Dangerous standoff

So yesterday, it was our agriculture minister’s turn. He too didn’t show up for the National Council’s “Question Time”. And the Council had to adjourn, yet again.

The National Council Act, which we passed just last year, authorizes the Council to: “… summon any person to attend the proceedings of the National Council …” The act also empowers the National Council to “…call the attention of a minister to any matter of urgent public importance” and to “…question the Government during Question Time.”

If our ministers feel that they do not need to report to the National Council, they should explain that to them. It‘s a matter of common decency. And, a matter of the law.

But, if our ministers refuse to justify their absence, the National Council should call on them to explain why they need to attend the Council’s Question Time.

This standoff is unnecessary. And it is dangerous.


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  1. Ofcourse Lyonpo’s need to justify sin some way or ther other. What is going on with the Lyonpo’s. If I were a Lyonpo – I would take this as an opportunity to show the NC’s of my capability in terms of knowledge, wisdome, my vision & my stand for the country and ofcourse show case my dedication & work done so far. moreover the NC deliberations is LIVE and all the more reason to be there to be SEEN. But alas ! I am begining to doubt the capability of our ministers to ahve to shy away from appearing for questioning. What is the shortcoming, what is the reason for this hesitation.


  2. Well, if i were NC members, i will be more than happy to get written answers. After all they want answer or they want to see how vocal are our ministers??? If they have supplementary questions, then again forward it and get the answers.

    On the other hand, if ministers wants to attend in person, then let them do it! After all NC acts says, ministers can answer either in written or oral. i wonder what is the motive behind for crying to come in person!!

  3. They are just a puppet to JYT. They will show up only when JYT sanps his finger.

  4. In my opinion I think it is enough if a Minister gives a written answer to the questions raised by the Upper house. But if the Parliament has passed the Act requiring the Minister to attend the NC in person, then I think as a responsible figure the Minister must respect the Law.

    I felt so bad that the members of the NC adjourned the the session simply because a Minister didn’t turn up for Q&A. They should have adjourned for few minutes and should have deliberated on other important issues.Time is precious. Some members also said that the Minister’s presence was important because they needed answers to the questions raised by the people..do you believe it. May be people might have raised questions to them for which the govt has to answer. If that is the case then people also elected NA members who is answerable to the people. I think there should be harmony between the two houses and the members of the NA and the members of the NC should work hand in hand.

    • sonam, the NC did not adjourn for the day, they only adjourned for the time that was allotted to the question time, after which they resumed their deliberations.

  5. Its really disheartining to see our ministers not giving importance to National Council. It seems that DPT is on a strike with the National Council, Media, Civil Servants and Corporate Employees.

    “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

  6. freewill says

    They did not show up because they are scared of live TV coverage.

  7. Its noting but ego clashes between nc and ministers!!! Nothing wrong in getting written answers, after all they just want answers to their queries. nc act says, it can be answered in written or oral. so why is nc harping in personal presence? doesn’t it sound fishy?

    on the other hand, whats wrong in attending nc session and answer it orally? after all, they are accountable to parliament.

    So, in nutshell it is just a ego clashes!!!Each wants to give their superiority impression to the public!

  8. Karma S. says

    Ministers of Bhutan are above law. They think they are to big to be questioned by the NC.

  9. …….if things go this way i fear one day natinal council will be called off…..

  10. The National Council Act, which we passed just last year, authorizes the Council to: “… summon any person to attend the proceedings of the National Council …” The act also empowers the National Council to “…call the attention of a minister to any matter of urgent public importance” and to “…question the Government during Question Time.”
    IF i share my understanding of the NC ACT. there are two clauses. the first one says any person can be “summoned”. then the second empowers the NC to call attention of minister and to question the Govt.
    now when NC ask lynpos for oral interview they are summoning them. m i right.?
    the ministers need not necessarily go to NC in person.but the should be answerable to the questions which they are doing.
    this is what i understand la

  11. I am glad i didnt vote says

    I dont have comments. I am “Pissed Off”.
    Sorry OL but I am no choice.

  12. Linda wangmo says

    Dear Sonam G

    You are right People also elected the members of NA but then I dont see any help comming from The NA members. Their Dranam and drangdem is long gone after the election and on top of that there is no way that the NA members would ask questions to their own party minister. The Only work the members of NA and Ministers would do is just do the opposition leaders work by attacking the opposition leader. I personally want the NC members to keep on calling the ministers for question and answer session. If needed I would even like you to request the prime minister and the Opposition leader for q and A session.

    By the way the NA members said it is a wastage to have live telecast specially for BBS. I would like to remind that they are wasting more money by having the national assembly because if they want to do it without live telecast then they can have the national assembly in their office in Languphakha. DPT please remember that during his Majestys time there was no live telecast because during that time most of the members were illitrate and they are like Dasho Tshering Penjo and Dasho Pasang Thinlry who just uses their mouth so that time the government felt usesless to have such live telecast. But now the present members were qualified and we ellected them and the government should not Ban live coverage just for the emmbrasment for Pasa thinley and tshering Penjor

  13. Well said Linda, But I think though the present NA members do have the necessary qualification they are not as educated as the past NA members “CHIMIS”. Chimis did a very commendable job without degree qualification and exposure. And Chimis never did shy away from Cameras.

    Whatever it is they are still learning and let us hope for the best. If there is not much progress then we the people have the power to choose the best candidate who will conduct well like the OL and his friend.

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