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About a year ago, I’d announced that I was on Twitter, a social networking site that offers “micro-blogging” by allowing users to post updates that are less than 140 characters long. Twitter originally set a 140-character limit so that “tweets” would be compatible with the SMS messaging.

I’d also described how the Twitter experience could be enhanced if our mobile cellular service providers would tie up with Twitter:

If B-Mobile, say, were to allow Twitter to recognize their network, then users would be able to “tweet” using SMS’s, and “followers” would be able to receive updates as SMS’s. And that would be really handy.

Good news! This is now possible. You can now send and receive tweets by SMS. B-Mobile has tied up with Twitter Inc. to offer twitter SMS services for their customers. To sign up for B-Mobile’s latest service:

  1. Create a twitter account
  2. Login; go to settings>Mobile, and add your mobile number
  3. Send tweets to 40404

Happy tweeting.


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  1. phuntsho says

    Marc MacKenzie, 41, from Canada, has won the the “most beautiful tweet ever tweeted”. It says, “I believe we can build a better world! Of course, it’ll take a whole lot of rock, water & dirt. Also, not sure where to put it.” (Source:

    Now it’s here, I look forward to such inspirational and thought-provoking tweets from users in Bhutan in the days to come.

    It’s a good business for BMobile as well in addition to Druk Star and Bhutan Star!

  2. This is welcoming another form of distraction, a waste of time and money, in the land of Gross National Happiness.
    We better think, worry and encourage to do something about our suffering farmers rather than imitating like monkeys because of what others are doing. What benefit will this nonsense tweet thing bring to our life as a human being?

  3. We are not birds so that we have to “tweet”. We can speak over the phone or send messages through SMS. That’s enough.
    Do we have to tweet like a bird?

  4. respected Lyonpo,
    the post is really helpful, easy to understand. i’m glad that you are doing everything to help us remain informed. had it not been for you, i wouldn’t have known BT has introduced Tweeting.
    I really don’t agree with twister that we should pity our farmers instead of tweeting. anyways how in the world in tweeting related to farmers. neither has it got anything to do with GNH. GNH never is asking for isolation.

    well i’m glad that twitter has finally reached Bhutan. looking fwd to using the application from my cell.
    Thanks Lyonpo for the thoughtful topic.

  5. You can imitate like a monkey does. I don’t mind but this surely has lot to do with GNH and our society. I have no time to waste by explaining how, you addle head!

  6. Is TASHICELL also providing this service la????

  7. Tshering says

    Thanks a lot….OL

    You are always useful!!!

  8. Sir,
    It is our concern and our wishes that we the JUNIOR Engineer of BHUTAN, working under various sector has just gathred informally and we had a gathering talk about the GRADE placed’Infact we are placed in grdae 10, now this is our concern that our work load is quite grater and we work as same as the Degree holder Engineers no difference at all, but only thing is they did Degree and we dont want to compare with them and Technical person is rewarded in this country by giving its grade to them, and now why we are only placed in grade 10,although it was placed in9 before? We want lyenpo to discuss this issue in this assambly secson please and wan to kno the views of parlimentarian and what they feel about us? and also if Lyenpo can help us to gain our orgin grade as 9 please?If Lyenpo wants more we are always there for you to expalin?We find if Lyenpo can help us?

  9. Yeah! I think effective communication is a must in a democratic world. And also businesses should like upto the public in providing such services. The communication provided through twitter will go a long way in filling the communication gaps and the income that the government is earning through Bmobile will finance infrastrucure in our rural villages in the form of roads, bridges, school, etc. will be of utmost service to our public.


  10. Kudos to B-mobile,a significant step forward for embracing social media, yes twitter is one of the most amazing technology created and its power is immense,be it promoting your business and products..

  11. I have just tried and It didn’t work. Twitter> Mobile
    and Under Mobile we have to Choose our country, where Bhutan is nowhere, therefore Bmobile is not there too. Can’t do it Yet.
    By the way were you talking about Bmobil’s Plan?

    • Dear Passang: In twitter, Settings>Mobile should show “Bhutan” and lead you automatically to B-Mobile. I don’t know why you’re having problems. Please try again. “Bhutan” is listed fourth of the 26 countries supporting this service. If you still can’t get through, send me an email. Tshering

  12. Thank you for concerning about it. Earlier only 16 countries were shown. After I received your message on tweeter I tried again and I got the whole list, I think it was because of the browser type. Now I am connected and I have tried once successfully. However, this feature is not so kind when you have internet connection. It can be most useful when you are away.

    I wish to know about TweetDeck too. Thank you so much!

  13. Thanks for the Tips, I just activated my phone with Twitter and posted my first tweet, IT WORKS!!!

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