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Business Bhutan, in their last editorial:

“A country like Bhutan would be happy to be adopted by Tata,” a press release from the government’s media cell quoted the prime minister as saying. Writing about that in his blog and opening up another debate the opposition leader took a dig at the media too.

“And to make certain that Ratan Tata did not miss the Government’s invitation for adoption, all our major newspapers – Kuensel and Bhutan Today and Bhutan Observer and Bhutan Times and Business Bhutan – carried the PM’s tempting offer, word for word,” he wrote.

I did, indeed, take a dig. But, it was not aimed at the media. Instead, it was directed at the prime minister’s office, and, in particular, the ability of an influential press officer to control the media.


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  1. Now I feel like “vibrant media gift” was a gift of our King to the Prime Minister!!!

  2. Just something off-topic. I have noticed that kuenselonline hasn’t updated their site for a while now. I read that it is because they are on losar vacation. That is ridiculous.
    How can media be on break? Media, hospital, transportation, and hotels can never afford to be on break for more than one day.
    Does news wait for more than 7 days so they can enjoy losar. I can understand one day break, but break like kuensel took is unacceptable.

  3. It is ridiculous to read that Bhutan could be adopted by some company like TATA…..instead Bhutan could adopt TATA as and competent investor in the country.
    Bhutan is not just PM or DPT but the whole population

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