Good governance

The Thimphu Thrompon recently ignored the “attic rule” by allowing the attics on 31 buildings to be replaced by an additional floor each. The government, which had earlier not responded to the Thrompon’s proposal to nullify the rule, reacted by quickly approving the proposal last Friday.

On Monday, members of Dagana’s Dzongkhag Tshogdu, led by their Chairman, reported to the Home Ministry to complain that their dzongkhag didn’t have a fulltime dzongdag, a dzongrab and several sector heads. They had traveled to Thimphu to request the government to appoint fulltime staff to these important positions.

What’s the connection between these two seemingly unrelated events? They show that our local governments have come of age. What’s obvious is that the newly elected local governments are taking their responsibilities seriously. But what’s not so obvious, and yet is very significant, is that they won’t hesitate to demand that the central government also fulfill their responsibilities.

Now that’s good for our democracy. And very good for our people.


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  1. The Irony is I have seen many of the buildings belonging to those who instituted the “attic Rule” with attics and that only got me smiling…….
    Unless those who frame rules lead by example how will the general public respect it…be it attic rule..or any other rule. At least Thrompon seems to be making it a fair deal for everyone including the general public

  2. pem tshering says

    Hail to the “attic rule” and our policy makers. Bhutan being in the earthquake prone zone must be allowe dto build as many high buildings as possible so that when there is an earthquake in future, it could automatically control our population at once. It is a good policy as the control would be done by the mother earth. Let’s just wait for all the new constructions to be completed only to be followed by a major earth quake.

  3. …and what is not good and unwelcoming is the point that the local leaders were actually requesting for the incumbent Dzongdag who was terminated after proving guilty of certain misconduct to be reinstated.

    Isn’t that compassion or rationality a bit misplaced?

  4. Haha, the Dagana dzongda has been let off with a soft pat on his back for misusing his authority for the last so many years. Rewind to 4 years back when many employees of RICB lost their jobs for claiming inflated bills, some as little as Nu.500/-.

    What this tells us is that our system sucks big time!

  5. What is good governance? Is it like the Government that is today run by DPT. All influential government employees who have rendered them support are today promoted to the best of the posts. Dasho Tasho Phuntsho, becoming Cabinet Secretary, Sangay Tenzin, PM’s maroo becoming secretary in MoWHS, Karma Tshering becoming Director, Law & Order, Chief Justice coming back after retirement, all these didn’t deserve. There are 100 and more better, efficient and intelligent officers than these people. What are some of their achievements that has brought them to this posts.Lets forget that……
    Is the PM, by the constitution granted housemaids to attend to his mother and household chores..why are medical sisters posted to his house in Mendaygang to look after his mother…even the Royal Queen Mothers don’t use these services. Is this the grease applied by Hon’ble Health Minister to retain his Minister’s chair…

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