Stop press!

The second Annual Journalism Awards will take place on 3rd May, coinciding with World Press Day. Good.

But, like last year, the government is organizing the event. Not good.

It is in the media’s interest to decide, without government interference, how to recognize and reward good journalism. And, equally important, who to recognize and reward. So the media should be organizing this important event.

When the government is involved, the awards lose credibility. And the whole process – from defining categories to selecting judges to awarding prizes – will be questioned.

For the sake of a vibrant media, the media should not permit the government to organize the second Annual Journalism Awards. Instead, they should organize the Bhutan Media Foundation to conduct the awards.

If time is the issue, just postpone the event. It does not necessarily have to coincide with World Press Day.

The government, if they so wish, could go ahead, but with other celebrations, to mark World Press Day celebrations.


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  1. a good food for thought

  2. A bad food for the nation.
    The devil’s cooking the broth himself. People will not be able to choose what food, what taste, what flavor they want to eat. They must eat the broth served to them by the one and the only “legally unjustified and unconstituional” government led by PM JYT. Other than that, all other kinds of broths are poisonous!

    Cook to taste like the government with plenty of government admiration and applauds, a bunch of ideas from JYT’s backyard kitchen garden, very little amount of chilli powder made out of government criticisms, simmer it very lightly over very low heat for a long time, and serve it with lots of water.

  4. Pema Tenzy says

    I agree with OL on this issue whole-heartedly. Government should leave this to the media organistion and the journalists. Government should not be bedfellow to the media. If media becomes too dependant on government, how can it be the 4th estate to check and balance?

  5. Media to organize and award themselves, won’t there be conflict of interest? Maybe, not government, but certainly some neutral body/organization should organize this function.

  6. I agree with OL on this issue,we are very much dishearted that every time the DPT govt. is bulldozing what ever they like & I should say this is a political corruption and also undermines the freedom our media…..

  7. media detective says

    This years media awards left a bad taste in the aftermath of the event. The MOIC not revealing the names of the jurors made many think that the whole affair was not fair.

    Like the OL said, it would be better for private media houses to boycott it next year if MOIC is in charge of it again.

    Of course everyone knows where MOIC Secretary’s loyalty lies.

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