Trial by secret jury

The first annual journalism awards drew strong criticism from the media when a judge won the prize for the very category he was adjudicating.

This time, during the second annual journalism awards, the government was careful not to repeat last year’s howler. And they managed. How? By concealing the identity of the jury. The public – and that includes the media – did not, and still does not, know who this year’s judges were. In fact, it appears that the judges themselves do not know who their fellow judges were!

Being cautious is one thing. But being secretive is quite another matter, especially when we’re supposedly honouring our journalists. And when we’re ostensibly celebrating freedom of information.


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  1. You mean TRIAL Massive La, Not TRAIL

  2. We don’t know the rules.
    We don’t know the judges/juries.
    We don’t know the basis of judgments.
    We don’t know how in the world a judge who is judging can win what he just judged?
    Doesn’t that sound like a criminal who is a judge charged with a crime, judges his on case and acquits himself of any crime?
    No where in the world such things had happened but in the land of GNH, under the banner of democracy and free journalism,it is HAPPENING.

  3. media detective says

    why would the organizers want to hide the jury members from the public and from knowing each other, unless a jury member who is not supposed to be there is on the panel.

    Who selects the jury members and what was the process?

  4. mediawatch says

    Old shit is being dug here. Senior media people selected the jury ‘democratically’ by giving points of approval or disapproval against names of the juries, 14 of them.

  5. Mediawatch,what are you trying to say? Can you elaborate a little bit more on what you said above so that we can have a glimpse of what you are really trying to say and comment on it?

  6. mediawatch, don’t waste your time explaining further than what you already did. It won’t sink in anyway.

  7. media detective says

    If the media heads decided the jury out of 14 why are they saying the names of the jurors have not been disclosed to them.

    Something is wrong

  8. mediawatch says

    The list MOIC emailed to editors:

    For English Entries
    1 Kay Kirby Dorji Former journalist and long-time resident of Bhutan
    2 Prof. Mark Mancall Director, Royal Education Council
    3 Lily Wangchuk Author
    4 Sonam Kinga Deputy Chairperson, National Council
    5 Thinley Tobgay Media Professional
    6 Siok Sian Pek Dorji Executive Director,Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy
    7 Kunzang Choden Roder Author
    8 Laxshuman Chetri Chief Media and Information Officer, BICMA
    9 Thinley Dorji Head, PPD, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    10 Dasho Karma Ura President,CBS
    11 Aum Pema Lhamo NC
    12 Nancy Strickland Executive Director, Bhutan Canada Foundation
    13 Michael Rutland  Chairman,The Bhutan Society of the UK
    14 Chencho Gyalmo Dorjee Program Officer, UNCDS, UNDP

    For Dzongkha Entries
    1 Lopen Lungten Gyamtsho Director,ILCS
    2 Khenpo Phuntsho Tashi Director, Paro Museum
    3 Dasho Sherub Gyeltshen Secretary,DDC
    4 Lopen Gyembo Freelance
    5 Dungchen Sangay Dorji Author

    • @mediawatch. Thanks for the list. But they are just the MOIC’s nominees. Now please tell us who the actual judges were. I’d find that list much more interesting.

  9. Mediawatch,
    Thank you for the list. Very honestly, I knew you got the list of the jury because we have no doubt that if you are not TR himself you are one of his associates. Two questions are relevant here.
    1. To you:: why didn’t you disclose the list of jury to the public before the award ceremony? Why didn’t you tell it to the OL if he asked you?
    2. To OL:: why didn’t you ask TR?

  10. mediawatch says

    The list was emailed to the editors of all the media organizations. The actual judges were not announced. However, if at all, people want to know, it is easy to find out. All the 14 names given above were given points of ranking (1 to 14 – best to worst) by the editors. based on the points the judges were chosen.

  11. I quote OL:”The public – and that includes the media – did not, and still does not, know who this year’s judges were”.
    I quote Mediawatch:”The list was emailed to the editors of all the media organizations”.
    I think we have a problem here. You see, if they can’t organize small events like this in a fair and free manner devoid of any cynicisms,I don’t think there is any use of talking transparency, law, justice and GNH in our country under this government. I can’t help but wonder one of you, either OL or the mediawatch aka TR, is lying. OL,can we hear an explanation from your side?
    Lincoln did more than any other man to put the stamp of righteousness on the name of America. I hope our this OL will do the same.

  12. mediawatch says

    OL is right, the names of judges were not disclosed. But the nominations were and the judges are among the 14 of them!

    And Tangba, if you still think, I am TR, you are an ass! Good Luck with the guessing work, though.

  13. mediawatch, I second that view:)

  14. everyone seems to think ..its okay to do what they think is right… mediawatch or whatever..TR…… can’t you see what is happening …. are you participating in this game… stop justifying if you are …cause we can see how bias this is… jury among the nominees or vice versa… where else can that happen around the world..

  15. Ugyen Tshomo says

    Dear Leonpo,
    today is my first time m going through,is very i want to join you la.thank u.

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