Raising funds honourably

I was surprised to learn that “… the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) leaders recently told their members of parliament (MPs) to raise money for the party.” (Read the Kuensel article). This is illegal. And I’m sure that the DPT leaders know that this is illegal.

The National Assembly Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2008 forbids members of the National Assembly from fund raising. Section 54 under Chapter 7 (Role and Responsibility of the Members) specifically states that “A member shall not resort to any form of fund raising from individuals or ay agency.”

I’ve already accepted that we must be vigilant against our government’s tendency to disregard the law. But this is ridiculous. After all, we, the honourable members of parliament, were the ones who studied, debated and passed a law that prohibits MPs from engaging in fund raising. That law has been in place for not even a year, and it risks being broken by the very people who framed it.


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  1. I am extremely happy to notice that all the girls in the picture above have not chewed Doma-bettle nut. Healthy & desirable trend….

  2. What is this rubbish? Government funding is illegal and unconstitutional; party members raising fund is illegal and unconstitutional; CDG is unconstitutional and the list of unconstitutional issues go on and on. Do you expect the money to fall from the sky on your lap? Tell us for a change what is constitutional and how you have become a constitutional expert overnight?

  3. annonymous says

    let’s not become emotional. let’s call spade a spade. if it’s unconctitutional, let’s agree it is unconstitutional. i voted for DPT as it was a better party in my opinion then. but i don’t support every move they make.

    because we voted them to power, let’s not condone with everything they do, whether it’s right or wrong. even if DPT goes ahead with something unconstitutional, as they are doing because they are enjoying absolute majority, let’s make them do it with a pinch of salt.

  4. I am sick of reading comments totally in one direction. I would love to read some comments that give a balanced view. I hope that this blog is not used as a site for propaganda war. I have also noticed that some of the comments submitted against the views of some core PDP members are not put which indicates that it is a site used for the propaganda. Please note that there are many people in Bhutan who do not read these comments but are a strong supporter of the DPT. This shows that the views expressed here do not represent the country and therefore it may be wise not be too emotional about and be mistaken about. More lessons can be learnt in the years ahead.

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