Original sin

How is it that the media – the press and television – reported that the proposal to increase the salaries of MPs originated in the National Council? The National Council session was broadcast on live TV, yet no one saw them discuss the salary increase. No one saw it, because it hadn’t been discussed in the National Council. In fact, a member of the National Council I met today claimed that the first time he heard about the pay increase was when the media reported that the National Assembly had approved it!


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  1. Linda wangmo says


  2. This is a total scam. They got what they want. Now it’s time to cover up or brush off or hide away or point fingers or anything. The real damage is done.

  3. Kencho Tshering says

    I remember reading in one of the online discussion (probably Bhutan Times) that Punakha MP Tshering Penjore questioned about the unreasonability of the OL’s salary has the later has not much to do. Well, I don’t want to say much because it is purely a dry joke and potrays the sheer lack of knowledge and intelligence of the MP Tshering Penjore, when we are now in the 21st century of democratization.

    I just wanted to say here that our OL’s contribution in his blog is more worth that what he is earning, forget about what he does as a part of his duties as OL. I am not sure if MP Tshering Penjore has even time to read the highly informative & educative blog of OL besides sleeping, eating and chewing doma.

    God bless such MP’s.

  4. You act like our MPs don’t get paid enough. Their salary is nothing compared to all the other benefits they get.
    -700,000 for a car
    -monthly vehicle maintainence and fuel allowance
    -monthly driver allowance
    -daily sitting fees during national assembly
    -Housing Allowance
    -Patang and Kabney allowance
    -Discretionary fee
    -Mobile voucher allowance
    See when you add all those up, their salary is peanuts compared to other benefits.
    Remember out chimi’s used to do the same work by getting paid only 8,000 a month.
    Oh and don’t give us the bull crap about wanting to attract the best minds, as long as their is vacancies we will never have problem with shortage of people wanting to be MPs.

  5. Hon’ble OL,

    Since you have the resources, why don’t you file a lawsuit against the government? I am a civil servant who earns merely Nu. 15,000 a month without any other perks and benefits, and I just cannot effort to do that. Could you therefore on our behalf file a lawsuit against the government? Please?

  6. Secretary General -to-be says

    Honourable OL
    I wish that in next NA session, you would atleast talk about stipend increment for those students studying in India through government scholarship. Nu. 3600 per month is not enough for us especially those coming from poor family as our family cannot afford to send us pocket money. Besides mess charges in PGsand hostel has changed.
    we don’t wish to get three lakhs a year like private medical students in Sri Lanka gets just because daughter of ministeris there.
    As for 700 ngultrum as travelling allowance, it even doesn’t reach us from Thimphu to Phuentsholing.
    i hope you will take into consideration for my juniors since i am passing out this years.

  7. honor’ble OL,
    what if i insult, or criticize you on your performance till date. what would you do? would you accept it positively or other way round.. just want to la

    • Dear 1000eyes: If you criticize me, I will listen. And digest your comments. If your criticism is constructive and helpful I will accept them and thank you. If your criticism is negative or if you insult, I will be forced to ignore them. BTW, a true “Chentong” would never “insult”. tshering

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