Parliament endorses LG bill

All 67 MPs present at the extraordinary sitting of the Parliament voted “yes” to unanimously pass the Local Government Bill.  The Bill had been narrowly rejected by the Parliament during its third session about six weeks ago.

The extraordinary sitting of the Parliament was commanded by His Majesty the King as a special case to reconsider the Local Government Bill, the enactment of which was necessary to hold local government elections and to properly implement the Tenth Five Year Plan.

In my statement, after the Parliament cleared the Local Government Bill , I requested the government to render full support to the Election Commission of Bhutan so that they can conduct the local government elections properly. I also reminded the government that, with the passage of the Local Government Bill, the implementation of the Tenth Five Year Plan activities should begin in earnest.

And I appealed to the government to work towards upgrading Class B Thromdes to Class A Thromdes as soon as possible. The LG Bill classifies dzongkhag thromdes according to population, size and economic activity. And according to the Bill, only Class A Thromdes will have thromde tshogdes. Class B Thromdes will not, and will, in essence, function just like yenlag thromdes. The Constitution requires each dzongkhag to have a dzongkhag thromde, each of which would have a thromde tshogde. The elected thrompoen is the executive head of the thromde tshogde.


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  1. Wang Dungyel says

    It is great; the much awaited LG bill is now passed. The democracy had reached even in the villages and all over the Kingdom. This process now completes His Majesty’s the fourth King’s introduction of the democratic government in the country.
    The parliamentarian in future should be little careful of their requirements and functions when debating national issue and national bill. It looks quite unnatural in passing the LG bill. The bill which was voted out by one vote in the last assembly got 100 % vote in favour this time. Any reason!!

    • well, lots of work by the committee which resulted in a bill that was agreeable to all, I would guess?

    • Ha ha ha,

      Reasons? Obvious.

      1. The Speaker and the NC chairman, it has been rumored, got a big firing from HM. They deserved.

      2. They negotiated, as it should be done, and came to a common ground. Well done.

  2. The MPs screwed up the last time. It was only after HM’s kasho (that strongly suggested the necessary steps and critiqued the parliament for failing to carry out its mandate)the MPs realized something was not right.

    But it’s good the LG bill has been passed (of course it has to be)and hope LG elections will soon be conducted by the ECB!

    Hope MPs would not make the same mistake next time around. Can’t be appealing the King to grant an “extraordinary” session again…just in case!

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