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The public of Paro informed the National Assembly that drayangs and discotheques cause societal problems and upset the social harmony. So they suggested that strict licensing and operating rules should be developed in order to reduce the numbers of such entertainment centres.

When discussing this matter yesterday, MPs, focusing mainly on drayangs, complained that these businesses lured young women from the villages, underpaid them and subject them to sexual harassment. So a couple of MPs pushed for an outright ban on drayangs.

But, thankfully, the majority favoured developing clearer policies and regulations, and leaving licensing and enforcement to local governments.

Some of us may not approve of drayangs. But we must remember that they are legal businesses. And remember that Article 7 Section 10 of the Constitution bestows the following fundamental right:

A Bhutanese citizen shall have the right to practice any lawful trade, profession or vocation.

Incidentally, if drayangs really bother us, we should take note that cable TV operators, throughout the country, show almost nothing else on their respective channels but young students, especially girls, dancing on stage. These students are actually just participating in their school concerts. But recordings of their dance routines are broadcast almost continuously by cable TV operators.

The question is: Why?

And, more importantly, why do school concerts, throughout our country, feature so much rigsar dancing?

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  1. Ban tobacco.
    Ban plastics.
    Ban meats.
    Ban import of cheap labors.
    Ban drayangs.

  2. True Dukpa says

    And enforce nothing!

    Bhutan by standard and number of bans as of now, is fit to assume the name, LAND OF BANNING NATION.

  3. True Dukpa says

    And enforce nothing!

    Bhutan by standard and number of bans as of now, is fit to assume the name, LAND OF BANNING EVERYTHING AND ENFORCING NOTHING.

  4. As a citizen, I am seriously concerned with this entertainment centres. I am aware that people have the right to practice any lawful trade but how lawful is this trade when it causes unwanted problems in the society? Let us be mindful that Bhutan being a small nation can degrade fast if we allow all sorts of trade in the name of our individual right. How important is individual right when it comes in conflict with the rights of the public is another thing that we need to debate. I have seen one entertainment centre in Bumthang,name Bangka … something where the lead singer used all sorts of dirty languages and body signs in front of the public. Beside him there were small girls who were luring men to donate money. I cannot describe some actions here. It is a shame on us if we as a nation of 700,000 people cannot stop such things from happening in our neighbourhood. I think we are slowly moving towards moral decay. Something needs to be done URGENTLY to save the land of happiness. Let us keep the political agendas aside and do something for the cause of society. I am happy that people of Paro bought this issue to the attention of the Parliament. Hope this issue will receive as much attention as other issues such as taxes, salary, etc. I think social well-being must be given more importance than economic well-being. The hydropower projects generating huge amount of money will be of no use if people continue to die from alcohol, drugs and crime are talk of the day and moral values are driven towards the thresholds of society. People need money to live but could people make money is a better way than by doing all sorts of wicked and evil things?

  5. It will sound better ” LAND OF THUNDER BANNING COUNTRY”.

  6. I am for Drayangs as long as :

    The Drayangs are suitably located away from Schools, Residential areas, Parks and other areas where children gather.

    The drayangs are housed in safe places and not residential apartments turned drayangs.

    Children under 21 (or whatever the legal age) should not be permitted in. Therefore, everyone should be asked for IDs.

    The workers are protected from sexual harassment

    The workers are paid fairly.

    The workers have a safe and healthy working environment.

    And the owners take the responsibility not only to contain the entertainment within their establishments, but being responsible not to serve alcohol if someone’s already intoxicated and offering to hail a taxi if a patron is intoxicated to drive home.

  7. A government that can collect taxes, enforce contracts, and protect property rights also has capacity to expropriate, intimidate, and coerce citizens. Majority Government must oblige to control itself.

  8. Banning is not a solution for any act in Bhutan or other places. That is stupidity and it seems our parliamentarians love those!

    In a civilized society it would be imperative to have proper studies done to determine the cause and effect of any activity or business. The next step would to be deal at the root. What are causing these Drayangs, how are they affecting people at all levels etc.?

    People love music and Dance by nature. They go to Drayangs for music and dance too. I agree it might have been misused too!

    From my understanding, without any study. It seems that customers go to Drayangs as they do not have any information, nor do they have many choices. We do not have a decent bar/restaurant where bands play music. Just music for free! We know that there are talents out there..

    There are hardly any music or dance shows, or they are super expensive. No music clubs for common men and women or even in many schools.

    For instance when there is a free show in Clock Tower, it gets over flooded with people even before the show begins. Guess why? Our men and women are hungry to see and hear some live music.

    Create more such avenues and Drayangs will die out themselves..

    If Drayangs are banned. What would customers do? Do to a bar and fight? or just loiter around in the street?

    As someone already mentioned before. There should be alternatives for people, both in terms of the Drayang owners, workers or customers.

    Lastly not to mention simple enforcement of smoking in such places or age requirements. If a girl/boy below 18 /21 is not allowed inside the venue, there is no show for them!

  9. Yes, without properly designed study or studies, it would be incorrect to make any conclusion; and the proposed legislation restricting “drayang” may be darn difficult to enforce. My suggestion is that proper study be conducted befor any action is taken. My hypothesis is that “Draying business is driven due to :
    1. urge to make money by employing school drop-outs;
    2. in the process of doing so, some innocent individuals are exploited not necessarily by business owners but by those visiting the dance show;

    Proper measures must be put in placeif my hypothesis is proven right.


  10. We Bhutanese love to ban, don’t we? Banning is the laziest approach to things. If we banned everything we didn’t like, there would not be anything left to ban in few years. At this rate in 50 years Bhutahn will ban atleast 50 things. Banning is the easy part, enforcing is where is problem is.
    Instead of banning why we evolve with change. So instead of banning why don’t we create strict legislation to moniter and control them. That way everyone benefits. There are worse things we need to worry about, the national assembly should focus on important things like banning landlords from treating tetants like slaves, that would be a good ban.

  11. Today i was reading kuensel and i came across news clip suggesting that government secretary be named as vice-minister. Is this really necessary or important? What difference will be there if vice-minister post is realized? Will there be more red-taps in bureaucracy? Why are we bothered with such petty issue? Or is this really important for small system we have at present?


  12. drayang should not be ban…most of the graduates are roaming in the capital….owners of the dranyang they offer job for unemployed citizens…..i think that unemployment rate in our country is reduce by certain percentage…if govt.ban the drayangs…wr all dis girls n boys will land……on dis regards ppl have to think double la

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