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"Boys, keep your earplugs secured"

I quite enjoyed Kuensel’s cartoon yesterday. Wangchuk, the artist, drew our eleven cabinet ministers huddled together, all of them smug and happy, and each clutching his Nu 2 million Constituency Development Grant.

The caricatures are so accurate that all eleven ministers are immediately recognizable, even at a first quick glance. And readers are already talking about which minister is most faithfully represented in the cartoon. In my opinion, almost all the ministers are drawn well. But five are simply outstanding. They are Lyonpo Nandalal, Lyonpo Minjur, Lyonpo Thakur Singh, and Lyonpo Ugyen Tshering. Yes, even Lyonpo Ugyen Tshering though only half his head is visible.

At the upper-right corner of the cartoon is a single man, clad in orange, and wearing a look that appears to be a cross between disgust and hopelessness. He, I think, is meant to be the NC Chairman.

And at the lower-right corner is a wild man yelling “Unfair! Unconstitutional!” to the ministers. But his raving and ranting is lost to the ministers, because all of them sport ear muffs. This crazy man is meant to be me. But most people I’ve spoken with say that, unlike the ministers, I’m not readily recognizable. Even I agree!

I’m surprised that Wangchuk didn’t come up with a funnier me. I thought that my oversized head, short hair, generous forehead, distinct cheekbones, chinky eyes, horn rimmed spectacles and massive jaws would make for easy caricature.

But, all in all, I really liked Wangchuk’s cartoon. He’s good. And here’s something I heard from his cousin today: Wangchuk was given only two hours to come up with the cartoon. Not bad.


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  1. The cartoon was really amazing and I really appreciate the work of the artist. Actually, I was laughing when I saw it today in my office and had to explain what I could depict from the image to my colleagues. Everybody laughed and appreciated the whole character of the caricature (meaning, distinctness, etc.). Today, when I saw the better explanatin given my our Excellency OL, I had to once more laugh specially because I failed to capture the 2 million CDG that the ministers were holding in their hands. I also failed to recognize the NC chairman even though I could make out OL from the message of the caricature.

    We would like to see more of such cartoons to make us feel good especially when we are far away from family and the country.

    It is a great work, please keep up.

  2. pingpong says

    wow….good job Wangchuk! He’s art/carton has gotten lot to convey after all. I too enjoyed a lot trying to point who is who. LOL. The BO’s Chimi is also equally good artist in fact. To be short, I just love their drawings.

  3. I can do a pretty faithful cartoon of you la…:)
    And you are right, Yours was the only one which was hard to identify. Maybe Wangchuk did u last……two hours is short time!

  4. cartoons… that’s interesting and i guess..it also means that our media is becoming creative and progresive, if that’s the word….
    I am at the same time also wondering if that’s a borrowed culture and would have any negative affects. I was taking this class very recently about communications and how pictures can tell stories…. but often … the message gets distorted or rather misunderstood because of the pictures. in the above cartoon for example, the CDG grant as i read it has been approved at the national Assembly.. and there are more members than the 11 Minsiters.
    it might be a great art but it might not always tell the right story….. i agree with the concern but not with how it is being presented to the gemeral public…..

  5. the caricatures are priceless! probably they convey at one glance the crux of the whole issue than pages of texts do sometimes.
    having said that, Bhutan Observer’s concepts behind the caricatures like the one in today’s issue is bordering on the spiteful, personal and the vindictive.

    NB to Newspaper Cartoonists/Conceptualisers:

    Please keep the issues, the larger broader deeper issues in mind when doing this wonderful pictorial/caricatural/satirical take.

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