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14 different prizes were up for grabs during yesterday’s First Annual Media Awards. Of them, I was especially interested in seeing who would bag the prize for the best editorial of the year. Editorials, after all, are important: they express a newspaper’s stand or opinion on issues. And editorials are powerful: many readers, especially in rural Bhutan, accept, without any questions, the opinions expressed in the editorials as the truth.

So who was awarded the prize? The prize was awarded to not one, not two, but three journalists representing the three main newspapers in our country – Kuensel, Bhutan Observer and Bhutan Times.

What does this mean? That the editorials, one from each of our three leading papers, were equally good. Or that the editorials, one from each of our three leading papers, were equally bad. Or that the judges, appointed by and paid for by the government, were guided by considerations other than quality of the editorial.


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  1. Ha ha ha. I like this entry, Lyonpo La. now finding out what the real case was would be a real ‘investigative’ report. Still got to read those prize winning editorials, by the way.
    Oh, and about the government organising the awards, i think it would be prestigious enough, with members of the Jury being journalists. In fact i hear one of the jury members won an award too….:)

  2. Hannah Gurung says

    “The prize was awarded to not one, not two, but three journalists representing the three main newspapers in our country – Kuensel, Bhutan Observer and Bhutan Times.”

    Lyonpo, in this statement of yours, you have completely discarded BHUTAN TODAY!

    Not only you, but the country as a whole should respect the fact that BHUTAN TODAY dared to make a history by being the first to start a daily paper in the country, something that no one even dreamed of before us.

    I am particularly hurt by your statement,”three main newspapers in our country – Kuensel, Bhutan Observer and Bhutan Times”.

    Do you know what this shows? It shows how BHUTAN TODAY is overlooked by people right from the top to bottom.

    Of course, this is not anybody’s fault but our own. We never accomplished in the first place to make the first impression. With so many grammatical errors and with the not so great quality of paper, every one thought and still thinks that we are no good. But, what more can you expect from a bunch of rookie reporters who are just 4 months old in this field as compared to those who are already well established?????

    Just a message to those people including yourself Lyonpo, go through our paper starting from the past 2-3 weeks, not in terms of the whiteness or the paper quality, but in terms of the kind of stories we have been publishing. You will be surprised!!!!!!

    You will all realise the fact that no one is perfect and that everything improves with time. In fact, of late, our stories are way better than the other new 6-day paper(I will not call it daily on this ground). But, alas,no matter what, the whiteness of the paper is what our Bhutanese long for. They don’t bother about what’s written on it, they just want it white!!!!!!!!!

    • Dear Hannah,

      I’m sorry I offended you.

      Yes, our country has four newspapers. But, I’m afraid, I still maintain that Kuensel, BT and BO are the three main newspapers … that is, if I had to select “three main papers”.

      But that doesn’t mean that you, at Bhutan Today aren’t working hard. Or that your paper isn’t improving rapidly. Nor does that mean that Bhutan Today is necessarily very far behind the pack.

      Bhutan Today was launched on 31 October last year. And in six months I think you’ve done a wonderful job. Especially considering that you were the first paper to go daily…although you had a skeletal staff.

      With your sense of commitment and purpose, I know that your paper will continue to improve–in quality and circulation. But for now, I would rank Bhutan Today fourth out of the four news papers.

    • currupfree says

      Dear Hannah when the Bhutan today started to circulate the paper it was horrible to see the quality of papers.Bhutan today being the new media I was very enthusiast to have different taste of the new and stories and I was cheated by the both the quality paper as well as content of the paper.

  3. Anonymous says

    I like the comment by Hannah Gurung.
    Honb’le OL, Please defend, explain or apologize. We are waiting to see.!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    Miss Hannah Gurung,

    Bhutan Today did not make any history. If you mean making history is by being the first daily newspaper in the country, then I am sorry it was only an attempt.

    But a bad attempt!

    I am sure Lyonpo had all the reasons to discard Bhutan Today. Name one memorable story Bhutan Today has done.

    I am sure it will take a while to recollect, right?

    I can spend a whole day trying to get the name of one memorable story Bhutan Today has done, may be two days or maybe even a week. But I am sure I will not be able to come up with a name.

    So, Miss Gurung, I suggest you keep your opinions for next year. Try a lot harder and if Bhutan Today still doesnt get nominated ( winning is still out of the question) then I shall write something in your favour.

    Good day.

  5. Dark BHUTAN TODAY was barred,
    Its grey m/editor wasn't an exception.
    But I read B-Today & each time it has got something better to say, the editorials are fantastic..
    In general, this year's media award could not do a justice at its best.
    But still btoday, kuzoo etc should walk their work, You are rewarded with creadibility, even if not with trophies. Trophies are available in the market, but where in the world is creadibility available for sale?

  6. Go and ask the Swedish Academy of Science why they are not awarding the Nobel prize to just one person. Go and ask yourself why you had two VPs in your party. Did I hear you even suggesting that may be the prizes are being awarded to all three for being equally bad? Perhaps I could use the words of Oliver Cromwell, “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.”

  7. Dear anon 11.33 am.
    I hate getting into pointless arguments, and i have no bone to pick with ol, bcoz i am sure OL was not disregarding our paper.
    But sheesh, i cant help myself.
    I have worked in Bhutan today ever since it started. We are severely shortstaffed, we are the first daily, and it was all trial and error. We made mistakes. we didnt advertise enough, we did not use good quality paper (which is bad for the environment) coz we are a daily, and we didnt even let people know this. If we could do things over, we would surely add these things, we’d learn from mistakes.
    We are a daily. You cant possibly remember every story we did.
    You havent read every story we wrote.
    We work hard. We run against time, daily, to get a piece of news, we made a lot of mistakes, but we are getting better and better.
    I am proud of the work i have doner, of Hannah has done, of KB lama, our editor and one of the oldest journalists in Bhutan has done, Of the work that all the reporters, old and new have done.
    reporting is like going to school again, because you cant write about something you dont know, you must learn all you can. We are giving in stories everyday, meaning that we are learning fast every day. And i am proud of every single thing we have done. I do not beleive that any staff in Bhutan Today is any less than other papers in our country or anywhere else.
    People who criticise us openly are welcome and even appreciated. People who hide behind “MR anonymous”…well, cant help but think u have a grude against us.

  8. Anonymous says

    Dear anonymous,
    Name one memorable copy of Bhutan Today you read. You are missingthe fine print in the whiteness of the paper. I don’t blame you. All Bhutanese go by what is flashy.
    Read, Read and read, man/woman, and know where you live. By the way English is not our language.
    Don’t live in a glass house in New YOrk and pass your comments.

  9. Hannah Gurung says

    Dear anonymous,

    Thank you so much for your honest comments. These are the kind of things that will motivate us to do better each day.

    I am not going to say anything to justify ourselves for whatever you have written because we don’t give shit to people who are scared to even reveal their identity when writing something negative about someone or something.

    In fact, just like someone said here, “Don’t live in a glass house in New York and pass your comments,” I would say, come back to where you belong and share ema datshi and get the real taste of the Bhutanese earth!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says

    Miss Gurung and Miss Dipika or Deepika,

    You call yourselves journalists? Get your sentence structured first of all and chek your gramatical mistakes. Not to forget you spellings too.

    Since I am not a journalist and not even someone who works for a media house, I wouldnt know how things work in your newsroom. But I cant be bothered.

    I am just a reader.

    If you have the freedom to write anything (a majority of which is all bull shit) then I as a reader have the freedom to express what I feel too.

    Your paper ( kudos for using an environment friendly paper, but I suggest you do some investigative reporting and ask your MD Tenzin Dorji if it is really for the good of the environment or because he is too stingy to buy better quality paper) is not even worth 5 bucks.

    Its not just about the paper quality but what is written on the paper by the reporters in Bhutan Today are bad in quality, even more worse then the paper quality to be frank.

    Be open to critisms, you are going to get it a lot on your way up.

    Instead of taking it positively, like any other senseless journalists in Bhutan you guys have to get defensive.

    “Take critisms as a stepping stone to prove that you all can do better.”

    Instead of whinning like an old dog!

    Good day my ladies!

  11. Phuntsho says

    Food for thought for Hannah Gurung and others from Bhutan today:

    No. Never this time for Bhutan today.

    You are too poor in quality to be even nominated for an award.

    You have just begun…You have long way to come.

    If I were given one chance to vote, I would have voted one big “NO” to Bhutan today based on its coverage of blessings conferred by His Eminence Namkhai Ningpo Rimpoche in Bumthang.

    The reporter appeared half-baked. The report, in my opinion, would have looked better and sound more respectful if that reporter said “Namkhai Ningpo Rimpoche” than saying “Lam Namkhai Ningpo” over and over again.

    Now, what is Lam? Lama is an English word. While it may be pronounced Lam in Dzongkha, i thought report should be proper and complete in the sense that it should be written in correct English.

    This is a minute mistake but it has its tolls.

    Food for thought for Bhutan today team!

  12. Kikisoso says

    I think all these awards are a very convinent and cheap way to make quick money. Why were they no quotations on organising the event???, I heard the budget was sizable. The “usual suspects”… some Dashos, you know whos (just check their freign trip list when they were in certain organizations) , are trying to take us all for a ride for the longest time …. Wake up donkeys!!!! and Wake up ACC …. for the sham of the event called the Media Awards, who profited the most, please get them out into the open please!!!!

  13. dear 10 20 anon on may six, yeah the name is Dipika…
    we know all about the grammatical errors. Thanks. About the paper quality, i dont have to ask Tenzin, ill tell u. I wrote that the paper we use is environment friendly. I didnt write that that is the only reason why we use it. please refer back. I wrote because we are a daily. Its too expensive for us to use good paper, and we all agreed that the good paper is also pointless in a daily because after all papers are meant for reading. In this situtation, i think the reader’s attitude better change, becasue the shiny paper is too expensive and bad for the environment, so it really makes no sense.
    As for the mistakes and the quality of stories, let me reapet that we are proud of what we have done. We alone know how hard it was. But then again, saying that “we worked hard, go to hell if u don’t like our paper’, is not really my style.
    Working hard is no excuse or answer or justification. We are working about the mistakes. I hope you notice fewer mistakes now.
    What prompted me to answer back to the previous comment was that we havent run any good story. which is not true. Each and every issue of a daily can not be memorable. But i know of good stories all of us here have written. If you want to see them, pop into the office any old time and ill be too glad to show you some stories we think are good.
    I was letting people know a little bit about how the situation is for Today reporters. Not making excuses. I said that i have no bone to pick with OL, what peper he likes is his personal opinion.
    But anonymous commentors are always a no no.
    Anyway, we always appreciate feedback. A lot of people come and raise various issues, like Phuntsho above. Many of them are things we have overlooked. This is not the best place to recieve feedback about Bhutan Today either. feedback is welcome addressed to the editor, Bhutan Today,
    Po Box 1532, phenday lam, or, or at the forum in
    You can also write to me at

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