Lottery scam

An excellent piece of investigative journalism, about Bhutan’s role in the Indian lottery scam, by Business Bhutan’s Tenzing Lamsang, that screams for answers.


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  1. media detective says

    Whenever such scams are on the verge of being unraveled ‘threats’ and ’emotional blackmailing’ are two things the journalist or the media company has to experience. I wonder if Tenzing Lamsang or Business Bhutan has already been contacted by the concerned people.

    Looking at the amount that is involved the scam must involve a lot of people in a chain, and probably to some people very powerful who could flex their muscle and stop the investigation or find a scapegoat to take the blame.

    I feel the Managing Director of Bhutan Lottery, whether guilty or innocent, is the perfect scapegoat in this situation. The media and ACC must ensure that the investigation ends on the right note, ensuring that the investigation does not stop with the scapegoat.

    Wake up ACC

  2. what looks like the biggest scam, there is nothing happening , not even slightest noise from anywhere. I hope something will come out.

  3. Dear OL,

    As an elected leader of the people, more than being the OL, I think the onus is on people like you to ensure that such massive loss of revenue for the government (people) is investigated thoroughly.We talk about 23% of our people living in poverty vis-a-vis such enormous revenue sacrificed at the altar of personal gain by few individuals.

    This is much,much more than the tax increase you are taking the govt. to court for.

  4. I do not know whether to believe business bhutan or the other newspapers. But I hope the truth will be revealed soon. It is a serious concern that bhutanese students studying in south india are facing problem because of this issue.

    I think the govt should take action on this.

  5. The prime minister has finally spoken on the lottery issue and clarified several points on the controversy .. Should definitely read Kuensel article:
    and other media stories to get a different perspective on the issue…


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