New TV centre

An anchor

An anchor

In 1973 the National Youth Association of Bhutan, consisting of fifty to sixty young women and men, decided that Thimphu needed a radio station. So they asked if they could use the government’s radio transmitter on Sundays when the wireless station in Taba normally closed and freed up a 400-watt transmitter. The Royal Government obliged. And Radio NYAB, which later became BBS, was born.

Today, 35 years later, HRH Ashi Chimi Yangzom Wangchuck inaugurated BBS’s new TV Centre. The Centre, financed by GOI, cost Nu 200 million and is fitted with state-of-the-art broadcast equipment. This will allow BBS to play an even more meaningful role in democratic Bhutan.

Dasho Paljor J. Dorji, i.e., Dasho Benji, one of the founding members of NYAB, attended today’s ceremony. He was very active and still youthful. And he seemed quite pleased at the outcome of NYAB’s initiative.


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  1. Sorry not to be there and to see this exciting development in Bhutanese media history!

    Thanks for posting.

  2. How exactly is TV Center going to “to play even more meaningful role” in democracy? Obviously, TV Center could promote eye entertainment. But I don’t see the relationship between TV Center and Democracy. If open public debate is not encourage, if tranparency is hijacked, if constitutional rights are not respected, if arbitrary arrested are common and if government is placed at higher level than people then democracy will only remain in paper.

  3. Concerned says

    No matter what the infrastructure hold – I fail to see the improvement in the development of the people in BBS. I watched the show yesterday of teh celebration. The staffs danced well and was entertaining. However, I watched the interview of the Philllipin Senator by a reporter. He looked so dead and tired or timid in front of the Senator. Where have all the livelines gone. Can’t you do better. Where is Tshewang Dhendup who used to do a good job with great enthusiasm.

    Time to buck up folks or get new and better people to report.

    Just a constructive criticism or get Lyonpo Penjorla there to do this on a voluntary basis and others can learn from his enthusiasm.

  4. Sudipto Roy says

    I recently went to holiday in Bhutan after 20 years and saw young Bhutanese children watching silly Hindi serials on Indian entertainment channels. It was shocking, to say the least.
    If Bhutan wants to retain its cultural identity and social harmony you should have your own entertainment channels. Sooner the better.
    And to answer Wai’s question – the fact that you can voice your concern today in such a forum is proof that democracy has started taking the right steps in the right direction in Bhutan. Give it some time.

  5. PDP information needed on Wikipedia..something for your assistants.

  6. As Honourable OL aptly mentioned,Media does have a very critical role to play at leastin the context of a true democracy.

    Media can educate the people, at the same time, it can mislead them. Media can inform the people, at the same time it can misinfrom them.Therefore, it is left to all of us to build morally responsible media groups. I mean we can support them in many ways; we can feed them critical issues, we can correct them if they provide incorrect information, we can participate in their panel discussions not with the pseudo names,we can write socially beneficial stories in their columns and many more. Perhaps, most significantly we can appreciate them for what they are doing at the moment.

    In fact, our medias (both print and BBS)are trying their best to keep the public informed. It is through them that the public can keep the goverment on its toes.

  7. Dasho Penjor la,

    You are the best! Keep up the great work!

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