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Today’s issue ofThe Bhutanesehas only three announcements (one each by BOB, CBS and TCB), and one felicitation message (by Lhaki Group).


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  1. these days ‘the bhutanese’ paper in shops are always sold out. advertisers may want to think twice. loving the stories anyway. please keep it coming . lamsang and company.

  2. Only for the “The Bhutanese”, not bothered about other newspapers I guess, but then, why should you!

  3. Bhutanese media should not be complaining about Govt as the source of their sustainability. Rather it should be based on the readership….that’s is the only way.

  4. The people behind TL sure must pay and I am sure they do pay him and his newspaper. So, Mr. OL don’t you worry.

  5. hi mark. i think lamsang clearly said. “leave media sustenance to market forces (includes readers) and not to political forces”

  6. The merit of a paper to earn ad revenue is not based on its competence and ability to spread slander and misinformation and being able to drive a wedge between the monarchy and the legitimately elected government of the people of Bhutan. The Bhutanese paper has done nothing but unraveled misdeeds of the past, in the process, causing serious damage to the squeaky clean reputation of the governance under the monarchy.

    It is a shame that the DPT government does not have the courage to shut down this shameful paper. The minister of MoIC should go beyond placing restrictions on departments within his own Ministry. He should make the restriction nationwide.

    When I walk down the street and a mad dog threatens to bite me, I do what the dog deserves. Kick all its teeth in. Mad dogs do not understand any other treatment.

    The day the Bhutanese starts to do constructive reporting that will help build harmony among the people, help build awareness and knowledge among the people, demonstrate that it is meaningful and will work towards contributing at building a sound democratic culture, the government can rethink its policy of equitable distribution of its ad money. Until then, I support the government its selective treatment of the media organizations based on the quality of their reporting and coverage. That is absolutely in tune with the Bhutanese and Tenzin Lamsang’s practice of selective targeting of who to victimize with their vengeful and malice ridden articles.

  7. bhutangossip says


    What you want is a government newsletter and not a newspaper.

  8. bhutangossip,

    And what OL and you want is for only “The Bhutanese” to survive, I don’t think you guys are really bothered about whether the other papers survive or not, otherwise the OL would no be so blatant in his support for this paper and ignoring the others.

  9. ProOl… R U the one among the corrupted group who is being targeted by “The Bhutanese”? or R U closely or directly related to the ones exposed by “The Bhutanese”?

    If you are non- there is no need for you to react that way. In fact being a responsible citizen you should be happy that the corrupted
    people are being fixed…

  10. bhutangossip
    No, I don’t what that. But featuring articles that says something good about the country, the people and the leaders of this country, for a change, would be welcome.

    Read every issue of the Bhutanese and you will not see one article that has anything good to say about our government or the people of Bhutan. The Bhutanese has championed the cause of writing everything bad about what went on under the monarchy. He has to stop this. And Tenzin Lamsang has to stop passing judgement – he is not man enough to do so. There are far more intelligent people among the Bhutan who can arrive at their own conclusions instead of having to tolerate falsehood being shoved down their throats.

    Tenzin Lamsang does not have the benefit of age, wisdom, experience and exposure to pass judgement on issues that he barely understands.

    It is people like you who goad him on by calling what he does investigative journalism when, in truth, what he is doing is being a stooge in the hands of some interest group.

  11. bhutanese

    Corrupted people being fixed? Show me one instance where corrupted people have been fixed.

    I am neither one of the corrupted nor related to any of the people named in the cases. But I am certainly a concerned citizen who cannot stand aloof when vindictive and immoral people bad mouth our government that have been legitimately elected by the Bhutanese people.

  12. Dear ProOL… The fact that these corrupted people have not defended even after a year of their corruption charges being exposed clearly shows that they are guilty and they have misused their power to favor themselves. And even after repeated reporting of these cases by “the Bhutanese”, they are still silence…

    These are serious problem and if the corrupted people are not put behind bars, the true essence GNH is lost.

    These corrupted people are more dangerous than AIDs to human being… They have sucked the country more that the British did to India.

  13. Bhutanese,

    What cases are you talking about, if the cases have not reached the courts, where do you go and defend them, okay, you mean in OL’s Court and Tenzing Lamsang Court.

  14. Dear Guardian or ProOL (same person),,, don’t you think that it will be the interest of anyone if somebody is defaming someone without any proof to drag the accuser to the court or come out in media and clarify…?

    I am sure you will do that if TL reports you for corruption charges if you are innocent…

  15. Since the people involved in corruption are in power at present.No one can do anything.Remember the seat occupied in NA r not their permanent seats.One day or other it has to be vacated,means they r ordinary citizen.And is democracy and democracy will punish corrupt people irrespective of past or present.
    Next election is at doorstep,during interim period there will be lots of issues, by now ECB must have prepare for that.
    Remember “next gov. lies in peoples hand”

  16. bhutanese,

    Taking TL to court will only play into his and OLs hands and it shows that the elected government is least worried about a two bit overrated journalist.

  17. I wonder if the so called the ‘Bhutanese’ is truly Bhutanese if it perpetuates on slandering the Bhutan government and its leadership with a very vengeful and malicious intent. I am certainly not saying that the paper mustn’t do this but I only wish that Lamsang’s intentions are clear and not biased; this is politically motivated for sure. And one thing that is in fact saddening is that most of the so called educated lots easily give in to what he says or writes. I guess it’s important that we look at his articles through a critical lens and take them with a pinch of salt.
    If the Bhutanese is a true Bhutanese, why is the paper hell-bent on bringing disrepute to this country? This says a lot about media freedom; what more freedom one can ask for when the paper can freely talk even about the involvement of royal members.
    Yes, I do agree that people who are involved in the corrupt practices must be brought to task and tried as per the law of the land irrespective of their status or credentials. I do agree that ACC is taking time but Lamsang must balance his view and not think about it as a war.

  18. Wow !! We love what is being unearthed!

    Hats off to “The Bhutanese” !

    We the people are reading you and silently thanking you. We are with you.

  19. I think this Guardian or Prool seems have no work,but always preparing to write against every issues OL puts up. Man or Lady,open your eyes,Ol is not talking for himself but for the people.Till now,i read your articles but its all baseless.Just trying to frustrate other writers or OL.
    I think you are opposition for opposition party.It also indicates that you are jealous of OL.
    My god,there exist such people like you.

  20. The Bhutanese is the only paper worth reading and far better then the govt mouthpiece Kuensel.

    Our leaders keep preaching about democracy but they do not seem to practice it at all.

  21. Yendra

    I do not know about Guardian but on my own behalf, let me assure you that you wouldn’t be doing one-tenth the amount of work I do. In any event, it is not the amount of work you do – but how effective you are in what you do, that matters.

    In truth, given the level of understanding and maturity of most of the commentators here, commenting on this blog is comparable to a mathematician speaking to a bunch of theologians. And yet I spend time to submit comments here because it is my belief that there may be some among the followers who may benefit from a balanced view that I can offer.

    Tenzing Lamsang is an immoral stooge fielded by people who wishes to bring ruin to this country. So what he writes is of little value. Nothing that he writes will make a difference because, at the end of the day, most of us know the quality of his writing and the intensions behind those writings. There is only one purpose to his writings: to discredit the monarchy, the government and the people of Bhutan. Fortunately for the country, the circulation of the Bhutanese is so pathetically miniscule that he will be heard only through the posting of the OL.

    There is one other point I want to make. This is for the OL.

    Until the emergence of Druk Nyamrup Tsogpa as an aspiring political party mostly made up of defectors from PDP, I was willing to accept that it was politically expedient for the OL, on behalf of his party PDP, to try and discredit the DPT government as and when he could. I have gone on record to say that the OL does not have to be intelligent in what he writes about the government.

    But now there is a shift in reality. The OL has to be able to read the writing on the wall that is staring at him. I know he is smart enough to realize that PDP as a party is now finished. But OL Tshering Tobgay the person isn’t. The OL no longer has the excuse of political ambition to bad mouth the government with stupid posts that neither helps him nor the people of Bhutan. It is now time for Tshering Tobgay the person to embark on repairing the damage he has caused so that when he goes down at the end of his term, he does so as a worthy Bhutanese. But if he continues to do what he has been doing, even while knowing that he does not have a rat’s ass of a chance, I will not only remember him as a bad loser but also as a evil and destructive person who failed to do his duty to the nation.

    The OL has to remember that it is an honor to have been voted in as the first Opposition Leader in the first ever democratically formed Parliament.

    Please learn some grace.

  22. These days, I don’t believe what The Bhutanese newspaper writes. This newspaper if entirely focused on the criticisms to the government. It brings the news that no other newspapers bring. I would believe only if some other newspapers also cover on similar issues. I think Tenzin Lamzang has a bond signed with OL.

  23. Perhaps PDP will give all its ads to The Bhutanese.

  24. PDP, the two new parties who are not even registered but are already making so much noise, Leky Dorji on FB, who the hell is this guy. And all the rich PDP people that support ‘the very unbhutanese bhutanese can all advertise there.

  25. OL, any updates on how many advertisements in today’s edition of “the Bhutanese” and this time, please don’t forget the other papers too.

  26. Observer wrote “I think Tenzin Lamzang has a bond signed with OL.”

    Well, I guess, could be true with the way how crazy things take shape now. May be, to bring about a new mob’s culture in the Bhutanese society – never know.

  27. Before shouting from rooftop Tenzin Lamsang should try to collect the news ethically instead of using lies and bedroom talks to get the source illegally. The Bhutanese approach to journalism is cheap sensationalism based on selected truth. Please highlight on corruption issues of Sangay Ngedup and his father whose corruption and threat is of 100% greater.

    OL must stop making noise becuase The Bhutanese is his mouthpiece. Please concentrate on development instead of concentrating on slandering and misinformation. The reason for 2008 election loss is corruption of whom? OL is now trying to use that same tactics which may backfire once government hit back…

  28. The Bhutanese newspaper should change its name into the PDP.

  29. Observer,

    Actually you are quite right, why should it be called “the Bhutanese” when their stories clearly do not go down well with the majority of the Bhutanese population.

    If they want to continue with their stories depicting Bhutan as a country with a corrupt government and a corrupt PM who has done absolutely nothing good for the country in his five year term, than they need to change the name of the tabloid.

  30. enough_is_enough says

    DPT trolls are everywhere. Just look at all the comments posted by the same people on every post the OL writes. It’s either against the OL or someone who criticizes DPT.

    There’s no point debating with people who come here with their mind already made up to support DPT, no matter what the issue is being discussed. For these lot, DPT can never be wrong and could not have ever made any mistakes.

    Even if you come here as a neutral, and engage with them, at the end they will accuse of you being either a PDP supporter or an anti-national trying to break the country. These are the people who polarizes the country into DPT supporters and Non-DPT supporters. They forget all of us are citizens of Bhutan, and a corrupt free Bhutan will be beneficial to all of us, unless we are the corrupted ones.

    When you go on vehemently supporting a particular party whether its right or wrong, its obvious you are either one strongly connected with the party or you stand to gain if the party stays in power.

    The government may have achieved many good things, but this blog of the OL will not be the place where you will find things written about it. The OL is only doing his job, being critical of the government’s actions and reporting it here. To read about the government’s achievements, we have newspapers, TV, radio etc.

    But when some people try to defend all of the corruption allegations leveled against the government, something is not right.

  31. enough_is_enough,

    And you think you have something meaningful to tell us? We defend the government, a government that has been legitimately elected by the people of Bhutan, because you losers are hell bent on defaming it. As far as we are concerned, what we say is right – as much as you say what you say is right.

    You stop the crap and we will stop it too. But you keep at your stupidity, we will respond in equal measure.

    We can ignore stupidity, and often do, but when you speak things that are designed to cause doubt in the minds of the people against a government that has the interest of the people at heart , don’t expect us to sit quietly allow you to run among with your ravings.

    If you choose you can stop the shit you dish out …. we can then all retire from here and go about doing our more useful business.

    Do you want to take up the offer?

  32. What a funny and ambarrassing thing is this? The Bhutanese newspaper wants to be sustained by the government’s ads and at the same time criticise its functions and plans. A horse kicks the owner for feeding him!

  33. enough-is-enough,

    If the OL is stupid enough to support a tabloid like “the bhutanese” who’s sole aim is to attack the government and the PM with no basis, than we people who believe that the newspaper is biased will be up in arms.

    And if you cannot stomach the discussions here and you want to be in more friendly territory, you are free to visit “the bhutanese” newspaper forum and that Social Democracy in Bhutan site on FB, where you will find the real trolls and losers like you who sit on their fat asses and always complain about the government. OLs second in command, the delusional former OAG is a regular there, giving his wise ones and his one liners, wonder whether he has already ditched the PDP and joined the brutuses of the PDP in their new avatar.

  34. Did you know that thebhutanese website had started to moderate the comments. Any comments posted against the paper is not published.

  35. So, there is a collaboration between OL and TL in managing this forum? Even if this newspaper is given the election ads, it will not publish fairly. Tenzin Lamzang needs to see a counsellor before his reports disharmonize the nation.

  36. hi Foontsho,
    I experienced the same thing with “theBhutanese”.They only publish the comments which support them and those against them are moderated.This clearly shows the true colour and intention behind theBhutanese.We should be mindful with theBhutanese.As HM clearly said we should know how to love our country intelligently.

  37. What eva, I don’t believe much in what “The Bhutanese” write as I always find issues only related to either DPT or LYT. It is high time for us to know the real intent and motive of “The Bhutanese” paper keeping all this in mind.

  38. Opposition leader can give advertisments from his pocket money about how weak his parties is.
    Who will give advertisement when the coverage is very less. I don’t read The Bhutanese because of it contains horrible news!

  39. One does not need to read The Bhutanese newspaper. It will have no other news, but only the false information of allegations against our leaders. Readers can easily make out that the newspaper has a serious grudge against our PM.

  40. Being Bhutanese does not mean that you have to support your government all the time. When there are corrup practices by the government, the government does not deserve to be respected-in fact corrupt government loses its legitimacy to rule the people.
    I think it’s good that “the Bhutanese” is being bold to expose corruption done by very high officials in Bhutan. Only a concerned citizen could garner such courage to do this kind of thing. As ACC slogan says, “if you care, you will dare” I think TL cares for the nation, therefore, he dares to challenge the corrupt people how powerful they might be.

  41. If TL dares to care the nation, why did he mention only the names of PM and Lyonpo YZ? Why did he not dare to mention all the names that ACC dares to mention? TL is still biased.

  42. Appreciate “The Bhutanese”. Work hard and keep pace with the happenings in bhutan to inform Bhutanese people well. Your job is done n leave the rest to the people of Bhutan. Good job done. Keep it up.

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