Illegal grants

Our poll says that the CDG is illegal. 52% of the participants think that the CDG is unconstitutional. And 18% feel that it is very bad; that it will breed corruption. 15% are suspicious that the CDG will be used to win the next elections. And only 15% feel that the CDG is a good idea; that the grant will allow our MPs to fulfill their promises.

33 people participated in the poll.

The result is obvious. An overwhelming majority of us feel that the CDG is not a good idea. And most of us are convinced that it is illegal, that it is unconstitutional.

So, if the CDG is not good for Bhutan. And it is illegal. What should we do? That’s the purpose of our next poll.

Make your presence felt. And your opinions count. Take the poll.


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  1. ya it is true that CDG is unconstitutional. i fully support with what 52% of the voters said..The manifesto DPT govt is EQUITY & JUSTICE but i think they are not keeping their words..Their actions and words are opposite…..CDG will fulfill the MP’s promises but it will affect the next election…It is not only the CDG, the grant for private medical students is also unconstitutional….There is a saying in dzongkha “Chu yoe sa chab”. As per the grant result, the student who got grant were the daughters n sons of the present ministers & staff in the ministry of education.There is something wrong. I think it is not fair.They are using the public money for their son and daughters to study…I say it is very bad n UNCONSTITUTIONAl..

  2. been reading through here… and i’ve been wondering what the CDG is, not that i want to participate in the discussions here, as its context may not be similar from the government system i come from.


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