It is only for the pure self interest of PM that the town is shifted to Denchi.

  3. wow!still going on with tobacco politics!.. such a important day of offering is dedicated to someone who broke the law of the land and that too monk!….

  4. Dear OL,

    Save my invisible people from “man-made” disasters.

    Save my country from “legalized” elite capture.

    Save my future from “constructed” happiness.

    I am getting nervous.


  5. …and our MPs, especially those who supported the passing of this insane act with every fiber of their being,should resign!! Morality cannot be damned…not even in politics.

  6. Sopnam Dhendup la,

    Please stop this negativity, do you actually believe that the PM had the final say in choosing Denchi as the new town for PG. I think this idea is a bit too far fetched when we know that the PM has absolutely nothing to gain from any town in Pema Gatshel. You people from PG should be happy that the PM chose to represent your constituency, in all honesty, the only reason he shifted his thram from Mendagang to PG was to give Lyonpo Sangye Ngedup, the then PDP President, the chance to be elected from the Kabji/Talo constituency, at least that was the idea I think, the fact that it did not pan out that way is altogether another story.

    As for the amendments to the Tobacco Act not being retroactively implemented, for this we have to blame the parliament as a whole. All our Honorable members of parliament were fully aware that the amendments to the Tobacco Act could not be implemented for past cases, yet the parliament in their collective wisdom chose not to table a motion which would have granted amnesty to the many innocent victims that have been caught up in the draconian Tobacco Act before amendments to the bill were passed.

    Now as usual, we are passing the buck to His Majesty and putting him in a very awkward position.

  7. To err is Human, to forgive is divine..hope Sonam Tshering and the likes will forgive us for the terrible mistakes we made.

    I agree with you , Lypnpo.

  8. law abider says

    I am a non smoker and so I am for laws that stop tobacco smuggling. I think many Bhutanese were even on TV expressing that tobacco, if possible should be eradicated from the land of GNH. Nangpa Choiden Gi Gyelkhap. I think Sonam Tshering as a monk should not have even touched the tobacco products, forget about smuggling. We as Buddhists respect monks but such cases make us think otherwise.

  9. dea law abider,
    its good that u dun smoke, bt if tobacoo control act was purposefully enacted on the name of “choe den gi gyal khap”(bringing religion into the politics), i think we all need to think it over in a better and rational way….Religion shud not be intervening i guess….m sory if m wrong

  10. i can tell says

    Wow Guardian, as I said, here you go again.
    How long are you going to fight against some one who is bringing some twist in P.M carrer.
    Every time you write something, you clearly sound like a Public Servants from PMO.
    I am refering you as Public Servant, some one who is there to serve as not to some wronly elected leaders.

    Cheers Dude………..

  11. Bravo i can tell,

    I was just waiting for your comment and like always, your statements just don’t make sense. Now, tell me, how in the hell is the PM is going to gain anything by shifting the new PG township to Denchi, The fact that you choose to believe any crap that is written against the PM tells me clearly that you have some serious problems, which, maybe no will be able to correct.

    Anyone way, good luck with your hate mongering. As to whom or what I am, I guess you will never find out, but the truth is that what you surmise is wide off the mark.

  12. law abider says

    Dear Ngara,
    As your name indicates, “I am the only one”, I can understand that you think that because you smoke others too should die becoz of passive smoking. I think democracy is respecting majority, “mang tsho” not “ngyung tsho”… which means if few smoke then it should be those few to adapt to the many rather than the many adapting to the few. There are many ways to make a living and I think people should make a living by doing some good business than by smuggling tobacco. I don’t care if people smoke in “their” own areas but not in public as others too have the right to breathe clean air. It is for this reason that I will vote for those who support this “strict tobacco law” in 2013, not who try to do away with it. Having said that, I don’t hate smokers, but I hate smoke that kills people. I wish all people to live a long life.

  13. i can tell says

    Then why the hell you have a problem when someone writes about PM. As you said, i was waiting for your comment too……..
    for your ……. kind information i am not interested to track you down neither i would like to see some ass licker like you.

    you may be getting the medal soon man. Rather then going through this blog and always pointing fingers to others when some facts are brought to light, you do what you are paid to do.
    Yous frequent comments in this forum defines all that you are paid for.

    You must be even submitting wht you have wrote in the blog to defend P.M to our Excellency P.M,,,, Good luck and certainly people like you will also rule Bhutan someday under their wonderful guidance.

    This is no attack to you personally but to some ass licker like you who is here not for constructive suggestions.

  14. i can tell says

    Again here it goes to Guardian.

    I am even wating for your comments in the Gyelpozhing: Who’s right? also

  15. I can tell, it is obvious that you either don’t understand simple English or you are a bit weak in the head or both. You start by saying wow Guardian and then tell me that you are not interested in what I am saying, if that is the case why was it necessary for you to mention my name in your post.

    In regard to Gyelpozhing, I agree with OL, that a thorough investigation needs to be done, on the other hand I would also like the OL to touch on other corruption cases too, my frank opinion is that most of the issues he posts is mainly to try and paint the ruling government in bad light. But, then off course there are many suckers who believe whatever the OL says especially when he writes crap about the DPT.

    I hope now your thick nut understands what I am trying to say.


  16. F…… Guardian, i went thru all your previous post and could make out only one thing.
    Why are you so hurt and defensive when writters here writes about P.M, hope you are not P.M in disguise by the way. (No no, i shouldn’t even think in that way) but i am very sure that you are either politically associated with DPT or might have that so called ……. blood in you. (You are one of the blood suckers in Bhutanese society)

    Other issue, regarding Gyelpozhing Land case, y the hell do you want OL to bring in the lime light to other corruption. Its not the duty of OL to study the corrupt practices and inform public neither the gyelpozing case was brought to public by OL. You may refer to media for your suggestions, but remember your name might even appear or may be some of your family members. Watch it out before your bark like dog here.

    If you are not politically active then its the same conclusion i can make,,,,,,,,,,,,
    YOU ARE PAID FOR THIS BLOG, hope you are salary is not meet from Govt. budget.

  17. Haha, I can tell,

    So you think the OLs job is only to attack the government, where do you get these myopic views you moron. Anyway, I don’t even know why I bother to discuss things which you clearly don’t seem to understand, for you the DPT government is shit and can do know right, anyway, elections are not too far away, I hope your party does not getting a thrashing again.

    My advice to you is to cheer up man, try to be more optimistic in life, you are one of the most depressing people in this forum, someone who goes on to personally attack people with absolutely know basis.

  18. i can tell says

    That goes to you, an ass.
    Many controversial and mistakes that your father and your loved party is doing, is getting exposed, please refer the new updates. can you defend in all the other updates.
    Lets see in this coming election, you and your father shall be kicked and remember you might not be able to see the updates thereon.
    I might be a moron but you are son of a moron.

  19. i can tell,

    Good luck with your party the PDP, hope you get enough candidates to even run. I have nothing to defend and you yourself have made it worse by your constant bickering.

    So like i said, be more positive, don’t how people stand such a negative p…k like you.

  20. i can tell says

    Anyway thanks for giving a good stand, thats the way of being loyal. All the Best.

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