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I sent two letters today. The first letter was to the Chief Election Commissioner informing him that the ECB’s recent decision to revise the criteria for candidates to local governments may violate provisions of the Constitution, Election Act and the Local Government Act.

The second letter was to the Director of BICMA complaining that The Journalist had quoted me in their article when they hadn’t even interviewed me. And that, in that article, they had inaccurately claimed that I had supported the ECB’s decision.


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  1. i too read the journalist and i was bit surprised when you had supported it openly. i was even thinking that, violating constitution by other agencies doesn’t bother you and you are concerned only with Government. But, it looks like i am totally wrong.

    All said and done, i don’t question the intention of ECB. It is intended to attract more and better candidates for the 1st local government election and i support it. But it is at the cost of infringing constitution.

  2. I lost faith in PM for not following laws of the country. Now, I lost my faith in my idol CEC.

    Keep up and we begin to appreciate and admire you.

  3. Heard that the Journalist has been taken over by some other persons. Gopilal Acharya and Passang Dorji have sold the Journalist to some other people… it is rumored that the finance is form the DPT

  4. you should sue the paper and the journalist who quoted you. That is a breach of journalist code of ethics

  5. well! wud you be offended if i say this, “now you know what they meant when they said “Be Aware of Mad Dogs”…..!” Having said that i wonder if un-professionalism in media can fall under “mad dogs” version of media..!

  6. Media the watchdog had sometime become mad dogs and better to sue them so that they will not repeat in future

  7. OL–Why do not you take ECB to court for violating constitution?.

  8. This is purely, breach of code of conduct on the part of the reporter. BICMA or relevant office should take necessary action against the reporter and the journalist.

  9. pema tenzing says

    I hear that the Journalist has been forcibly taken over from Gopilal Acharya and the gang by Tenzin rigden, the DPT press secretary and is now run by someone called Bawala from the cabinet secretary. Did Journalist really did that to OL? Nothing would surprise me when JYT at the helm.


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