Third session

National assembly-2The third session of the first Parliament of Bhutan begins tomorrow. His Majesty the King will grace the inaugural ceremony of the third session. And the prime minister will submit his annual report on the state of our Nation to the Druk Gyalpo and the parliament.

The proceedings tomorrow will be broadcast live by BBS. As will the entire proceedings of the National Council. But the National Assembly, as of now, has not changed its decision to prevent the BBS from broadcasting most of its proceedings.

I’m still working on some talking points for tomorrow. But I’m finding it very difficult. What does one report to His Majesty the King, in the joint sitting of the parliament, when one is so disappointed and frustrated with our performance so far?


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  1. Tell it like it is.
    With passion and professionalism.

    His Majesty deserves no less.
    The people deserves no less.

  2. Lay it out as it is on the table. Offer it to the deities.
    Let the wise take their portion. What is left, send it around again. Let nothing remain.

  3. Jagpamelen says

    It is easier said than done, but I still believe that if one ought to do the right thing then one must speak with your heart and YES! like Zekom said, “Tell it like it is.”

    Speak with passion and zest and leave nothing unturned for it is the ‘State of the Nation,’ you will be reporting to His Majesty and the people at at large, and you, Honourable OL, knows best.

  4. well, since most of the NA sessions will be in close door, we hope to get updates from honorable OL through this website!! All the best!!!

    • Who told you that the sessions will be held behind close doors? There is a difference between closed door and not giving live coverage.

      • well, to me, it is as good as close door coz i can not go there and watch…otherwise, i could have atleast listened live radio!!!

  5. I will miss watching His Majesty’s address live today BUT hopefully BBS will rebroadcast so that we can listen to our beloved monarch. Hail King Jigme Khesar.

    • You have done what is in the best interest of the people and country. you get full marks for your efforts and we appreciate the two opposition, be happy its two and not one.

      If we look back and recollect our 4th kings silver jubilee celebrations, he informs the nation, don’t waste on show and pomp and artificial celebrations, his aspiration for the subjects are transparency in the country, this is what he wanted as a gift from his subject to improve our lot.
      today that aspiration is misinterpreted and our elected leaders want us to believe that they are deciding the best for us in secrecy and at the end of the day, a press release for the public consumption.

      I find this very suspicious and not at all democratic.

      If they don’t want to be see on the public screen, then they should not stand as public servants.

  6. Many thanks, to all of you, for your guidance.

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