Walk out

I’ve walked out of the National Assembly hall on many occasions. Mostly, they have been to visit the men’s room. And occasionally, to retrieve documents or to consult experts on issues being discussed in the hall.

But I’ve never walked out in protest.

So I was surprised when, six months ago, Kuensel took note when I left my seat:

The opposition leader left the hall before the end of the budget report discussions, which hurried to a close, once the chapter on the rationalisation of taxes was done with.

And I was surprised when, ten days ago, Kuensel again drew attention to my temporary departure from the hall:

After the debate, when the house geared to proceed with the bill amendment maintaining the previous clause, the opposition leader was seen to leave the house, followed by the opposition member Damchoe [sic] Dorji.

Yes, I did leave the hall on both occasions. But, no, they were not in protest – I was not being disrespectful or disobedient. And it was wrong for Kuensel to imply that I was.

I expect to walk out of the National Assembly hall on many more occasions. They’ll mostly be to visit the men’s room, to retrieve documents or to consult experts. But in the unlikely event that I ever walk out in protest, I’ll do so deliberately – I’ll make it obvious. That, after all, would be the whole idea.


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  1. Kuensel is reporting as well as writing only sensitive one. They are pragmatic watchdog

  2. To the opposition leader,
    Our government do not raise any issues about “women playing khurus” in the 6th sessions of first parliament.Women playing khurus is socially as well as culturally unacceptable.
    Do government had allowed women to play Khuru or is it illegal.
    During the decadent age, it will wise action for both government and Opposition leader to ban such new culture.

  3. @ kinzang Chophel’s second comment.

    Yes, it’s illegal for women to play khuru. (sarcasm intended)

  4. kinzang Chophel is either sick in the head or he is going to get there very soon.

  5. The fact that you took 6 months and 10 days to clarify this walkout report by the media is highly suspicious.

  6. May be Guardian mind is full of strains and tensions. i mean you are in ambivalent place. So break enigmatic scenario and make it understandable

  7. kinzangChophel,

    What are you tryng to tell me exactly, I think you are really a bit weak in the head.

  8. Guardian instead of giving suggestions to the main issues, you have commented on me!!!!
    what’s that? educated people or illiterate people? we need to share suggestions instead of commenting each other!!. Lets be educated elite in the society like ours!!

  9. Guardian and Kinzang, be sociable man on internet. Kill the mistakes and let it decay!!!

  10. Do you really think the gorvernment is in a postition to raise the issue about Bhutanese women playing khuru and label it as illegal. With such weird comments from you, obviously I commented on the writer rather than the subject, I had no choice.

  11. OL, You must be having a loose bladder to be going to the rest room so often! Next time round, please drink less tea and water and make sure you receive advice from your “experts” well before the session. That way, you can give more time to the NA sessions and cut down on your phone bills.

  12. kinzangchophel says

    I never raised my issues to Devil Guardian, but to our Honourable OL.
    I need to ravage adn mash Guardian!!!!!
    Son of Sycorax used do such thing.
    It was you the “first” to comment upon me and i never raise my issue to you whether it is right or wrong!!!!!!!!! i think your name need to remove from scuh Ol blog. Damn it Son of Crocodile!!!

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