Truly shocking!

Bhutan Today’s headline this morning was shocking. “People living in miserable conditions: OL” it screamed.

Shocking! But not quite true.

The recent earthquake destroyed many houses. According to government reports more than 4000 houses have been damaged. So many people are unhappy. And they are frightened. And they are impatient. They want the authorities to finalize their insurance claims, so that they can start dismantling and rebuilding their homes before aftershocks inflict further damage to them.

In the meantime, people whose houses have been destroyed beyond repair or are no longer safe, are living in makeshift tents, in temporary huts, or in cowsheds. And many of them have moved in with their neighbours.

Naturally, their living conditions are difficult. But the indomitable spirit of our people, combined with their ability and willingness to come together in times of crises, have ensured that the earthquake victims do not have to live in “miserable conditions”. So to say that they are would be a gross exaggeration. And Bhutan Today should not sensationalize an already painful situation, especially when the OL cautioned them against doing just that.

That is what’s truly shocking!


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  1. Where are our cabinet ministers apart from PM.Who is out of station.

  2. The cabinet ministers are all visiting the places that has been destroyed by the earth quake. I hear they are every where providing solace to the bereaved souls. Is it true????

  3. Yangka Chojay says

    Come lets Join hand in hand to get out of this……!

  4. don’t know why the GOVT and All are moving at snails phase in this case but not in case of eastern Bhutan earthquake and bumthang fire…

    very very disappointed (m from haa)

  5. dorji gyeltsen says

    DDM…totally unprepared…and a word about dzongdag…what have they done…my idea would b conduct emergency meeting right after the quake and march ur staffs towards the effected geogs imdtly for assessment and then subsequently provide some kinda relief…for the shock dreaven villagers i think even to see a dzongkhag staffs face will calm them down…there is a big confusion in our country i must say…when the king had commanded thru social media…that all dzongdags and army to help needy ones why our leadrs are saying no budget,no tarpaulin,etc..come what may start off,i still heard many needy people have not seen any help so my request to all concern that please wake up and speed up with ur leadership traits.god bless..

  6. ur excellency..
    why is govt. takin so long to respond the needy people who were victimised by thhe earthquake..we have heard that theres still no prompt action for people especially in Haa..most people are left homeless bt still theres no help from the govt…
    bumthang got the best help wen it came to such disaterous thing bt not haa..why is it?? is it coz theres no efficient leader from haa???

  7. Tenzin penjore says

    We are having one of the biggest earthquakes and our PM Jigmi Y. Thinley is busy globetrotting. Is his New York and other cushy trips more important than our poor people suffering aftermath of the earthquake. His government has conveniently blocked a very popular site after it was filled with several damaging stories of the PM and his gang of unscrupulous leaders having been involved with acquiring lands from poor farmers and having alloted to thelselves. Our GNH country has so many rape cases and incidents of crime and umemployment.

    What is OL doing on this?

  8. bhutan today should not try and sensationalize the issue. at the same time the kuensel story on the magnitude 8 earthquake being due soon was uncalled for as it created a lot of fear. nobody can predict earthquakes neither the time nor the area.

  9. TORISE dragon says

    we heard many times that the concerned minister said our team are doing our best, but where have they done something concrete WHEN THE MOVES ARE ONLY INCH.His majesty the king despite of having highly important works visits and comforts we the people of Haa couple of times, did the concerned minister revisited Haa to see the conditions of our parents back at village.i was watching BBS2 broadacast of NA and to the oppositions question the home minister answered that we are doing our best but never saw something moving fast. Atleast we thank the king for his concerns over our shattered lives and also the militries at haa.i hope only when asked and saying WE ARE DOING DOESNT HELP.just show something in concrete.Even by just saying we have ready documents of our works doesnt help. BECAUSE WE NEED HELP & CONCERN TO REBUILD OUR LIVING HOMES SOON.

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