Open Letter to Chairpersons

Stand up, stand up!

Like last year, the opposition party was again left out of the annual conference for local government chairpersons.

It was important to meet them. And it would have been useful. But I couldn’t. So I’m sending them an open letter expressing my concerns over the CDG and the inclusion of party workers in the local development process.

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  1. UNACCEPTABLE. They ask the local leaders to get involved but leave the Opposition Leader out. Very bad. Are we becoming more communist now? People are skilfully fed one sided information, students are forced to study GNH curriculums in schools and, they are led to believe that that is the only option for the nation and that it is the best thing for the nation. Where is my country heading now, I am wondering, from monarchy to democracy to anarchy? I am worried. Real worried.

  2. mediawatch says

    Tangba, sometime i feel you are the alter ego of OL haha!!

  3. Mediawatch…and I still think you are either Tenzin Rigden himself or one of the dogs dependent on him!!.

  4. i don’t even have to read Tangba’s post as we all know what he is going to write!!!!…

  5. mediawatch says

    Go to hell Tangba! By making yourself too visible here in OL blog does not make you any popular. Anyways, we know some people want to bask in the glory of others! If I am a dog Tangba, you are my shit! haha! If you know how to badmouth, I know too. So let’s not get dirty and cheap!

    OL, I suggest you one thing: there are lot of discords between you and PM. How about if there is a debate between the PM and OL? The range of issues to be discussed are: CDG, state funding, Mckinsey, democracy…blah blah…

    BBS should broadcast the event nationwide! Let fight out – OL versus PM!!

  6. That confirms this “mediawatch” is really a DOG!!…don’t give a shit to him, OL. You know who he is.

  7. I agree with Mediawatch – this (pseudo)Tangba is no one but a hardcore PDP and blind supporter of OL. He is definitely not from Tang and not the PDP candidate from there either, who every one knows, is a true gentleman. From the way he spells his nick as Tang(ba)instead of Tang(pa)as we do, I doubt whether he is even Bhutanese.
    On the issues raised by OL, I also agree with Mediawatch – let the PM and OL have it out in a live debate.

  8. Yeah! Why not a debate on those issues.That should be quite interesting. It will also give the much needed opportunity to OL to express his view point. At least the nation can witness the true worth of our two leaders.

  9. Pema Tenzin says

    I am for it, Tangba. I also feel mediawatch is Tenzin rigden himself, the opportunist who has sold his soul to the devil himself.

  10. Yes Orphan, you are right. These two leaders, PM and OL, must debate and prove it to the people who has better credibility, wisdom and principles of the various decisions, plans and policies implemented by the government. However, I personally think that will be like asking the Puna Tsang Chu to flow upwards towards China. Impossible. JYT is trying every way to avoid such encounters with the OL. It is so obvious why OL is left out from such important meetings as this annual conference for local government chairpersons. Forget about letting OL criticize him, JYT can’t even tolerate OL to share his vision and ideas. That will definitely challenge his ideas and undermine the “Thinley” principles underlying all the development activities in our country today. JYT can not tolerate that. Never. People are told to think and do what JYT thinks is right. People are not given any options to think otherwise, let alone discuss it. This is so pathetic of our PM and so very unfortunate for the nation.

  11. mediawatch says

    You guys can take me for any one. I could be PM himself huh! Tangba, if i am a dog, you know what you are. You are my SHIT! haha!

    OL is using this forum as a way to protest government decisions and bringing out issues at the front for public review. It offers a platform for people to vent their opinions.

    The idea of meeting head on with each other is interesting. Two seasoned politicians – debating on national issues, constitutional issues…That would be a real treat to democracy!


  12. Tenzin Rigden (aka MediaWatch): As you have the confidence and the ears of the PM, you can make this happen.

    Please talk to the PM and the BBS.

  13. Mediawatch,
    Just remember onething-there is a Greek proverb which says,”Grey hair is a sign of age,not of wisdom.I liked your idea of proposing such a debate between OL and PM,which will be no doubt good for democracy in our country. What I did not like is the undertone of sarcasm in your comment.You somehow think that PM will crush OL on such debate,but I don’t think so,I think just the opposite will happen. But anyway, I don’t think PM will ever agree to such debate. You may underestimate OL,but I’ll bet my head on it,PM certainly dosn’t. He knows somebody’s butt will be kicked,and he knows whose. Sorry for my rusty english,afterll, I’m not not a PO of some PM’s.LOL

  14. Pema wangchuk says

    Yes, I would like to see OL and PM debate on issues affecting our country, CDG, live BBS ban from Assembly hall, state funding for political parties, PM thinking there is no conflict of interest when his MPs and ministers are engaging in higing of heavy machines at Puna tshangchu projects, PM thinking it is ok for his son and nephew to be involved in mega project of education city, PM thinking there is ok for him to promote his daughters’ business while on foreign tour on government expenses, PM thinking there is opposition has no role in the government, PM thinking it is ok for his sister-in-law to be the one of the 3 main liaisons between the goverment and three main contractors at Punatshangchu, and so on.

    Let us not underestimate PM and his talking abilities but OL is not bad either. If mediawatch is tenzin rigden, he can do arrange this debate for all to see. Can tenzin rigden convience PM to debate OL without asking him to bow down and be subservient?

  15. Whatever, the letter made me read few pages of dzongkha in a long time. Ahhhhhhh.. it is such a relief.. Its an awesome letter. But sometimes the tone was not too friendly..

  16. Dear Tangba and Mediawatch,

    Both of you have provided a lot of useful comments and valuable food for thought. And the discussions on this blog are richer because of people like you.

    Please don’t ruin it–don’t resort to personal attacks, mudslinging and foul language. You don’t need to…both of you are good enough!

    Now where were we? Ah, the BBS debate! Hmmmmm…a very good idea. And, it should not be just between the PM and OL. The government should be willing to stand up to scrutiny and justify policy publicly…as often as is required.


  17. I strongly support the participation of OL and his party in last annual GUPS conference. i as a citizen of this great nation i could not understand Why DPT has left out one of the important political figure from such a important meeting. I think we need to think a lot…..

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