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Many of our readers expressed concerns about the opposition being left out of the 5th annual meeting of the Dzongkhag Tshogdu and Gewog Tshogde Chairpersons that ended today. Some were obviously outraged. And a few suggested that the opposition organize a separate meeting with the gups.

I appreciate your concerns. And your advice. Thank you.

We’ve decided that organizing a separate meeting with the gups would not be proper. It would send the wrong message: that the annual meetings are organized only for the government. In fact, gups are apolitical. And they are important. So all relevant agencies should have access to them during the one time they congregate together. And I’m not just talking about access for the opposition party. I’m sure the National Council would find it useful. And NGOs. And the private sector, among others.

Organizing a separate meeting is also not possible. I’m already in my village, Dorikha in Haa! I arrived half an hour ago.

So, because I couldn’t meet them in Thimphu, the idea is to travel to the dzongkhags to meet them there. And I’ll telephone those who I can’t meet in person.

I view this as a good opportunity to interact with local governments at an even more personal level.


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  1. That way-traveling to every dzongkhags- you can gain some political mileage too. You are doing commendable job, though it is highly regretted that you were left out. Poor you. But, we appreciate your determination and willingness to travel. Great one indeed! Good luck!

  2. Anti - JYT says

    Sir, keep ur hope and a day will come for u to react la…

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