Thanking our king

What follows is my statement of thanks for the Royal Address at the concluding ceremony of the third session of the Parliament on 30th July.

On behalf of all members of the Parliament and, in particular, the opposition party, I offer thanks to Your Majesty for gracing the concluding ceremony of the third session of the First Parliament of Bhutan. Your Majesty’s personal presence in this august hall, and Royal Command to us, clearly indicates the exceptional level of support and guidance that Your Majesty continues to provide the Parliament in particular, and to democracy in general.

The Parliament’s third session yielded good results. And, we did not experience any untoward obstacles. This was because of the blessings of the Triple Gem; the protection of our guardian deities; the supreme aura of His Majesty the King; and the good fortunes of our peoples. It was also because of the able manner in which the Hon’ble Speaker conducted the business of the Parliament.

It is now almost one and a half years since democracy was introduced in our country. And, democracy is already succeeding. It is succeeding because all sections of our society including the Dratshang, the Parliament, officers in the civil service and the armed forces, the private sector and people in all twenty dzongkhags have cooperated and worked hard. And, above all, it is because of Your Majesty’s continuous support and guidance to all our institutions.

The third session of the Parliament was not broadcast on live TV in its entirety. But, because of the good work of the media – the newspapers, TV and radio – our people still had a good understanding of the proceedings in the Parliament.

Our people say that a king’s affection is for his people; that the people’s aspiration is for peace and happiness; and that peace and happiness are rooted in the laws of the land. So, our hope is that the bills that we passed during the third session of the Parliament will be of benefit our country and people.

However, the Parliament did not pass two bills. Both these bills, one on local government and the other on the civil service, are important. And, they will now be processed in accordance to the Constitution.

But, we must draw lessons from this experience. We must learn that while each one of us is motivated only by what’s good for our nation and for our people, we may, sometimes, have differing views. And that, when we do, it is important to respect other views, to be mindful of the Constitution, and to hold honest discussions.

Above all, we must work together, as one family, to make democracy flourish; to realize the vision of our beloved monarchs; and to fulfill the dreams of our people.

As far as the opposition party is concerned, we recognize that one year and four months have already passed since all powers of government were devolved from the Golden Throne to the people of Bhutan. We will, therefore, work with an added sense of urgency and renewed commitment.

In conclusion, I pray that our country is blessed with timely rains and bountiful harvests; that we are devoid of disease and famine; that our beloved monarch enjoys a long and successful reign; and that the sun of peace and happiness never sets on the people of Bhutan.


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  1. i on my own behalf and on behalf of my country fellow would like to thank our beloved king the fifth drukgyalpo for his commitment,farsighted vision and unconditioned love for the people of his country..i as a responsible and faitful citizen of my country, will do my best to serve my king,country and the people for all times to come.

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