9th Session

The 9th session of the Parliament begins tomorrow with a traditional ceremony, and will continue 11th of July. Here’s what we will be discussing…

Three bills will be introduced in the National Assembly:

  1. Domestic Violence Prevention Bill;
  2. Land (Amendment) Bill; and
  3. Road Bill.

Two bills that were introduced and endorsed by the National Council will be discussed in the National Assembly. They are:

  1. National Flag Bill; and
  2. Parliamentary Entitlement (Amendment) Bill.

The following three bills, which were endorsed by the National Assembly and subsequently discussed in the National Council, will also be discussed to resolve differences, if any, between the two Houses:

  1. Education City Bill;
  2. Disaster Management Bill; and
  3. Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Fund Bill.

If the two Houses are unable to come to an agreement on these three bills, His Majesty the King may command a joint sitting to deliberate and vote on these bills.

In addition to the bills, the following reports will be presented and/or discussed:

  1. The Prime Minister’s State of the Nation address;
  2. The Minister of Finance’s Annual Budget for 2012 – 2013;
  3. The Anticorruption Commission’s Annual Report;
  4. The Royal Audit Authority’s Annual Report;

And the following conventions will be presented for ratification:

  1. SAARC Seed Bank Convention;
  2. Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization to the Convention on Biological Diversity; and
  3. Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Protocol.

If you wish to study the bills, they can be downloaded from the National Assembly and National Council websites. If you do study the bills, we, the members of the opposition party, will be happy to discuss them with you. More importantly, we will be delighted to receive your comments and suggestions.

Finally, the session will, as usual, have Question Hour. Please contact us, here or in our office, if you have questions for the Government that you would like us raise in the National Assembly.


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  1. Is it possible to have one session where the entitlement of the common people is discussed instead of the MPs entitlement every session.

  2. constitution says

    Thank you OL….hope you will argue and discuss the Entitlement of the Common People as mentioned by Mr/Mrs Truth…

    Will look forward to see our MP’s discussion for better BILLs..

  3. Wish our Parliament could discuss ‘Bhutan Library Association Bill’ one day. I don’t think this will ever happen in Bhutan. I personally feel that the Library Bill is more urgent and important than bills like Domestic Violence Prevention Bill. The latter is totally ineffective no matter how hard our people try to enforce it.

  4. When the National Assembly is discusing their entiltlement bills, i expect honorable MPs to raise about entitlement of common people. Due to high Inflation the middle and low income salaried people are now falling back to the poverty group.

  5. Pro democracy says

    I am not very concerned about the parliamentarian entitlements.. Infact i would like to see our MPs and NC get more of the perks and salaries so as to refrain from wrong doings and to encourage more of people joining the politics.
    But looking at the present scenario, with government spending more and the common man feeling the heat. Parliamentarians should look to this very closely and try to reduce the expenses..

  6. Once again entitlements!! Does not the country have other issues?

  7. My goodness…they have not even once not discussed the bill which will benefit them. Common…..60K+ per month is a big salary….how much they want…..they really want to suck the blood of our country…even when we are facing this Rs crunch…

  8. Need to ask whether democracy means govt of the ministers, by the ministers and for the ministers.

  9. My questions:

    1. Why was the INR issue not forseen earlier, so tht drastic measures could have been avoided?
    2. Has RMA really mismanged our foreign exchange? were the measures taken by RMA warranted? has RMA acted unilaterally? Was it the right time to close foreigner account, which added pressure to the rupee issue?
    3. When will the RTI bill be tabled?
    4. Our doing business ranking is only better than afganistan in the SAARC region? Wht measures r being put to better that?
    5. Contracts law has become a immidiate neccessity for adequate protetion to invest n for law to deliver fair justice. When is it going to be tabled?
    6. The govt. has made many achievements outside the country. Our global ambitions shld probablt take a back seat when it comes to urgencies at home. Lyonchen attended the GNH conference n then adressed the nation on rupee issue? Is the govt priorotising correctly?
    7. The gyelposhing case investigation shld be over by now. Wht is the govts. Action on it?

  10. After a quick glance through the Education City Bill, I failed to see why it is even necessary. I do not see any reason to have a special law for this project other than because it is one of JYT’s pet projects. In any case I have serious doubts about the project’s viability. Before trying to make our country into a hub for international education, we should take a serious look at the quality of the existing schools and colleges in the country.

  11. tashi choden says

    i agree with Gamingumin…. I am not sure whether there should be a bill for a project such as the education bill. what is the rationale for it?
    like any other policies so far, my question would be do we really have the infrastructure to accommodate it.
    i know they have argued that its on zero cost to the country, but what about all the time wasted, what about the environmental impact.
    what’s a parliamentary entitlement bill anyway…????
    i am also all for ratifying conventions and international protocols… but we have to do this only because we believe in the cause and not because we get funding or support from the member countries. I also believe that signing conventions are not enough…. working towards achieving the goals of the conventions are more important…I really liked and felt sad at the same about what someone said yesterday about our country…. we do things not because we believe it but because we want to ‘look good’ in the eyes of the world. we start something in the name of GNH only to be slammed by the impossibility of continuing it. then comes the excuse of no funds, no human resource and blah blah… why start it then?????
    and my final question… how long is the implementation of the so called Pedestrian day going to last???

  12. tashi choden has raised some interesting questions. I would request ProOL to answer her in simple language 🙂

  13. Concerned Citizen says

    Ways to improve and encourage enterpreunership and ability to do bussiness in Bhutan. This will help the current situation of unemployment.

    Economic Evaluation or Impact Assesment of any Policy before commissioning. We need to know the cost effectiveness or cost savings, effecitiveness, efficacy of a programmes before being implemented in the context of Bhutan

  14. Huh..wat a start…this 9th session of parliament, speaker didn’t allow NC chair n OL to express thanks to HM, if the reason is ‘he forgot’. And very funny if the reason is ”he forgot”

  15. Deb-Ngagpo says

    1. education city will share the same fate as the IT Park…we got few koreans studying at ugyen academy…while thinking big about the edu city, we may like to study the ground realities of why about 50 koreans left the school and country after 1st semester…it is not just about building infrastructure in terms of edu campus and facilities, there are other factors the foreigners look for….given the current state of our development, thinking implementing edu city project is a nightmare and resources put in the drain…anyways, have a good wasterd discussion on the bill…

    2. Rupee Cruch aught to be taken bit seriously…it has festered deep into the skin of common men. Will the situation back home better be any better when at the time the Indian economic growth suffered all time low of 5.8% since 2004? The slump is currency, crowding out of private investments, etc in India can only be worsely replicated in terms of Re shortage. What is the DPT govt’s timeline to get out of this crunch? 2012 (our hope and consolation), when few mega hydro power projects commission is too far and lengthy a duration to keep common men feeling the brunt. Govt. should have a sound short and medium term policy to uplift the lives of these section of the society. Any social safety net programs (in lieu of some unilateral decisions taken currently) are in the minds of our distinguished MPs other than the entitlements for themselves?

  16. We all know what ol n nc chairperson will say . Why waste time. Everyone feels grateful and love HM… So no need to express again n again. Let PM convey on behalf of the people of this country!

  17. Dear OL,
    I do not expect you to publish this comment of mine since for some reason (only known to you) my earlier innocous comment was censored. That was my first and only comment on your blog. Anyways, good luck in 2013.

  18. MAHAKALA says

    Why DPT Govt. banning Lottery Business when our country is facing INR shortage ???

  19. Dear OL,
    Do you know where our country is headed?
    Why? I will give two (very recent) reasons – among host of other reasons
    1. Cabinet wants to have power to give land
    2. Government wants to use up the reserve our country has so painfully accumulated over many, many years

  20. Entitlement says

    Entitlement BILL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am Turned Off.
    Can’t there be a single session without having to discuss this?

    Let’s see it coming down this time anyways and few of the entitlements like Wagon R slashed@

  21. སྤྱི་ཚོགས་ཀྱི་འཐུས་མི་ཚུ་ལུ་ ཐོབ་ཐངས་ལས་ལྷགཔ་ གཞན་གྲོས་བསྡུར་འབད་ནི་གི་གནད་དོན་མེདཔ་ཨིན་ན། སྤྱི་ཚོགས་འགོ་བཙུགས་ད་ཡང་ ཐོབ་ལམ་ མཇུག་བསྡུ་རནམ་ད་ཡང་ ཐོབ་ལམ། ང་ ཆེ་མཐོ་ཅན་གྱི་འཐུས་མི་ཚུ་ལུ་བལྟ་སྟེ་སེམས་ཕམ་བྱུངམ་མས། ད་ལྟོ་རྒྱབ་ཁབ་ནང་ཕྱི་ཡི་མ་དངུལ་མ་ལང་པའི་དཀའ་ངལ་འདི་བཟུམ་འཐོན་ཏེ་ རྒྱལ་ཁབ་དང་མི་སེར་ལུ་སྟབས་མ་བདེཝ་འདི་བཟུམ་ཅིག་འཐོནམ་དང་ ཆེ་མཐོ་ཅན་གྱི་འཐུས་མི་ཚུ་ལུ་ ཐོབ་ལམ་གྱི་སྐོར་ལས་གྲོས་བསྡུར་འབད་ནིའི་ བློ་སྤོབས་ག་ལས་བྱུངམ་སྨོ། ང་མི་སེར་ཉམས་ཆུང་ཅིག་ཨིན་རུང་ རྒྱལ་ཁབ་དང་མི་སེར་ལུ་ ཆ་རོགས་ག་ཅི་བཟུམ་ཅིག་འོང་ག་མནོ་བའི་ཚ་གྱང་འབག་འབག་སར་སྡོདཔ་ཨིན། ད་ཚུན་གནང་བའི་ཐོབ་ལམ་འདི་གི་མི་ལང་པས་ག། སྤྱི་ཚོགས་མི་སེར་གྱི་མཐའ་དོན་ལུ་སྨོ་ རང་དོན་གྲུབ་དོན་ལུ་སྨོ། ཐུགས་བཞེད་གནང་། མི་དབང་འབྲུག་རྒྱལ་བཞི་པ་མཆོག་གིས་གནང་བའི་གསོལ་རས་འདི་ལུ་ ཡིད་སྨུག་བྱུང་མ་བཅུག།

  22. Dear OL, lets hear your take on the Land Amendment Bill

  23. Pedestrian says

    Dear OL, pl raise in the question hour session the need for the govt to enforce the pedestrian day so hastily. Does the govt have no other priorities than to implement this good ideal but impractical initiative.

  24. deliberate on the entitlement bill but make sure that the entitlements bill is only from 2013 on.

  25. I agree with Ugyen, can OL give us his views on the Land Amendment Bill.

  26. Sonam Pem says

    Dear Hon. OL,
    Your silence on the Land amendment bill could be taken for your acceptance of the act. Please comment.
    A concerned citizen

  27. My fellow citizens, please read the following article


    You just can’t sit quiet when these bunch of greedy, ambitious DPT leaders is squandering away ours and our children’s future

  28. rockhard says

    Did any of you, who are commenting on the Land Bill, actually go through the document? OR Are you all just blindly believing what The Journalist has covered? The Bill, categorically states that Kidu is the he sole prerogative of the throne and does not in any way temper with the Royal privileges. Tenzing Lamzang is not a Bhutanese and he will never have our interest at heart. Please be aware of the deadly game this guy and his phantom supporters are playing.

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