Unanimous support

Banking on RMA

Support for the Royal Monetary Authority Bill was unanimous. Every one of the 66 MPs present in the Parliament today endorsed the Bill.

But if the Bill is so popular, why hadn’t the two Houses each passed it on its own? Why was a joint sitting needed?

In fact, there were differences. And the most critical one concerned the chairperson of the RMA Board.

The RMA Board comprises of seven members – the governor, two deputy governors, and four other members. The governor is appointed by His Majesty the King at the recommendation of the prime minister. The two deputy governors are full-time staff from the RMA secretariat. And the four other members are appointed by the government.

Most MPs, especially those in the National Council and the two in the opposition, expected that the governor would automatically become the chairperson of the Board. This was also the recommendation of the Joint Committee that had been established to iron out the differences between the two Houses.

The government, however, argued that the Chairperson should be from among the four other members it appoints, and not the governor.

A debate looked promising. But there wasn’t to be one. Instead, a couple of MPs explained why the governor should be the chairperson of the Board. Then, three ministers in quick succession justified why the governor should not be made the chairperson. And then, the speaker decided, quite suddenly, that the recommendation of the Joint Committee would prevail. No one challenged the speaker. And just like that, the otherwise most contentious issue was resolved.

After that, there were hardly any disagreements. The Joint Committee’s recommendations were mostly accepted; the government’s positions in some other areas were incorporated; and, despite my earlier misgivings, the RMA Bill sailed through unanimously.


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  1. I don;t think there should be anymore national assemblies when DPT is in power since it doesn’t make a difference ….
    Infact, its a waste of money and time for everyone. I think the Ministers or the Speaker should just give everyone orders so that everyone atleast has something to do. I know that sitting at the NA makes the members feel important and i don;t understand how if they can’t think for themselves….. or say thier mind….
    BTW I heard PM in Italy again to talk about GNH… I think it’s time he started it in our own country lest we will remain a joke in the entire world.
    I really hope that the next 2 years passes by so fast that the damage done by this Govt. to our country can be corrected by the next.

  2. If implimentation goes as per the bill, looks like RMA will be able to conduct its monetary policy more independently with less fiscal dominance…However, Governor or Chairman of the board will have to be really efficient….

  3. The Opposition Leader,

    Let me apologise for bringing this issue here but I didn’t know where else to contact. I came to know about this blog very recently and I must say it’s highly impressive.

    Now, this is concerning the recent road widening along the Taba road and I have come to know that it is also the area where you reside (Taba-Dechencholing road). I am quite surprised there has been no voice raised from your end on the happenings for the last few days on that road, not that it’s mandatory but wanted to know, don’t you get delayed for your sessions in the morning, dont you get tired waiting to reach home after the session???. This has been the scenario for the taba residents for the last few days. This Monday was horrible, we started around 6 pm side, reached home like 8:30 pm. The Jushina road is closed for us from 4 pm, the other side is blocked, what do they expect us to do? Rent houses in town till the road widening is complete. It has become a nuisance to travel out off your house on that road, please do something, either close this road totally till work is finished and let vehicles ply on the Jushina road. And I forgot something, when it rains, it dangerous to ply that road with all the mud on the road. Please seriously do something about it and dont wait for something to happen for the authorities to act.

    Yours humble
    Taba Resident

    PS: I took this initiative to inform because I could not think of anyone besides you.

    • Dear Sonam:Yes, it’s frustrating. But the road must also be widened. It cannot carry the growing traffic any longer. But the current problem, it appears, is one of coordination, between the Dept. of Roads and the personnel in charge of the Samteling – Dechencholing road. I’ll see what I can do about it. Thank you for raising the issue. Tshering

  4. OL, what do you think about the PM missing from the NA all the time? I know it is important for him to travel but when our own country is in NA session, do you think he ought to stay in the country or cna somebody else go in his place or am i just worrying for nothing?

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