Ambassador for life?

Should Parliament make the Prime Minister GNH Ambassador for Life?

The proposal to make the Prime Minister GNH Ambassador for Life was tabled by the Speaker. But it was not discussed in the National Assembly. Yet, the proposal was forwarded to the National Council. And it was almost included in the Assembly’s resolutions as a proposal that had, more or less, been accepted. The Speaker also made indirect reference to the proposal in his address during this session’s closing ceremony.

So should Parliament make the Prime Minister GNH Ambassador for Life? No. First, the Parliament did not follow due process. Second, no one knows what “GNH Ambassador for Life” entails – what it means, and how much it will cost. Third, the nominee is a serving member of the Parliament – such titles should be reserved for past members only, if at all, and only after they’ve proven themselves. Fourth, the nominee is currently under investigation for the Gyelpozhing land scam case. And Fifth, it is outside the scope of the Parliament’s authority.

That authority, to appoint a GNH ambassador for life, belongs to His Majesty the King. According to Article 2, Section 16(a) of the Constitution: “The Druk Gyalpo, in exercise of His Royal Prerogatives, may: award titles, decorations, dar for Lhengye and Nyi-Kyelma in accordance with tradition and custom.”

Lyopno Khandu Wangchuk, the economic affairs minister, however, claimed, the Assembly, that a broader, more liberal interpretation of the Constitution would allow the Parliament to bestow that title to the PM.

I’m not sure. The government has consistently called for a broader, liberal interpretation of the Constitution. And the opposition party has consistently maintained that doing so would be dangerous, especially if those doing the “broad, liberal interpreting” are the very ones who stand to benefit.

Take Article 2, Section 16(a) of the Constitution, for instance. If a liberal interpretation of this provision is taken to mean that other institutions can also, in addition to His Majesty, grant titles and decorations, imagine how the subsequent provisions could be interpreted.

Article 2, Section 16(b) states that: “The Druk Gyalpo, in exercise of His Royal Prerogatives, may: grant citizenship, land kidu and other kidus”.

And Article 2, Section 16(c) states that: “The Druk Gyalpo, in exercise of His Royal Prerogatives, may: grant amnesty, pardon and reduction of sentences.”

Several commentators took exception to my last post, Rule of the mob. Think again. What is preferable? Rule of the mob? Or rule of the law?


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  1. I have no words to describe what this government is doing, it is beyond the conventional norms. However, i resolve not to vote for DPT in 2013. Never knew that DPT is synonym to JYT.

  2. The abuse (quoting) of the HM and the Constitution wherever and whenever it suits him will be the OL’s undoing..all I can say is I am baffled by the audacity of this guy to underestimate and thereby demean the intelligence of the rest of us is so humiliating and mind-numbing…anyways, enjoy your last and only term as OL ( which incidentally was by default and not by design).

  3. guardian says

    Maybe we should bestow the title of GNH Ambassador to the OL, after all, he does not seem to have any work. And of course, his colleague from Gasa can be the Dy.GNH Ambassador, that sounds fair.

    But seriously, another pathetic show by the OL.

  4. khaleychusasa says

    Why just GNH ambassador for life? Why not crown him as the first hereditary king of GNH?

  5. Pedestrian says

    From their comments, it looks like Guardian and Kinga are either DPT members or they have personal problems with the OL.

  6. gnh was introduced by the extraordinary 4th druk gyalpo – an extraordinary being living an ordinary life.. now, compare that to an ordinary character like jigmi thinley pulling all stops to have an extraordinary life.. 
    the man tainted needs to clear his name first.. then he needs to do some soul searching on his ambition & conscience.. he should not preempt royal prerogatives.. 
    the man should not be allowed anywhere near the concept & propagation of gnh.. his association with gnh only tarnishes the magic of gnh..if found guilty in all the scams & corruption cases happening, he should be made an example of – locked up & the keys thrown away – to prove the supremacy of rule of law & that hypocrisy has no place in the new age..
    if he wants to sleep well, he must serve, as he was elected to, not dictate; he must honor the many, many oaths he has taken in his role as a public servant; he must lead by example & actually practice what he preaches; he must employ what our kings have taught him – that humility & serving the public come before his own ego, greed & hypocrisy.. he must learn to walk, before he wants to run.. that he should “govern a great nation as you’d cook a small fish – don’t overdo it”..   

  7. Simply No. The view was also expressed by NC in the strongest term possible. Things cannot be taken for granted just because DPT has a majority in NA.

  8. Does the PM deserve the title of lifetime GNH ambasador? Only the time will tell. I agree that the parliament may not have the mandate to confer the title. But, OL’s continuous association of PM into the Gyelpozhing land scam is rediculous. How can OL conclude the PM is guilty of it when ACC has not proven it? Should the ACC not investigate OL’s case of obtaining the Master’s Degree in US?

  9. OL is unhappy because nobody has suggested conferring any title upon him yet. May be Parliament should recommend conferring him the ‘custodian of constitution’ because he never gets fed up of quoting the Constitution.

  10. Hon’be really deserves it. Congrats

  11. Thinker,
    OL mentioned “Fourth, the nominee is currently under investigation for the Gyelpozhing land scam case.”

  12. Please, please, do not jump the gun. It is still in proposal stage. I am sure NA/NC with their wisdom will discuss and make appropriate decision.


  13. I have not thought so far ahead as to whether the PM should be conferred the title of GNH Ambassador for life. But if anyone is to be named one, there is no other person in the world more qualified than the Prime Minister JYT to receive that honor, considering the amount of work he has done on GNH. No doubt, His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo is even more deserving but for obvious reason, conferring that title to His Majesty would be inappropriate.

    Let us debate this issue at length and see if we can arrive at some agreement. For the moment, I have one proposition to make and I am hopeful that you will all agree with me, as I know a lot of people on the street are in agreement. The Constitution is silent on this issue so we do not have to split our hair over its legality.

    I would like to propose that the people of Bhutan declare Lyonchen JYT as Bhutan’s “Choe-Sung” or the nation’s Protecting Deity. My reason: it has now dawned on a lot of people that whenever the Lyonchen is in the country, there are no natural calamities. But the moment he steps out, the country is beset with every kind of disaster such as earthquakes, floods, fires etc. I have been told that some people are so traumatized by this inexplicable coincidence that they are soon going to make a submission to the Lyonchen to never leave the country.

    What do you all say?

  14. if the title is to be given, our pm jyt really deserve it. other than him i see nobody.

  15. Well said Topden

  16. bhutanese says

    instead of worrying whether PM will be made GNH ambassador for life, OL should worry about whether he will even have a party for the 2013 elections. PM does not need a tile, the whole world already sees him not just as a GNH ambassador but also respects him for all the work he has put into GNH for the benefit of not only bhutan but the world. he is not just a leader in bhutan but a world leader. i am surprised OL’s harvard education can’t help him see this fact.

    as 2013 nears, OL is becoming mental. lets us help him through this difficult time and give him a title. sadly the only suitable tile after seeing his performance all these year is – CSP (Conniving Shameless Phunzay) Ambassador for Life or GNH (Gross National Hazard) Ambassador for Life?

  17. My dearest ProOL,
    I sincerely feel pity on you. You are one person whose intelligence has gone wrong. How could you even think of something like that: declaring JYT as “Choe-Sung”, that is the sickest thing one can think of. I don’t know if the Lyonchon is involved or not, but I heard from many people that certain group loyal to JYT is hell bent on undermining the constitutional rights of HM. I am beginning to see sense in my doubts that there are people like you who think JYT is more important than HM 4th and 5th. So you seriously think that calamities strike Bhutan whenever JYT is out of the country? We have 4th and 5th king, we have “Choe- Sung” Mahakala and Palden Lhamo and many others, when Lyonchen is out of the country, but you still think Lyonchen is the last hope for Bhutan to avert those calamities. Don’t you understand there are some things that happen which are beyond anybody’s control? What kind of world you are living in, are you into some kind of drugs? You have reached beyond redemption. You know everything yet you only want to know about JYT. You have become impervious; it would be much easier to bring an illiterate villager to the right path than an educated person like you. One thing is very clear from your comment- you have no respect whatsoever for our great kings. Yeah, you are right; you should declare JYT as a Choe Sung. I am going to declare my uncle as Choe Sung too because he is out of the country on business trip most of the time, and I can guarantee you, he was not in Bhutan when any of the calamities took place.Man, you should be ashamed to call yourself a Bhutanese.

  18. Comments are well made but does our bhutanese know that what OL share is awareness to our citizens, does educated mass aware of what constitution means n how it helped us. Don’t write the for the sack of writing. It should be relevant to the topic. Comment writer should not wash away by party but u should comment for interest of the nation. Our OL’s word are in the interest of nation.

  19. ProOL is one of JYTs sycophants, probably a person of origin from outside Bhutan and someone bordering ngolophood.

  20. guardian says

    If I were to describe the term ‘Rule of the mob’, it would probably be the Guwahati story where a teen aged girl was molested/stripped by 50 or more thugs at around 2130 hrs of of 09 July 2012.

    So we in Bhutan are fully blessed, just imagine if those same scenes were replicated in our own back yard.

  21. Pinkponk says


    I have also done my Masters from USA. Should I also be investigated? Whatever, see the next election and most of us would be disheartened cos JYT and many would be out. I am from JYT constituency.

  22. khaleychusasa says

    Now I know why he decided to call himself Prool. It is because it rhymes with FOOL.

  23. Now I know why you are an idiot, because you don’t seem to understand what Prool writes.

  24. khaleychusasa says

    And I know why you call yourself Guardian. The only thing you are capable of guarding is your own ignorance.

  25. The law of the land straight away say that “some one who illegally tells or declares someone or himself as choe-sung, deity, reincarnation, Triku should be punished/put behind bar till his or her last breath.
    The world knows that JYT is not choe-sung, deity, reincarnation, Triku who can protect natural disaster. To so, why did JYT not stop the flood in gylephu the last day. Instead he must be watching on TV from the Enclave corner and planning how he can next manipulate constitution/law of the land.
    Wait n c in 2013.

  26. Twisting the topic:
    BO Reports:
    Education ministry’s zero tolerance policy of not allowing terminated students to be admitted in any other school has become hugely unpopular among a section of educationists and parents. The policy mandates that a child who has been expelled
    or terminated from one school due to breach of conduct cannot obtain admission
    in any other school. While some Thimphu
    schools have already implemented the policy, educationists and parents say that
    the policy criminalizes the students.Educationists who support the policy say that the policy was devised to prevent students from engaging in criminal activities.Educationists who support the policy say that the policy was devised to prevent students from engaging
    in criminal activities.


  27. khaleychusasa says

    I have decided to support Prool’s suggestion to declare JYT as a Choe Sung. We can lock him up in remote temple somewhere so that he cannot go out of the country and make sure that no disaster comes to us.

  28. guradian says

    Maybe we would have to lock you up so that we can be spared reading the dumb stuff you come up with.

  29. absorver says

    Again BO reports:
    RUB will be introducing new studies in bhutanese colleges. one of them is MEDIA STUDY in Kanglung and says that media market is increasing, there is shortage of trained professionals in the industry, he said. The programme will not only train students to take up jobs in the media but also to work as communication officers in the gewogs, ministries and private offices.

    while i can personally count dozens who have studied media from out the country and and are hunting for relevant job for years. So, is it true that media market is increasing, there is shortage of trained professionals in the industry.
    I am skeptical that will those students who takes media studies not suffer from hunting/not getting relevant jobs for years like graduates of 2 batches of professional photojournalists trained by MoLHR (during OLs time) who are now working as cook, store keeper, driver, guide, teacher, coach, librarian, etc.
    Media study is still a very risky field in bhutan, i conclude.


  30. Peytse! Do not mention our king and the fourth Druk Gyalpo in this dirty forum. And, we also do not bother about your Uncle. You worship OL while we will worship PM. Pinkponk! you are not just the one to have done Master’s in US. There is nothing to be feeling great about it. This egoistic notion of the PDP candidates and its members does not please the Bhutanese society. OL keeps mentioning Constitution, laws and so on. On the otherhand, the party fails to meet them. When will the party clear its debt? How many times can the ECB extend the deadline? You talk of immense support, but where is it? If PDP really wants to clear the debt, you better collect the things and money back from the people to whom you have given for winning the votes. I think they should help you in return as your party furnished their homes before.

  31. khaleychusasa,

    Come on man be realistic. Where have you heard of a live “Choe-Sung” being locked up in a Lhakhang? It is a preposterous idea. However, the National Assembly and the people of Bhutan may consider building nice statues of Lyonchen JYT and place them in all the lhakhangs and Dzongs around the country, like we do of Guru Rinpochey and Buddha and Palden Lhamo and all the other protecting deities.

    To inspire reverence and life-like realism, the images should be fashioned to depict Lyonchen JYT in the posture of the divine Nataraj atop a greying, under nourished white horse with craggy ribcage whose upper body bears the head of OL frothing at the mouth. A majestic Thrungthrung Karm with it fully outstretched wings should sit on the right arm of the Lyonchen while in his left arm he should hold the reins that runs through large metal rings that have been pierced into the massive Zatap of the OL.

  32. Thinker,
    What u mean to say ”OL keeps mentioning Constitution, laws and so on.”?? Good or bad??

  33. I personally feels that our PM deserve the titles of Ambassador of GNH la…sorry to argue la….

  34. Guys,
    Pls dont compare OL and the honourable PM. These are two people who cannot be compared. There is nothing that can be compared. OL and some of his cronies should focus on cycling, partying and blame the government at the drop of a neddle.
    There are also his other cronies like Lekey Dorji, Dr Tandin , Tenzin Lekphel and others who have formed a PDP-subsidiary called druk Nyamrup. Bhutanese people should never make the biggest blunder to bring hypocrites into power. I can’t imagine them to be at the helm of governance in the country.

  35. PemaRM,
    I don’t know if PM is deserving for such title, even if he is then such title can be bestowed only by the King not by the NA according to the constitution.What I feel is NA is taking advantage of its majority and disregarding what is clearly enshrined in our sacred constitution.This is the domain of HM, and to encroach is to disrespect not only HM but the sentiments of the Bhutanese people.

  36. There are far more interesting and socially important issues that we seem to be skirting or ignoring them altogether than the GNH ambassador for life and PM the father of Bhutan crap! we are just 15 odd people arguing about non-issues all the time and getting personal sometimes for nothing at all! The rest of our citizenry is busy combating near life threatening situation everyday and that is where healthy and meaningful discussion/debate is called for and try and suggest remedial measures as educated people!

  37. Three things:

    1. Firstly, no one has the authority to appoint the ambitious JYT as the GNH ambassador for life except His Majesty the King. The fact of the matter is JYT tried to appoint himself. What a shameful thing.

    2. Second, is he deserving of such an honour? No, if there is one person who deserves this title is His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. Maybe a distant second person can be given due recognition and that would be Karma Ura. JYT just hijacked the life work of Karma Ura.

    3. Finally, by this disrespectful and presumptuous behaviour from the ambitious JYT, he may have inadvertently robbed himself of the chance of getting the ambassadorship.

  38. Jamba,
    you are a truly ignorant person.

  39. Jamba you DUMBO,

    You cannot make HM the King an Ambassador. Are you totally stupid?

    Whether any one appoints him or not is irrelevant. Lyonchen JYT is already recognized as the Ambassador of GNH by leaders around the world. That is something no one can take away from him.

    Karma Ura is a baby compared to the Lyonchen so he is not even in the race for the title.

    Atta Yongba, don’t you see the discussions raging here is based on stupidity? So how do you go about being sane in the middle of so much insanity?

  40. Jamba please use appropriate words when you dislike someone la….You will never reach to JYT level no matter how much you work hard la…Use words like our Opposition Leader la..

  41. It will be interesting to know JYT’s view on this.

  42. proOl,
    Don’t panic! We are not psycho like you. Wonder how PM would react if he happens to read your comment about declaring him “Choe Sung.” I am sure he would love to have a supporter but a supporter like you? I don’t know man. Looks like some screws missing in your head.

  43. Peytse,
    Morons like you and others in this blog thought that you hold complete monopoly over stupidity, did you not? This will prove you wrong. I too can be as stupid as you, if not more.

    I have realized that trying to reason with the likes of you is pointless because you are incapable of reason or intelligence. Thus, I will do the next best thing – act as stupid and moronic as you. If you insist on being unreasonable and indecent, that is what you will get in return. Until the day you are willing to look at things objectively, you will continue to get what you deserve.

  44. Last day and last dateline for PDP – a party without members, a leader without followers, a one-member follower who does not follow. Where in the world can you find such a situation? Any way, enjoy the last day as OL and hope that the EC does its job without bias and further breach of their own laws. BYE OL, BYE PDP!!!

  45. ProOL

    Tell me when is the PM here in Bhutan …. He is nowhere to be found in the country when the Country needs him the most…. he even missed the NA sessions ….

    Truly speaking i am doubt ful if his expensive trips abord is any beneficial to the country …. i am thinking that he is pitching for a happiness post in UN or some international organizations….

    GNH ambassador for life … no need to confer such titles ….

    WHat if we loosely translate the following like what the current Govt is doing:

    Article 2, Section 16(b) states that: “The Druk Gyalpo, in exercise of His Royal Prerogatives, may: grant citizenship, land kidu and other kidus”.

    And Article 2, Section 16(c) states that: “The Druk Gyalpo, in exercise of His Royal Prerogatives, may: grant amnesty, pardon and reduction of sentences.”

    I AM AFRAID of the GoVt….

  46. Ap Dolay says

    I too agree with ProOl. PM should be made Choe Sung and parliament should pass a law forbidding him from leaving the country, for the sake of the people and country.

    On another thought, we should thoroughly investigate the recent disasters like the fire in Wangdue and Bumthang, maybe our Choe Sung had something to do with them in ways more than one. Who knows maybe our Choe Sung could turn out to be an arsonist too.

  47. potharey says

    I cannot really believe that such a thing is happening in modern and democratic Bhutan. It sounds more like something of the distant past or closer to North Korea.

  48. potharey says

    And, I forgot to add, the way the PM’s state of the nation address is broadcasr over and over and over through the BBS makes me wonder where we are heading towards – a democracy or a brainwashing and self promoting dictatorship of the past.

  49. phuntsho says

    The state of the nations report is the most important report that needs to be heard and understood by all the citizens. It ought to be broadcast many times

  50. Our honourable Lyonchen has been already conferred the title of Druk Thuksey, Druk Wangyel from the royal throne besides receiving various other international awards. So, whether you can digest or not, it is just a matter of time for our Lyonchen to be recognized as the ambasador of GNH. The title may be conferred by th parliament, king or the the United Nations. Deserving people will always be rewarded while the desirous people will not be so. I wonder OL has received any title so far other than the leader of two-member body.

  51. aasish rai says

    as for jyt (prime minister) becoming ambasador of gnh it would be a disaster people all over the world will laugh our monarch worked towards reducing tax and promoting gnh not pm what he did is increase burden upon common people

  52. Dear writers,
    After going through your articles, i have sensed that this forum of OL has become a place of pouring frustration, insulting each other and showing your arrogance.
    If I am not mistaken this very forum of OL is for discussing national interest.I urge every reader who wants to comment;should enlighten yourselves what article is intended for and if u find that its of minimal interest,do way with your comments.Its really pathetic to see people insulting each other.


  53. People, stop this foolish ranting.
    JYT don’t deserve this title and that is it.

  54. The constitution is crystal clear that only His Majesty can give any distinctions and titles.

    What next, the Parliament to select who will get the red scarfs.

  55. I overheard this from my friend Dorji,

    “I have read almost all the GNH Conference speeches delivered by Lyonchhen, over 20 speeches in total. If you’ve read one, you’ve read it all”

    This comment speaks a lot about the content and originality about Lyonchhen’s speeches. Most plagiarized works suffers the same fate.

  56. Hi! PROOL, BYE OL N THINKER. Neither PM nor OL is begging above mentioned. Bt OL is share law of land in the interest of nation. 3 of u r useless however u bark. Ur barking will b as if lik stay dog barking after runing car… Ha ha hopeless…… Try to brake ur own cocun….

  57. Mr OL, please check the dictionary.
    I can be a ambassador of peace within or outside country without any allowance, tittle . Do you think HM should bestow on me the tittle.

    Pema Wangda, first positive people can be ambassador to educate people on AIDS. Should he be appointed by king?

    Please check various meanings of ambassador…. as there is word ambassador in constitution doesn’t mean that the meaning is same….

  58. mongar123 says

    Mr OL, please check the dictionary.
    I can be a ambassador of peace within or outside country without any allowance, tittle . Do you think HM should bestow on me the tittle.

    Pema Wangda, first positive people can be ambassador to educate people on AIDS. Should he be appointed by king?

    Please check various meanings of ambassador…. as there is word ambassador in constitution doesn’t mean that the meaning is same….

  59. I nominate JYT as ambassador of GNH for life to Mars and he should be posted as soon as his term ends as PM.

  60. I say no to JYT as GNH Ambassador…. Before anyone (NC/NA) even think, pls. consult the people of Bhutan….get a public view/votes by the people of Bhutan.
    There should not be GNH Ambassador for Life..ok there can be GNH Ambassadors..chuck the “life”, that is too generous title and I don’t think anyone is deserving of that title other than the Kings.
    And JYT, whether OL reminds of his land scam case or not…ppl still talks and thinks there is something…so sorry JYT, although he may may taken GNH to such heights and been wonderful PM…he still can be bestowed with that title.
    So pls. lets just leave such ideas and use innovative ideas for making good development policies.

  61. drukpangoma says

    Why is OL and his gang making such a fuss of something so simple? All that transpired was the dumb speaker making a suggestion to discuss the honouring of HM the K4 and Lyonchenfor their respective roles in globalising GNH. What is wrong in that? Don’t make a mounatain out of a mole and let things take its natural cause. Why are you balaming PM for no fault of his own? He never asked for the title.

  62. The main problem is that OL has no experience of governing a country. We have ambasadors to many countries including UN. Who appoints them? As long as the PM deserves the title and his destiny prevails, no one can stop. He is personally not demanding it anyway. Let the time and fate decide.

  63. Bhutanese,
    You are offending our intelligence. You damn well know the ambassadors that you are referring to and ambassador title that the NA is trying to confer on PM is a totally different thing. Please stop acting too smart and let this issue go..

  64. Peytse, Yes, the two titles are different and that’s why it is to be conferred two different individuals. How can PM be posted as an ambasador to another country. However, my main point was to tell you that how ambasadors are designated.

  65. Bhutanese, I agree with you. Since JYT is such a great man no country deserves him as ambassador so let’s request the NA to post him to Mars for life


    opinions expressed but not to hurt our Honorable Opposition Leader.

  67. Peytse, Drukpa and so on. Don’t make fun of the first democratically elected PM of Bhutan. Whether you like it or not, he has proved himself. Someone said he is ambitious. Whether he is ambitious or not he has become the first PM. Indeed he was twice elected head of government in 1998 and again in 2003. So there is no argument that is not capabale. The Speaker did not propose to the house to make him king. He just proposed that he be the GNH ambassador for life and he does deserve it. If the majority of the house agrees, it can then be submitted to HM and is up to HM whether to confer the title as per his prerogative enshrined in the constitution.

    Whether you like it or not, he will again be the next PM and cement the foundation of democracy as gifted by HM the 4th Druk Gyalpo. After the next term, I will bet that he could be even nominated for the post of secretary general of the UN which he can shoulder if given the mandate and make Bhutan proud. Whether he is ambitious or not, his capability will take him wherever he wants go. So please do not compare the rest of the ordinary citizens to the Hon’ble PM.

  68. Young Mind says

    Prime Minister is overdoing the Drama.

  69. Drukpa, take your OL to Mars where he can become the PM. Because it’s absolutely impossible on Earth. You can join him there and become his deputy.

  70. Bhutanese, it’s JYT who wants to be an ambassador not OL and since it’s guys like you who are so supportive of that move I will leave the position of deputy to Mars to you. You deserve it more than me and I am sure you will be at home there.

  71. Drukpa, Wake up from your dream. It’s not PM wanting to become the GNH ambasador. It’s the Bhutanese state that wants him to become the GNH ambasador. PM does not have to go to Mars. He has established himself as a true leader and charismatic figure all over the world. So, the people on Earth will not let him go. But, instead, OL and his party need to leave for Mars if the Party really desires to become the ruling body. There is no way that PDP can defeat DPt for many years to come. Of course, unless the party makes a dramatic change in its leadership, policies and ideologies. If you cannot change yourself, you have to change the society.

  72. Bhutanese, it is you who is dreaming. Everyone knows that every proposal that come to the floor of the parliament is dictated by the dictator of Bhutan JYT. The Bhutanese state is yet to experience true democracy because under DPT you have one dictator and 46 idiots in parliament and many jokers like you outside supporting it. JYT is head of government and his decisions does not reflect the Bhutanese state. There is a difference between state and government you idiot.

  73. Drukpa, I may be an idiot, but you make more foolish and baseless remarks. When you alone find every proposal in the parliament to be dictated, it does not mean everyone thinks the same. I did not know the you are the most clever person, but does not have an important official position. You think all the MPs are fools. Only fools make such remarks. Deaf people think that everyone cannot hear. That’s why you need to wake up. If you consider all the MPS fools, you indirectly say that all Bhutanese including yourself are fools for electing them. They were elected by the people and granted royal assent. Do not undermine the already negative image of PDP by posting such unhealthy comments.

  74. Bhutanese, the problem with iditots is that you are presumptuous, no where have I said I am most clever and stop presuming what my official status is – important or not, PDP or not. All the people of Bhutan including myself aren’t fools but yes we were all fooled by the jokers we elected to parliament.

  75. drukpangoma says

    If you think you are smarter than any of the MPs, why don’t you join the race? I am sure apart from yourself, no one would even consider voting for such a conceited person like you.

  76. Bhutanese, you said “It’s the Bhutanese state that wants him to become the GNH ambasador.”
    What you mean by above line?? Your state want PM to become GNH ambassador or people of Bhutan want him to become GNH ambassador? If it is the people who want him to become “GNH Ambassador” they should discuss in the NA, but nope….they didn’t do. Though am not totally against that proposal but still am little bit against it coz, Firstly, as OL stated above clearly, Article 2, Section 16(a) of the Constitution: “The Druk Gyalpo, in exercise of His Royal Prerogatives, may: award titles, decorations, dar for Lhengye and Nyi-Kyelma in accordance with tradition and custom.” (We should not ignore the constitution; otherwise what is the use of having it). Secondly, this proposal was tabled by SPEAKER but NOT DISCUSSED in National Assembly. It should be discussed in the National Assembly, they are our representatives and they should be given a chance to discuss from both aspect…positive as well as negative. And 3rdly, No one has clear cut idea what that mean “GNH ambassador for life” and what is his “Main role” etc… So discussion about that is also very important.
    We want a fair procedure or discussion before jumping into lone idea, and act according to the constitution.

  77. Bhutanese, Since you called me an idiot, I had to consider you a clever one. Since you called all the MPS fools, all Bhutanese must consider themselves to be fools for electing them. Imagine, if fools can become MPs, who are you and me?I don’t think anybody is a fool. Our Constitution, ECB and the public won’t allow the fools to rule the country. It is foolish to have such thoughts in the first place.

  78. Samphel, I can’t argue the article of the constitution on awarding titles. But, we must remember that all recipents of important titles are recommended either by the Cabinet or Prime minister to His majesty the king for the royal assent. So, the National Assembly was not trying to award the ambasador title to PM. The NA just tried to discuss and make recommendation for the royal assent. I don’t think that is unconstitutional. Of course the title will be awarded by HM only.

  79. Bhutanese,
    Yeah its true that most titles are awarded on recommendation of cabinet or PM, but the problem here is ”What is “GNH Ambassador for life” and what is his main ”Role”?? No one knows and It is not like other post mena charo, this thing should be discuss properly before giving a ”Title”, moreover the proposal was forwarded to NC without being discussed in NA and NC was told that the proposal was approved by NA. If it was not discussed in NA then ”Why NC was told that the proposal was approved by the NA??”

  80. In 2008 LSN and his cronies felt he was invincible. Now JYT and his cronies feel the same. Only time will tell.

    From the ways DPT government has been conducting itself it will come as no surprise if the table gets turned in 2013 and the PM and the OL exchange places. Anything is possible and politicians should know that best.

  81. What is the role of GNH ambasador? let’s not worry. PM knows the role and he will show what it is once the title is conferred. To my understanding, NA speaker only tabled the topic, but did not aprove it. Will the PM and OL exchange their positions in the next parliament? My worry is, will OL have any position in the next parliament?

  82. Bhutanese, that is exactly the point I am trying to make. As you rightfully said ” PM knows the role and will show what it is once the title is conferred”. The speaker and the other members don’t know what they are proposing because they were dictated by JYT to table the proposal and support it.

  83. Bhutanese,
    No personal attacking business, whether OL will get seat in next parliament or not is not the discussion here moreover it depends on peoples vote and alone can’t decide about it mena. But the main discussion here is about the ”proposal made by Speaker to make PM as GNH ambassador for life time”. And please don’t joke saying ”What is the role of GNH ambasador? let’s not worry. PM knows the role and he will show what it is once the title is conferred.” Lets not give the title/post without knowing what that is.
    Yeah it is true that it was tabled by Speaker but not discussed in NA, But it was forwarded to NC and they were told that it was approved by NA.

  84. Our country right now is going through some tough times – rupee crunch, rebuilding Wangduephodrang dzong etc – so we should remain focused.

  85. Yes we should be more focused – domestic affairs should take precedence over international affairs.

  86. Drukpa, without any clear basis, you cannot assume the the speaker was dictated by PM for this award. Samphel, it is not a personal attack. I was responding to GNHaps’ comments which said that PM and OL may exchange positions in the next parliament. If DPT comes up with a strong candidate from Sombekha constituency, it will end OL’s chances.

  87. Bhutanese,
    Yeah I Knew that you are responding to “GNHaps”, but I think the 8th comment using a nick “Thinker” was also given by you. In that also you mentioned “How can OL conclude the PM is guilty of it when ACC has not proven it?” Reason for the OLs objection is not only because of Gyelpozhing land scam case, OL clearly mentioned point wise moreover he mentioned “The nominee is CURRENTLY UNDER investigation for the Gyelpozhing land scam case,” OL has not concluded PM guilty of the land scam, so I think what OL mentioned is true. Likewise I found many of your comments going too personal, that’s my view but your view may not be same.
    This will be a nice platform for all of us if we all make proper use of this forum to discuss about national interest rather than going into a personal attacking business and if we keep the discussion relevant to the topic. THAT’S JUST MY SUGGESTION TO ALL LA…

  88. Coincidently today’s story in The Bhutanese about the allegations that Bhutan Post did not follow procedures to favor a dealer to supply 15 city buses is PM’ ‘s son in law, kesang wangchuk. What more to come?

  89. BTW Kesang Wangchuk is the son of Kuenley Wangchuk of Trowa land scam

  90. That’s why I feel PM is making fun of poor Bhutanese people whenever he talks about Dranyam and Drangden (watch the transliteration). He is born with a silver spoon in his mouth, what does he know about being poor. This maybe my thinking, but I have a feeling that PM and his cronies are onto monopolizing many important business in their names in Bhutan. If he continues to be our PM, the gap between poor and rich will grow even wider than it already is. Honestly, as a common Bhutanese citizen I feel no connection whatsoever with PM.We need a PM whom common Bhutanese people can relate to, someone who knows and understands our problems rather than just delivering political rhetoric.

  91. Peytse,

    Do you know why PDP got the drubbing it got during 2008 elections? Because the party had mindless, shallow supporters like you to project it and work for it. How can you blame the Prime Minister for the outcome of the Bhutan Post tender evaluation? Do you expect the PM to sit on the Evaluation Committee to make sure that his relatives do not win any tenders?

    I am so disgusted by the likes of you PDP supporters. I have a mind to tell you that you will get the same drubbing you got in the last elections. However, that will not be true because the writing on the wall is that, PDP is no longer a party you will be seeing in the next elections, not even in the primary rounds.

    I know that the PDP cannot clear its debts and even if they could, I would advise the OL not to do so because it will be good money behind a lost cause. Accept the reality and be a little richer for it.

  92. Just learnt that Kesang Wangchuks partner in this bid is no other than Tobgay, son in law of Lyonpo Nanda Lal Rai. Now is it a coincidence that bhutan post is under that minister and you have a flawed process where the relatives of the PM and a minister are involved?

  93. ProOl,
    PDP got a drubbing in 2008 because pre elections – Lyonpo Sangay’s family was involved in massing wealth using undue influence and corrupt practices. PDP candidates didn’t deserve it but had to pay the price for electing and backing their president. PDP deserved it.
    What is happening now is very similar. PM’s family is involved in so many cases that involve using illegal practices, influence and corruption to amass wealth. I voted DPT not JYT because of my constituency but this time I’m not voting for DPT because of JYT

  94. Drukpa,

    You know very well that it is not fair that every relative of the Ministers and the PM cannot or should not do business or win tenders. I agree that there should be no foul play and that the Tender Evaluation Committee must treat every one participating in a tender equally. No weightage should be given on the grounds that a participant is a relative of the PM or one of the Ministers.

    The way people talk, I get the sense that being a relative of one of the Ministers or the Prime Minister is a disadvantage among the business community. Is that fair? Don’t you think that these people have their own individual identities and can assert themselves on the strength of their own competencies? Why do you judge other people by your own moral standards?

    The supposedly aggrieved party (Samden Motors) has already raised an objection on what they believe is contrary to what was announced in the tender bid documents, as they should. I applaud them for taking a stand. Now let us wait and see what the Evaluation Committee’s response is. If Samden is unhappy about their response, they can take the Bhutan Post and its Committee to court.

    Now, you are not going to say that the Prime Minister and Lyonpo Nandalal is going to intervene, are you?

    I am not going to waste my time arguing with you that the PM’s family is not involved in any shady deals. I know better so I do not need to counter any false accusations borne of misinformation and spread of malice.

    Unlike you, I voted for DPT because of JYT and I can tell you right now that I will vote for the same party because of JYT and few other Ministers that make up the party. For me, the party is not important. People who make up the party is. Therefore, as long as these key people remain in the DPT party, I will vote for them again. However, I cannot say if I will vote for DPT in the 2018 elections because by then, most of the people because of whom I vote for the party will no longer be eligible to stand for elections.

  95. ProOL,
    Your response is well taken.
    All I can say is that once one is elevated to a high position such as PM or a minister, more is expected out of you and your family members. It maybe a disadvantage at times but again there are many advantages and privileges one enjoys. The PM or the minister must also ensure that members of their family do not misuse their position or influence and in fact in make little sacrifices for the image and rescept of the position.
    You can’t help criticism from the public if one wants butter on both sides of the bread.

  96. Peytse and Drukpa, On what basis do you acuse PM for all the corrupt cases? The people involved may be his son-in-law, Uncle, nephew or anyone. But, does it mean that PM is involved. Will you face imprisonment if your brother commits a crime? So far, our PM has not been proved of having any corrupt practices. Even for Gyelpozhing case, it’s only a rumour and propaganda. What will be your view if ACC finds PM not guilty? So, it is baseless to say that DPT will lose in the next election because of PM’s family’s involvement in corrupt practices. Bhutanese people are smart enough to judge who is right and wrong. They will make their judgement during that time.

  97. Bhutanese,
    Suppose you are the son of PM, and if you are utilizing his power and influences to circumvent the rules and laws, is it not your duty and responsibility, as a father and also as nation’s PM’s, to stop you and warn you of the adverse consequences?

  98. I will not bother to respond to an idiot

  99. Till the son is in his father’s care, the father may have the authority to control the son’s actions. But, once the son is independent, it is a different matter. Besides that, we cannot conclude that the accused person used PM’s power in this case. If you think that all family members must control each other, how can there be individual views? For instance, among the family members, they were split between DPT and PDP. Why was it so? And Drukpa, your comment “I will not bother to respond to an idiot” itself is a response from an idiot.

  100. The best part is no one’s denying that PM’s son in law is involved in the Bhutan Post scandal. Did you know that the budget for the buses were approved by a special cabinet meeting as an urgent measure to meet the demand for pedestrian day. So if the PM isn’t involved in the case as you say – did the son in law issue the executive order for pedestrian day or was he in the cabinet meeting approving the budget. Come on folks…. Stop kidding yourselves.

  101. Firstly it’s just a wastage of time on your part writing all these nonsense stuff. Secondly, you are just making joker of yourself with baseless issues. Whosoever is at all involved in the corrupt practice, there is ACC, RAA and even NC to question the move. Remember, not many people are viewing this blog, except perhaps ten people including you and me. So, your propaganda against the PM cannot reach anywhere. If you think you can prove, go to ACC. If you have nothing to prove, better stop. Itt only does more dammage to PDP than DPt.

  102. Just heard that the “GNH Ambassador for Life ” will also get an additional perk – Free City Bus Rides for Life.
    PM’s son-in-law won the controversial bid to supply city buses. City buses were needed urgently because on Pedestrian Days there weren’t enough buses. This comment is being made in case you are wondering why PM was forcing the Pedestrian Day rule on us.

  103. Kalapather says

    It looks like all the adjectives in the English language have been exhausted in describing Hon’ble PM and Hon’ble OL. Whatever said and done both are leaders and let them play their roles until their term ends in April 2013. It is an important forum where one should discuss issues of national interest and not issues of personal. How can one write something about VIPs which are not at all true. I request all to maintain forum decorum which is read all over.

  104. LastDropOfTheEarthenVessel says

    With unbiased consciousness vested upon me that comes of age and experience, I see no reason why it should not be PM as “GNH Ambassador for lifetime” but wonder who after him? Will there be such a man? We know hard situations calls for hard solutions, things can be done yet with such workmanship as him? A man who has been with it right from the start?

    OR a suggestion If I may: Our beloved Druk Gyalpo the fourth King as well be if he inclines to the petition of the people. (Many of the citizen says that OUR FOURTH KING SHOULD BE THE TRUE AMBASSADOR OF GNH FOR LIFETIME

    YET If His Majesty decline,
    PM should be the best man to serve, there are men who can do the same yet JYT as the First PM, shouldn’t such a gift be bestowed on him? He has steered nation so well, ugliness is yonder where beauty yonder…

    Many of us anticipate PM as the ambassador. Well, If not him, some other please.

  105. I don’t know why some of you do not like the idea of conferring the title of GNH Ambassador for life to PM JYT stating what he has done and will do. He has already proved his capability and what more do you all want. Do you want him to bring down the moon for you? Come on don’t expect what is beyond one’s reach. I think he has done whatever is possible and if elected again he will do more and that is all enough for him to get the above title. Just see, who has done so much than him after our monarchs. He definately deserves the honour. Cheers!

  106. I am against conferring title of GNH Ambassador for life to PM due to following reasons
    He is a person who initiated 0 tolerance in corruption but involved himself including policy corruption.
    To root out corruption is every ones responsibility but protects corrupted people
    Introduce pedday and order people to walk but he bikes
    Achivement of GNH is good but ordinary citizens are taxed with different colours.
    Rupee crunch created serious issue to commoner but silent
    Middle n low income people suffering from financial crisis but discussion at NA for own benefits.
    Introduce Tobacco Ban for good cause but put so many people behind bar

  107. I truly agree with the above comments that other than our beloved kings, no other Bhutanese has contributed to Bhutan than our PM. He made Bhutan well known throughout the world. His government has connected so many rural places with farm roads, almost all the homes with electricity and all places with mobile phone connection. He served the king, country and the people since the time of 3rd king and he is still the right man to lead us.

  108. Since PDP is drawing to its end, OL should be conferred the title of “ambasador of political failure”.

  109. PM JYT don’t deserve the proposed title because of the following reasons:
    1. Pedestrian Day and Chinese Bus Scam
    2. Trowa Land Scam
    3. Gyelposhing Land Scam
    4. Chang Ugyen Olakha Scam
    5. Education City Scam
    6. Nepotism
    7. Harassing civil servants, journalists, MPs and Ministers
    8. etc etc etc

  110. PM deserves the title for the following reasons.
    1. Resounding victory in the 2008 elections.
    2. Becoming the first PM in democratic Bhutan.
    3. Ensuring smooth transition into a democratic state.
    4. Successful marking of 5th king’s coronation and royal wedding.
    5. Raising Bhutan’s reputation in the world through GNH talks.
    6. Bringing Budha’s relics to our country for everyone’s blessings.
    7. Connecting the villages with farm roads.
    8. Connecting all households with electricity.
    9. Connecting all settlements with Mobile networks.
    10. Increasing the number of tourists.
    11. etc, etc, etc,

  111. should be life time GNH ambassador because no one else has been interested (leave alone able) to take HM’s command and work on GNH so dedicatedly and so successfully.

  112. Observer,

    You forgot about the successful SAARC Summit and its silver jubilee celebration. It was the first time ever held in Bhutan and was a grand success mena.

  113. You are right, Shatsa, and the list goes on. PM has been conferred the title of Druk Wangyel by the 5th king, leadership award from a renouned institute in Usa, and and the Kalinga institue is soo going to award another prestigious title. Under PM’s great leadership, Bhutan is likely to get a seat in the UN security council. So, I don’t think Bhutan can have a better PM than JYT at this point of time.

  114. Therefore whether the 33% of the Bhutanese population like the PM or not, there will not be another PM like JYT as His Majesty announced in one of the National Day celebrations that there will never be another King like the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. I think we are lucky to have the Kings and also JYT as the first democartically elected PM of Bhutan. He has made history and he will continue to make when we win a seat for the non-permanent member of the UNSC. Cheers to JYT

  115. PM don’t deserves the title for the following reasons.
    1. Resounding victory in the 2008 elections.-By fooling innocent people
    2. Becoming the first PM in democratic Bhutan-By dictating
    3. Ensuring smooth transition into a democratic state-By ordering people to walk
    4. Successful marking of 5th king’s coronation and royal wedding-Doing nothing concrete
    5. Raising Bhutan’s reputation in the world through GNH talks-By forgetting people at home
    6. Bringing Budha’s relics to our country for everyone’s blessings-By corruption and scamming
    7. Connecting the villages with farm roads-Forgetting needy and priority
    8. Connecting all households with electricity-By bluffing,it was already in pipe line before election
    9. Connecting all settlements with Mobile networks-By bluffing,it was already in pipe line before election
    10. Increasing the number of tourists-By taxing poor with colors
    11. etc, etc, etc,-By etc, etc, etc

  116. yangtsepa,

    Whats wrong with you, are you sick or what, bringing buddhas relics by corrupting and scamming.

  117. Yangtsepa, Remember the following:
    1. Actually, PDP was fooled by the people. Be prepared for another defeat.
    2. PM not only won in the first democratic elections, but he was also voted the highest in 1998 and 2003 cabinet elections. Bhutanese will not let him down in 2013 too.
    3. Having policy of a pedestrian day is not a dictator’s rule because majority of Bhutanese still walk.
    4. What concrete thing do you want other than the successful marking of 5th king’s coronation and royal wedding?
    5. Do you think all leaders forget the people at home while attending UN meetings?
    6. Where was the corruption and scaming while bringing Budha’s relics to our country for everyone’s blessings? Almost all Bhutanese were happy to be blessed.
    7. Connecting the villages with farm roads
    8. Connecting all households with electricity was already in pipe line before election, but the DPT government mobilised the funds from various sources.
    9. Connecting all settlements with Mobile networks was already in pipe line before election, but the government ensured enough funds through international donations.
    10. Increasing the number of tourists and boosting the economy. Taxes were imposed on rich people in order to help the poor.
    11. etc, etc, etc,-By etc, etc, etc

  118. antiSycophants says

    Bhutan is full of Sycophants that is for sure

  119. I wonder now what OL, NC and the rest feel about appointing PM as the international ambasador for GNH. I as a oncerned citizen feel that HM’s royal kasho on forming stirring committee for promoting GNH at the international level headed by our PM is a strong signal that PM deserves to be appointed as the international ambasador of GNH.

  120. Kalapather says

    Hello all of you including the Hon’ble OL.

    Our Kings have so much of faith and trust on our PM and he deserves to be appointed as the International Ambassador of GNH for life. So no more defamation on PM and his Govt.

  121. Potharey!! I agree with you. BBS broacasting the same thing,, time and again of PM’s speech 2nd April. I fail to understand the motive of the media. PM as choesung??? Are we becoming North Korea?
    I was a supporter of PM but now I disrespect him. OL educates the nation of the policies of the COnstitution. What happened in the past such as Gyelposhing land scam, Hejo, Drafam dzong etc is a thing of a past. What we must worry is present, as a government and OL?
    Every US trips, PM takes 6, 7 of his supporters and leaves behind in US to spread BHUTAN GNH? Dr Samdu Chhetri, founder of DPT is the director of NGO, GNH society in Bumthang. We, as the citizen of Bhutan, should hand over our land to our descendants as received from ancestors. Sad, that our first government DPT failed as an example to the nation and world but created precedence to the future governments, I do not claim that, had the OL’s party won, they would have been great, could have been more corrupted actually. Sad DPT with much opportunity in hand to show case themselves in the history failed. “Equity and Justice” failed at all angles.

  122. I would like to say thank you your Excellency OL for enlightening me (or us) on many subjects/topic that I (or we) as a Bhutanese has failed to see because till now many things have been done behind closed doors and information was not free in a free country. Hope you will continue to enlighten us on topics, matter and issues that will benefit our country in the long run and I wish you Luck and success for the next election.

  123. Let me declare onething. There is no person who can equal JYT in the history of Bhutan. Kwow that he has made the PM scale so high on the international political stage, nobody wants to contest the post.The OL has lost all hopes to be a PM so he leaves no stones unturned to smear the PM’s name or else he would save some name if he wins. Ask him about his hey days. He was a gangster within the wings of sons of big fishes in Thimphu. He was never born to be a leader. He was born to speak about others and to tread on well beaten paths. Not pave any.

  124. What worries me is that dirty politics has entered into Bhutanese democracy. No one would have talked about Gyelpozhing land, Trowa theatre, city bus scam if PM or his relatives were not involved or if PM did not join politics. This is nothing more than dirty politics copied from outside because none of the scams has been proven true so far. Can the dirty politicians win Bhutanese people’s hearts? I really doubt.

  125. The Seven Principles of Public Life

    Holders of public office should act solely in terms of the public interest.
    They should not do so in order to gain financial or other material benefits
    for themselves, their family, or their friends.

    Holders of public office should not place themselves under any financial or
    other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might seek to
    influence them in the performance of their official duties.

    In carrying out public business, including making public appointments,
    awarding contracts, or recommending individuals for rewards and benefits,
    holders of public office should make choices on merit.

    Holders of public office are accountable for their decisions and actions to
    the public and must submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is appropriate
    to their office.

    Holders of public office should be as open as possible about all the
    decisions and actions that they take. They should give reasons for their
    decisions and restrict information only when the wider public interest clearly

    Holders of public office have a duty to declare any private interests relating
    to their public duties and to take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a
    way that protects the public interest.

    Holders of public office should promote and support these principles by
    leadership and example.


  126. DPT Vs PDP says

    Straight faced lair!!! Is he the only competent man in Bhutan? If one of the Royal was conferred this title, I am sure all subjects will be happy. Please promote GNH in Bumthang, this will silently and cluelessly benefit you. You have acres and acres of land around GNH Bumthang.

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