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During a recent meeting with gups, the PM reminded the local government leaders that, “The constituency development grant of Nu 2M … was not fully used in most gewogs”. And he advised them to put the CDG “… to use to benefit the poor and contribute towards alleviating poverty.”

The PM makes it sound like local governments have full authority over CDG. They don’t.

Firstly, local governments cannot decide how to use the CDG. They can only submit project proposals. The proposals must ultimately be approved by their MPs. And the ministry of finance can release CDG funds to gewogs only at the instructions of MPs.

And secondly, CDGs are earmarked for National Assembly constituencies. Each constituency is made up of a group of gewogs. Most gups have no idea how the CDG will divided, and how much their respective gewogs will receive. That decision seems to lie exclusively with the MP.

The government should be concerned that most gewogs have not used CDG fully. If that concern is genuine, the government should hand over full and complete authority of the CDG to local governments. There’s really no need to involve MPs.

Otherwise, and in spite of what the PM has said, most gewogs will still not be able to make full use of the CDG. In which case, something else should concern the PM: that his MPs may purposely delay use of CDG till 2012 in order to extract maximum political mileage. The next general elections, after all, is in 2013.

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  1. What is the status of CDG usage for your constituency? Or you did not take it in protest…If it is unconstitutional, then one should not take it!!…Hope you did not take it.

  2. cdg has been established with ulterior is used by mps for selfish purposes at national expense, i.e to garner & retain support for the mps through use of public monies..
    but then again, this is the hypocrisy that exists in bhutan..from the pm telling gups they have been elected to “serve” & that they cannot do as they please ( talk about double standards) to the gups, where the 1st request they made was for govt funds to celebrate their elections!
    all this talk by pm, ministers, mps, gups & civil servants about serving the king, country & people is entirely different from what they actually practice day to day..they are all there for their selfish & vested interests, with utter disregard for the mostly common & naive public..

  3. This is what is called politics by Laloo Prasad Yadav a long standing popular/unpopular figure in Bihar politics and the Railway Union Minister under the earlier UPA Govt of India. In his second term campaign for the Chief Ministership of Bihar State, Laloo open said that he had enough share of his own in his first term. In the second term he has only to concentrate on the welfare of the people. He further qualified that anyone elected new will have to first make it for himself, wherein another five years will be gone for no welfare of the people. People trusted Lalooji and again voted for him. He got charged for corruption in the mid-way of his second term. When he was sent to jail, he appointed his wife as the Chief Minister In-charge and said “the beauti of Politics is that you can say something that will please the public and do something that will please yourself”.

    If our OL is meaning that our PM is following the theory of Lalooji, the OL himself is not very far behind. OL smartly tries to eye wash the Bhutanese by opposing to whatever DPT does, for the sake of opposing.

    If the CDG scenario at all is how OL explains, why does OL accept the CDG. Did OL give full authority to the LGs of his constituency of CDG disbursements? If the diamond is kept on the table, it will definitely sparkle. CDG is well said unconstitutional by the OL and the NC. Yet, OL refrained from taking DPT government to the Court….why?

  4. CDG is just a scam bulldozed by the DPT MP’s with the hope of making a political harvest during the next elections. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. guardian says

    As long as the CDG is used properly and is not pocketed, I don’t see anything wrong with it. As of now, I have not heard of any misuse of the CGD so it must be good for our rural folk. And mind you, if there is any corruption in how the CDG is being used, you bet that you will hear about it. Even when some candidate entertains some of his friends etc with a bottle of beer, it is breaking news and they are taken to court.

  6. I fully Agree with Topden. It is a fact and every one knows very well.

    PM’s speech to Gup’s was real hypocrisy. In fact PM himself should practice before making speech to the gups or other officials. “…….people have given responsibility…….not the power….”. Is this what our goverment is doing! Forget it, once they got electected they even forgot what they said during the campaigns.

    Few people even lost their lives to elect them as dasho’s, do they think of all that?
    In other words, It is like electing some one to torture you, when your in need of them.

    ‘ The Bees which got honey on their mouth has got sting too’.

  7. CDG has been failure in some countries and success in some…Again whether it is unconstitutional or not is individual’s interpretation and only supreme court has final say over this issue.

    Instead of blaming it just because one doesn’t agree with it, one should substantiate where it is going wrong…it has been implemented for last 3 years and it won’t be difficult to pinpoint if it is going wrong…Let us not just oppose for the sake of opposing!

  8. The CDG share given to my village community has not been used effectively. Here I do not blame the MP because he has granted the CDG share of the Geog in full to the Geog Administration. My doubt here is the mismanagement between the Gup and the Contractor (who is from our village only). The fund was given for stone soling of the community access road and the workdone is not properly done and left incomplete. Complain has been lodged to the Gup and the MP himself by the community Tshokpa. There was no response action. Only here my doubt on the MP arised for why he is not adequately monitoring the CDG output. Probably, because of this mistrust, the incumbent Gup could not even have the guts to participate in the recent LG election. He knew he has lost the trust of the biggest village in the Geog.

  9. What is sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander and therefore, a bunch of urban morons have neither the moral authority nor the ethical responsibility to assume and speak on behalf of the rural populace.

    If CDG has brought benefit to the rural populace (where it is implemented) how does it matter to you whether it is constitutional or not. The question of CDG accruing political mileage to the incumbent MPs in 2013 elections is pure speculative and myopic perspective born out of one’s desire to see the incumbent MPs fail.

    If CDG is a ploy to gain political mileage in the next election, then the implementation of the 10th Plan activities might as well be construed as seeking votes in the subsequent election. If that is the logic, then the government should remain idle, not do anything, because any action of the government that brings benefit to the people could be construed as political maneuvering! Farcical!!!

    The verdict of the people is crystal clear. Last year, all Dzongkhag Tshogdus submitted positive reports on CDG and asked for additional funding under the scheme, which clearly indicates that it is successfully implemented.

    Let us not make ado about nothing.

  10. Of course rural people are going to give positive feedback to CDG, because they are getting something, if someone gives me money, I will be happy too, and we are not saying that money should not be give to rural population, we are just saying to do it through proper means. Do it through local government which is apolitical instead of through MPs.

  11. Dorji, you think you have the moral authority? That’s the problem with people like dorji who think that they have the moral authority and no one else.
    For your information the 10th FYP programs are not approved, nor are the funds disbursed, by individual MP’s for their respective constituencies. Get your facts straight.
    No one here mentioned that the 10th FYP was being implemented to seek votes. No one has, or will, ever misconstrue that. What a farce! Its people like you who make up things to suit yourselves even at the cost of the truth.

  12. Hon`ble OL

    Whats is your stand and comments on UN adopting HAPPINESS unanimously as the ninth MDG on the proposal put up by Hon`ble PM of a tiny country. Bhutan has done great and open doors itself deeper, heavier and longer to the world no matter how small it is by size.

    Happiness, for every home at every individual in small and the happiness as guiding the philosophy of every development was first founded by K4 since early 1970s. Such was further propagated by GNH practitioner like our PM. Am not DPT supporter by the way and infact i didnt for any of these parties.

    Here, am pretty sure Hon`ble OL will have something to share. In his record of being a OL, he had not let anything good and bad go unopposed… this ridiculous in our context. Sorry if i went lil harsh which i dont actually mean.
    itself further to th world

  13. There was an imbalanced distribution of gewogs gups in the districts in proportion to their size and population. For example according to electorate statistics of 2008 Wangdue Phodrang in the west with an electorate population of 14 807 has been delimited for 15 gups gewogs while Samtse in the south with an electorate population of 34 958 also has 15 gups gewogs. We are apprehensive that development activities in larger districts could be handicapped if funds are allocated to districts based merely on the number of gewogs under it.

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