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Today’s banner features 75-year old Jabari Dan Rai who hails from Dumtoe, a remote gewog in Samtse.

By seven every morning, this remarkably healthy septuagenarian arrives at the Lungtenampa bridge to distribute that day’s newspapers to pedestrians making their ways to school and work.

Bhutan’s media has come a long way. From very humble beginnings in 1967 when Kuensel was started as a government gazette, we now have at least 9 newspapers, 7 radio stations, a TV broadcaster and a growing number of new media sites.

Today’s banner is a simple way of expressing my gratitude to our media, especially our journalists, for working to make sure that the people shall be informed.

Happy World Press Freedom Day!


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  1. Dear Lyonpo
    Amazing tribute for the Day.
    Well captured.


  2. YPenjor says

    Kudos to our media agencies and reporters. Hats off to reporters like Tenzin Lamsang of Businessbhutan. We need some more reporters of his caliber. Then only the general public will receive factual information and democracy in Bhutan will thrive.

  3. YPenjor says

    Sorry….I missed to offer my congratulations to our OL for being another upto date reporter.

  4. Wonderful post. Even reporters forgot such a beautiful idea.


  5. Motor Mouth says

    i don’t like this one bit.

    is the OL trying to win over the media after the fiasco that happened at the recent “beat the press” session? or is the OL genuinely appreciative of the fledgling media? i have my reservations. there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    driglam namzha classes for journalists? oh, the irony and the nerve of the DPT govt. to come up with ideas similar along the lines of the tobacco bill.

  6. sonam dorji says

    for kind and information ,
    we have 12 news paper , 8 in English and 4 in Dzongkha, 5 Radio stations and 6 magazines ..
    thanx !

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