Parliament’s fourth session

The winter session of the Parliament will begin on the 20th of November. It is expected to sit for three weeks.

The agenda and documents for the fourth session were distributed earlier today. The National Assembly will discuss:

  • Standards Bill of Bhutan, 2009
  • Royal Monetary Authority (Amendment) Bill of Bhutan, 2009
  • Tobacco Control Bill of Bhutan, 2009
  • Civil Service Bill of Bhutan, 2009
  • Marriage (Amendment) Bill, 2009
  • Entitlement and Service Conditions Bill for the Holders of Constitutional Offices of Bhutan, 2009
  • Anticorruption Report, 2009
  • SAARC Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters

If you have comments on these documents, please send them to me. Most of these documents should be available on the National Assembly’s website.

Also, please send me issues that you would like me to raise during Question Hour.


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  1. Subject: Marriage (Amendment) Bill, 2009

    On this issue (well related to it at least), why does the man have to pay support to the woman even when the woman caused the marriage failure due to her whoring nature? I think on this aspect, this law to revert back to the former, where the guilty is punished. Can you do something about this? Thanks OL.

  2. Tobacco control bill: Tobacco ban but i find every where. we smoke and chew tobacco everywhere. Why ban smoking..lot of smuggling taking place and there is black market for that. Bhutan being Buddhist country we love to see Bhutan “smoke free zone”. If we want to ban we have to ban compeletely and impose heavy pelaty or life imprisonment for importing..or we have to lift the ban.i find lot of pan masala’s in the market. To my knowledge these pan masalas are effecting health and leading to question is who looks after these harmfulfood stuffs coming to Bhutan either from India or other foreign countries…….BAFRA or ministry of helath or Revenue and customs.

    Marrraige bill..why man has to pay for women even she is wrong. why there are lot of devorse cases in Bhutan?. Too many women chasing man or penalty is minimum to men. i think sometimes women has to pay to men also. i find always men has to pay…even women are wrong.i find men looking after children more than women.

  3. i wonder if there ever is any punishment for the man who have caused a woman to undergo abortion? i have recently met someone who had to undergo an abortion during her school days just because her boyfriend refused to own the child. she was eight months pregnant when she had to under go that painful thing? this i feel is a serious matter which shoud be bought to the notice of the law.

  4. DRUG punishment & smokin ban:

    I would like OL to kindly look into the these two aspects and raise it if an opportunity arises. Drug dealers – the penalty need to be life inprinsonment like chorten/temple robbers. You will not believe how many of our children are into drugs. Ask any high school boys/girls and they will tell you that about 65 % of thier kids in schools do drugs and there is absolutely no control. What ever we do, we need to do something sooner than later.

    SMOKING : I feel good that the smoking is banned in public places. That just remains the executive order. Can’t we enforce it better by our law enforcers. We see people smoking all over the public places and it is absolutely not fair for non smokers and the kind of image it creates that the nation with smoking ban has smokers strewn all over the public places. INDIA has banned smoking in public places. Go to DELHI and see for yourself that we hardly see smokers in the street and public places. They are all in thier confinements since the law enforcers hassle the defaulters.

    My two cents la for consideration for our society.

  5. Review of performances of our government, plans and programs implemented and monitoring and evaluation system suggest that we have not fared well in our development process. I see two pertinent issues in this regard. One, the root cause whether we accept it or not is the level of “Corruption” that has climbed up despite measures adopted by the ACC. Corrupt practices are practically everywhere, though there is no clear statistical data to suggest, but we know it is there and no one is doing nothing about it, especially when such practices involve high level figures, ACC and RAA has played a very diplomatic role.

    Second, if we want to see development process the way it should, I think there has to be a practical system of a. Policy Development, b. Implementation and c. Monitoring and Evaluation for all the Ministries and Agencies. This should come as a strong and urgent directives from the government. The monthly review, quarterly review, mid-term reviews are mere paper based activities where the bosses talks and subordinates list out the activities not undertaken, in reality. I mean where are we going wrong?

    Dear OL, I think, there should be a concrete discussion on the “Anti-corruption Report” and come up with strategic plans to tackle the corruption issues. In addition, the Audit Report if any, I felt is also important to correlate and serve as baseline. I am little taken back or maybe am wrong, I have not seen the auditing of MPs on their Plans and Programs from the date of taking up their duties till date. I think it is important to audit all the MPs on their performances, just speaking inside the assembly (some have not even spoken yet anything) doesn’t in any way making them 10/10 rated. Each of the MPs bi-annual reporting of what has been planned and implemented should be based on audit report including any issues that were not addressed with concrete reasons. How do we understand that MPs during their tenure have actually worked? Is it suppose to mean that all 47 MPs will be perfect during their term? Am not sure!

    We hope this session, instead of talks more actions in terms of concrete results will be predominant to the public.

  6. Hello all,

    A quick question from an interested outside observer of Bhutan politics. Does anyone know a full list of bills that have been approved both the National Assembly and National Council and been passed into law? I understand the local government bill passed in both houses–which others have also done so in 2009?

    Many thanks.

  7. OL,
    There are talks and rumors that a serious of letters has been sent to out MPs from outside, in the name of the citizens and to be talked in the parliament.

    Did you receive any? If you did, it would be nice if you can share the content without highlighting the sender and the intention.

  8. dear oposition leader,
    when the husband has deceased and wife n child are there without marriage certificete….and also the father of the deceased is also there… will the properties of deceased b settled???

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