Not much to cover

I have no problem that Bhutan Times featured me on its front page today. Frankly, I’m flattered.

But everybody else should have a problem with that. The article is definitely not front page news. While some readers may find the opposition leader’s New Year resolutions interesting, they are of no national significance. Not the stuff that serious news papers would consider front page material.

However, the deed, so to speak, has been done. So let’s have some fun.

First, the photograph. I’ll buy lunch for the person who can tell me where it was taken. For obvious reasons, I can’t allow the photographer, my friend Colin, to participate.

Second, the trek. Visiting my constituency involves walking. A lot of walking, as two of the three gewogs have no roads at all. And for the purposes of my New Year resolutions, visits to my constituency won’t qualify as treks – they are way too difficult to be considered that. So if you are interested, really interested, in walking, and walking with me, contact me. You’ll get to visit the house featured in “What’s decentralized?”

As for the trek, I still say “Will I ever be able to do the Snowman?”


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  1. A classic example of a “worthless newspaper” covering a “worthless person”.

  2. gee! that is one nasty article BT has done. I feel sad and appalled by it. I think our media should stop bringing people down. Our media don’t realize that they could do so much by focusing on the things that really matters.

  3. anonymous1–> if you don't have anything nice or closely smart to say, just keep the nasty things to yourself.
    you shouldn't even be here if you believe what you say.

  4. Gantey Palace Hotel, Paro.

  5. namgay tashi says

    Hon’ble Lyonpo,

    The picture show cased on the front page of Bhutan Times under artical ‘Seven Massive resolution’ is taken at Gaychukha under Bji geog in Haa Dzongkhag.

  6. Well, I applaud Bhutan Times coming out with such articles – all intended on a lighter note. WHY NOT- ITS ALL GOOD. We readers dont want to focus on serious matters all the time.

    The next article should be on the PM or some other ministers. We want to be informed of their resolutions too…WHY NOT…we have elected them.. we have the right to know and the right to be informed.

  7. Tshering Tobgay says

    Namgay Tashi wins lunch. Please email me. The picture was indeed in Gaychukha under Bji geog in Haa Dzongkhag. Well done.

    Phub: You got the dzongkhag. Sorry I don’t have a second prize.

    Go: not a bad guess.

    Thanks to all (Phub posted his guess under “comment on comments”)

  8. honourable,
    Thanks for your appreciation on my guess….. but i am sorry as i missed the chance to have a gift of lunch from your honourable….
    Well, i am sure to answer your next question la

  9. I knew the answer…but I just happened to read this blog right now

  10. so fast. I was trying to guess the place of the picture taken and some one already took the prize away.huh….never mind….dear lyonpo please announce such contest next time too…..haven’t had lunch with you for a long time now…he he but i likes your resolutions captain..

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