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The Bhutanese, Bhutan’s latest newspaper, was launched today, coinciding with His Majesty the King’s 32nd birth anniversary, in a quiet ceremony in their offices in Chubachu.

The Bhutanese is our 11th newspaper. But it is the first to use the broadsheet format. So while we’ve become used to reading small, comfortable tabloid papers, The Bhutanese offers the feel of a bigger and more real newspaper.

They’ve used the extra space well. In their very fist issue they take on the “DPT vice president involved in Nu 300 mn Thimphu land scam”, the “Commission Raj in the health ministry…”, arbitrary printing price increases, new political parties, and other important stories, both in the capital and in the districts. More importantly, in a break from existing practice, they spell out their editorial policies clearly and publicly in which they promise to “…be impartial and not favor any political party, business house, organization and prominent individuals.”

The Bhutanese was launched in a quiet ceremony. But they’ve started off with a bang.

Well done. And congratulations.


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  1. Rabi Chhetri says

    DPT vice president involved in a Nu. 300 million land scam. DPT president and the current PM involved in an illegal acquisition of land in Gyelpozhing. Health scam that took away millions of money and perpetual shortage of medicines in our hospitals, blatent misuse of pool vehicles that costs the public exchequer millions of Ngultrums, and Bhutan lottery that that costs the country thousands of millions of Ngultrums. I am sick of hearing of DPT goverment, I hope we have a change in 2013, either PDP or one of the new parties win and rid us of the scourage of DPT nepotism and corruption. Their stated policy of zero tolerance to corruption and equity and justice is a mere eye wash and political gimmick. God save our country from such leaders and the government they form.

  2. I won’t be surprised if this paper turn out to be anti-DPT…anyway, let’s wait and see…..

    Meanwhile, it is high time that government come out with some Sort of advertisement policy. The present practice of distributing equal to everyone is illogical and certainly not sustainable. Public money can not be given just like that in the name of media promotion. Number of media has increased drastically but I neither see in improvement in quality nor in outreach..,rather, it is going other way…gov should support the media but not through current ad policy…if it continues like that we will see more than 100 papers after 10 or 15 yrs…..,

  3. Rabi Chhetri says

    The Bhutanese editorial reads and explains why it can’t go daily. It was written that although Kuensel had quoted a rate earlier, that rate had been almost doubled. Was it done to discourage the paper from coming? As Kuensel is owned by the government, is it trying to thwart the coming of the paper? Are there people who are afraid of divulging truth?

    I agree with Tigsp that governmet should not use public money by distributing equally to all media outlets. This is buying media to garner the support of the media owners.

  4. How far back in history can the Bhutanese and Lamsang go to dig such matters? Let us hope not till the 8th century!!!

  5. Very good piece of work, “thumps up”. Even if it has to go to the 8th century, it has to do what it has to do. We cant just punish “the young” and let off “the old”, ITS NOT FAIR!!!. The precedence has been set by these “oldies in new attire”. They are the ones who have spoilt the system and they should set a balance as to how to reapair it…… and “IMPRISONMENT IS NOT AN ANSWER NOR A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM”. Bhutan my beloved motherland whats wrong with these bureaucracts. God save us from such traynny.

  6. I won’t be surprised if Lamsang charge zhabdrung for illegally entering the Bhutan in 16th century without visa!…if he is for correcting the system, I am with him but if he is just digging someone who he dislikes then he is wrong….rather we should see n point the flaws in existing system to move forward.

  7. masala media says


  8. Zhabdrungs time there is no system of visa in our country, if that system exist during that time, then it is also right to charge him also .Tenzin Lamsang is applying the law that exist during that time over the corruption that he uncovered and not applying the law that came later after they have committed such corruptions.

  9. the corrupted people would feel uneasy to read “the Bhutanese” paper.

  10. it is not about how far we can go on digging the matters but it is about how far can we go to stop something wrong going on, no matter how long it will take and no matter when things went wrong,it should be brought back to the track. And you know how good bollyhood is doing, it may leave behind the hollywood aswell in some few years. let us not stop something good hapening in a society.

  11. For those corrupted people who support corruption, a crime is a crime no matter when it was committed.
    Maybe you guys do not realize that Nazi people are still prosecuted these days even after 60 years, countries like United States still pay for crimes committed against blacks decades ago, Canada and Australian government still pay today for crimes committed centuries ago against the native Americans. I am sure you guys may not like honest and a patriot like Tenzing Lamsang because you are are scared that your relatives or parents might be next on the list, I tell you all if you are clean you have no need to worry about because he will never target innocent people. I have noting to worry about because my parents were hard working farmers, they did not steal anything from the government.

  12. Even that time, entering other country was illegal…so, he should go on charging everyone…if u start digging, I am sure, almost all retired civil servants including most of the serving sr civil servants will have some story for Lamsang. So, the point is, whether we should go on digging past or move forward with present n future issues….

  13. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

  14. Chang Ugen is no fool! He will not do such a thing and if he has, I am sure he would have made sure that the loop holes were fixed. No one condones corruption but one must know that what is termed corruption these days may not be in those days. So good luck to Lamsang and ehemmm…The Bhutanese?

  15. Poonam Chhetri says

    Lamzang has just informed the public what transpired and what is truth, now why is waiwai accusing Tensing Lamsang and threatening him and the paper? DPT government had shut down when it went against the government, are you saying that the government will do the same to the newly established The Bhutanese? That will be scary and I wouldn’t be surprised if the government did that.

  16. Chang ugay or anybody who has done this is answerable to this because nobody can be above the law if there is one….. so the lawmakers must ensure that no matter who is it, the law must be applicable except for the royal families.

  17. Digging about past is also important as ”prevention is better than cure” we don’t want to be ruled by corrupted people.

  18. Chang ugen is a citzen of Bhutan and like any other citzens he needs to be cahrged. He cant escape just because he is the VC of DPT. To hell with DPT and people who support chang ugay, the man behind devilish prententious tshogpa.

  19. I am happy that the increase in the number of the media will help strengthen our democracy. While I support that the wrong doer should be brought to justice we must also give him time to prove himself innocent. I am suspecting that there are many cases even in NLC.
    By the way! I shall be glad if anyone could list down the names of the 11 media here. I know only kuensel, bhutan times, bhutan observer, the journalist and now the bhutanese.

  20. Concerned Citizen says

    DPT and its top leaders are corrupt, so how can we expect them to clean the country and set good precedence? DPT President Jigmi Thinley has accepted that he has illegally taken government lands in Gyelpozhing, allegations of buying innocent villagers’ 33 acres of land in Bumthang and building a five-star resort near the GNH centre in Chhoekor toed in Bumthang. Many are questioning the conflict of interest in the top leaders making use of public power for private gains. Many of the DPT ministers and the speaker Jigme Tshultrim are on the list that has benefitted from the illegal acquisition of land in Gyelpozhing land scam.

    Bhutan lottery scam is very suspicious. Lyonpo Kunzang during the interim government had signed an agreement with Martin (lottery agent in India) which gives some Rs. 480 millions as revenue to Bhutan. A few months later when the DPT government came into power, that agreement was modified to give Bhutan only Rs. 210 millions in revenue. Why did the goverment reduce what Bhutan was supposed to get? Did some leaders get kickbacks from reducing Rs. 270 millions to the lottery agent? very suspicisous and the government has refused to accept that there is a big scam behind this. The government has instead closed down the lottery business shutting the flow of much-needed Indian Rs. for the country. With corruption, nothing works. Not economy, not good governance, not development, and certainly not GNH.

  21. Bahadur,

    Corruption per se is bad for the country; I think majority Bhutanese people would unquestionably agree to this statement and perhaps, may like to see a complete end to the corruption menace which if unchecked risks tearing apart our nation, But…..?

    How committed would you be in condemning real corruptions of all category in our country without Chang Ugyen’s DPT tag?

    Your writings tell me that behind this Bahadur and straight looking figure, we cannot say it for certain now whether or not it’s the nationalistic bahadur’s true voice championing for a noble cause in the greater interest of the nation.

    A true patriotic person would never use terms like “Hell with DPT’, but, rather view objectively at it as another individual’s corruption matter altogether.

    Now, how we address corruption issues is something that should receive the nation’s top priority and must be looked at it holistically and not in isolation as a case by case issue?
    If Chang Ugyen is guilty as alleged, then, deal it as an individual case.
    Why drag the DPT’s name into it?

    Was DPT in existence when this incident first took place?

    This statement in itself sounds distrustful, therefore, we cannot exactly rule out whether or not it qualified for its place here in the public domain based on a skewed resolution.

  22. Whichever way you look at corruption it is something evil and undesirable. It is bitterly detestable when it is committed by people with power and position. Punishing corrupt is expected to teach a-would-be corrupt from indulging in it. Corruption may have been committed in the past but detected only after certain lapse of time or oversight, or could have been intentionally buried under the carpet again because of influence and power. But this does not mean it can not be probed and dealt as per the law. But we should refrain from assuming that person or persons implicated in corruption is guilty as charged without thorough investigation by impartial authority. I am sure prevailing law or authority will do the needful and close the case with or without guilty verdict. Until such time, let us restrain ourselves from unnecessarily indulging in character assassination and stirring up hornet next.

    Also let us not drag political party in this particular case. Just because an alleged individual has political allegiance or hold important position in the party concerned it does not mean that the party concerned should be charged. If the individual is responsible for corruption he/she is solely responsible for it; otherwise, no one in Bhutan will be exonerated from corruption if corrupt individuals in the past or past are probed for their affiliation or allegiance to any offices, institution or families. Let sanity prevails and let law takes its course for sake of peace and harmony.


  23. Rabi Chhetri says

    Chang Ugyen is the Vice president of DPT, so why should the media and the public not mention and connect this two fact? The leaders are supposed to show good examples and be role models for our youths, not have used their public position to benefit themselves.

  24. Well done! Thats what a media should do rather than praising ones who do not deserve. It also indicates a positive growth in Bhutanese media. Till date our news papers are full positives about our top officers. And nothing bad has been told as the media is not strong enough. We expect our medida houses to dig and bring our complacent, greedy and self centered lyonpos/dashos for action under the rule of the law. If we Do not subdue evils, the good ones will not flourish.

  25. Rabi Chettri,

    Did this incident occur during Chang Ugyen’s tenure as VC of DPT?

    If so, then, yes!

    But, here, I think we have a situation which seems far short in distance into qualifying as a subject discussion matter, let alone having a grain of truth in this ‘make believe’ misleading story here.

    The truth is Chang Ugyen, then, as the Chang Gup and Chang Ugyen, now, as the VC of DPT is altogether a different chapter and therefore, the matter needs to be dealt separately.

    Given this, Mr. Rabi Chettri, in your otherwise Chettri’s shrewd cap, where do you find the ‘DPT connection question’ in this episode?

    I think in 1987 this popular DPT name did not even reached the embryo stage leave alone having taken birth then.

    Against this backdrop, how do you justify this submission of yours?

    Don’t you think that in this baseless DPT connection drive, you are unnecessarily embarking on something which risks damaging your image as a credible individual?

    Bhutanese people are sensitive to corruption issues no doubt, but, that doesn’t mean you can take easy rides on them and undermine their intelligence.

    If you are bent on playing the constructive individual citizenry role into tackling corruption issues for the greater common good, then, more than anything else, you must first learn to be a reliable citizen when it comes to setting the records straight.

    Frankly, I do not think that there would be many takers for your DPT connection story here.

    If it has been exclusively Chang Ugyen as an individual Chang Gup’s corruption case, then, maybe, people might like to see how things unfold on this front?

  26. Poonam, Rabi, Bahadhur, Chettri,
    Whatever name you use, it is very clear that you are out to settle a score with DPT. I hope you and for that matter Lamsang and his supporters will have the guts to face Chang Ugen in court and prove that he is guilty. If you can do that, hats off to all of you. If not keep your tails between your legs as you lot ususally do.

  27. Waiwai…
    There will be no smoke if there was no fire. I knew this issue long time back and was waiting to see how justice be given. I can only learn from the article that justice given to Chang Ugyen was very soft. Court just asked him to replace the land and has not detained him. IT ISNOT ENOUGH!! See how much this man would have destroyed if he had the guts to sell his own communities land. Surprisingly this bold corrupt man could masquerade and become an influential member in the ruling government.
    Now see his motive and the interest in politics.

    It is good that this paper ‘The Bhutanese’ could put this piece of info to public. Be it be political or individual, it is a corruption anyways.
    DPT might have made him the VP for not knowing about his past. But after the news the surprise is that the party whom I have supported and respected is quite and not taking any actions. I can only see DPT defending themselves and claiming it to be an old issue which everyone knows. There are better ways to do it. BUT punish this guy!!!

  28. Dorji Tenzin says

    Dear Lamsang,
    I really appreciate the effort you put up in reporting about the scam without fear or favour.
    You also highlighted in the ethics that you will report objectively. Well! the reportage is balanced but it is not really objective.
    Ojecrtivity in journalism is not only about an article with balanced opinion. It is also about balanced reporting and choosing of issues in a balanced way.

    You have been lambasting only DPT Candidates till now. How about PDP and its founders.Are they washed in milk? Are they covert financial supporters of your paper?

    I also feel that you are interfering with the editorial content of newspaper and writing. Though editor is Pakey Samal, i can really make out your writing there. For God’s sake, you are a CEO not editor.It ethically wrong.

    Few years back, reporters and editors from Bhutan Times resigned citing the interference from the Management. They came up with another newspaper called Journalist which was insulting to Bhutan Times…The journalist must have independence not interference.

  29. The Media shouldn’t connect the DPT and Chang Ugyen (since this is a case of pre-DPT days)as long as the DPT government doesn’t allow it’s shadow to conceal chang ugyen. If it does, DPT as a party would be responsible and answerable to the people for protecting a wrongdoer. There media has full right to say that chang ugyen has become immune to prosecution because he is the vice president of the ruling party.

  30. The fact is DPT hired this guy, so I think we should at least question their judgement. These days even to get most lowly jobs we have to produce security clearance, medical clearance etc., but big job such as vice president of the ruling party, I think they should have done their investigation and appointed a person that public can trust. This will only bite them in the behind.

  31. pem tshering says

    BNB, please realise that one cannot separate the individual from his society, nor the society from the individual. The two are interconnected and interdependent, which was why the PDP leader lost, too. Now if Chang Ugen is proven guilty, he must face the law under the same umbrella as the VP of the DPT. Our governemnt cannot have a corrupt man and in Chang Ugay´s case, an uneducated person, as the VP of the DPT. The people of Bhutan do have their rights to elect a better person, if not, a more educated person than Chang Ugay.

  32. Kelpazangla says

    Bhutanese society is sensitive to corruption, but how many Bhutanese can resist corruption practice given the opportunity.

    The next question is how much deeper/how far back into the history the anti-corruption action including digging information by Media/Tenzin Lamsang can go.

    To dismantle the wall of corruption, it is must to remove the foundation stones. If it is not corruption, how would Thimphu town expand day? How did late Lyonpo Dawa Tsering own one third of Thimphu? How did the left hand hillock of Semtokha Dzong become Om Gaon and opposite hillock become Dagoling? How does government reserve forestland (GRF) yesterday become private land today and a tall building stand tomorrow? If all these foudnation stones can be removed, the corruption wall will automatically fall down.

    Digging Chang Ugay’s corruption is important, but his alone will not address corruption challenges. Hats will be off to Media and Tenzin Lamsang if digging of the foundation is made possible to curb today’s corruption progress.

  33. TodayHappens says

    This guy during campaign time went around say many things regrading land if you peoples remember. Now it has been shown that he also is guilty of the same. That time he was given slap on the wrist from court peoples even that wrist slap was not followed by him. In other case with the smell of forgery man goes behind bar. In this case man has done forgery enjoying lands and he is asked nicely to return and then he does not. this guy has some guts! DPT members are scared of this guy how come? it seems like even court is scared of this guy. or maybe that is my mistake maybe he has very good friend everywhere. Why acc makes no good comment? looks like acc only has tooth for target and denture is taken out for others. Where is equity and justice? I think this is just slogan for vote. equity go to supporter and justice is just politics. this is looking like the truth now. thanks to Tenzin lamsang for this article but please keep up the good job and don’t get messed up in this mess game.

  34. I welcome the “Bhutanese” digging up corruption issues so that those caught up in it are punished severely. I also hope that they do live up to their editorial policies as mentioned by the OL and if he is do that, Tenzing Lamsang will surely have to revisit the medical scam involving an officer working at the Bhutanese Embassy in Bangkok sometime last year. How can an amount of THB 18 million disappear and reappear as if nothing happened. If he does not, then we can all assume that his paper will certainly be up to no good.

  35. One day people will ask not to charge a person who committed corruption a day before. I think digging and uncovering few cases by Tenzin Lamsang doesn’t mean that he have to dig each and every corruption cases of the past. He is doing those cases that he have enough evidences. Corruption is corruption only whether one have committed in past or present, he/she should be charge and one have a right to surface it out if he/she gets enough evidences to prove. We can’t just steal today and escape tomorrow saying its the case of past…

  36. Tenzin Lamsang,
    Is there no corrupt man from PDP?

  37. Pem Tshering wrote: “Now if Chang Ugen is proven guilty, he must face the law under the same umbrella as the VP of the DPT.”

    Pem Tshering,

    By your own statement what do you understand of the word “if”?

    Does it mean already pronounced guilty or yet to be decided?

    I think this very word “if” has completely deduced your whole submission to a huge meaningless void statement.

    Please take your “individual – society – individual separate story” to the jungle society.

    You are a confused person yourself and haven’t yet faintly got anywhere near to understanding the true meaning of the word “separately” in my article.

    The decision of appointing Chang Ugyen as the VP of DPT must have been based on the collective wisdom of the DPT members themselves.

    For that matter, why should the DPT seek the PDP Pem Tshering’s advice?

    Why should his qualification and other capability aspects bother people in the opposition camp?

    If for some reasons, the DPT made a wrong decision in selecting the right candidate, then, it’s at their own peril.

    Therefore, until he has been proven guilty in a court of law, no one has the authority to issue that blind verdict, not even Mr. Pem Tshering.

    If we knowingly give into such pressure group’s interest, then, that would be tantamount to following the jungle law.

  38. there is really something fishy about this paper…we will know after one or two editions…

  39. With Democracy every thing we do is being linked to politics. Those who come under the media scanner always use ‘Politics’ to their benefit to divert the subject. In our society, which is very small, it is difficult to prove one’s neutrality.

    But we have to understand that there are other things above Democracy and Politics. In Chang Ugay’s case he has forged; he has claimed public land; and he has misused the the authority of his office. Yet many are willing to forget and forgive stating it is a political move.

    If we cannot move beyond believing that not all is about politics, I think democracy is not finding firm roots. When Equality and Justice have been promised, I expect the govt to fulfill this campaign promise, instead of sweeping their garbages under the carpet. This govt is setting many unwanted precedents which future govts can use to their benefit, and this does not deem well for our country.

  40. Yes, Falcon, how right you are!!!!! its not about politics it about setting precedence to our future of the country. Ofcourse chang ugay is a DPT man therefore he is linked with DPT and so if any other person who is in other parties. BNB keeps saying that this happened before DPT came to power but he is the VC of DPT and what happens next. Therefore, the credibility of DPT is linked to him. Otherwise ask him to resign on moral grounds and lets see what happens. When it comes to applicability of law he has to face it. Forgery is a crime and esp when it happened when he was in the office…. therefore he is on equal ground with any other person for that matter.

  41. FALCON wrote: “ In Chang Ugay’s case he has forged; he has claimed public land; and he has misused the the authority of his office. Yet many are willing to forget and forgive stating it is a political move.”

    My friend FALCON, you are completely blind marching on a mistaken path!

    No, we are not trying to protect anybody here.

    Our main bone of contention here surrounds alongside this very statement of yours here.

    Whether or not Chang Ugyen is guilty as alleged, only the concerned legal institutions shall decide and not somebody in the likes of FALCON or BAHADUR.

    By the sheer announcement of such unproven statements randomly within some quarters, following which, if bulk of our decision is to be dependent alongside these tenets, then, why have our courts in place?

    Are we then going to understand that people under the brackets of FALCON, BAHAHUR and the media houses etc at large are then to be seen as the today’s supreme justice dispensing body?

    If so, then, in this, we will be setting a very bad precedent.

    For instance, tomorrow, if another newspaper comes up with one more tabloid story on some individuals, are we then, going to implicate him/her on the spot as guilty just because a newspaper has run a scandalous article?

    Don’t you think that the accused person by way of his/her right deserves to be given a chance to prove his innocence in a court of law?

    If this is the kind of lawlessness society that we are trying to push into taking firm roots by way of a democracy culture, then, I am sorry, I will not be a party to this.

    Only after a verdict has been reached against the motion and if that person still continues holding the public post even after such announcements, then, in that case, it would be reasonable to ask the government to take action on him.

    And if they don’t, I think, the public can send their reminder notes to them in the same fashion.

    That’s way there is no need to be in such a big hurry and make such unwarranted hue and cry as though the sky’s going to fall down like mentality if Chang Ugyen has been left free.

    I am confident that at least under the present top DPT leadership of JYT, things would be viewed from its true perspectives.

    If matter warrants taking action, I think, he will do it without hesitation and at the same time, he seems to be kind of a person who would not bulge under pressure and take wrong decision.

    That’s the quality of a true leadership.

    By the way, I am not in any way closely affiliated with the DPT party or for that matter the JYT himself.

    Tomorrow, if we cross each other on the street, JYT will look at me with a total stranger’s gaze because he does not know me personally.

    This remark here about him has been made by me exclusively in the capacity of a concerned nation loving citizen’s prisms.

    I hope he continues steering the government in the same praiseworthy fashion so that my statement on him does not come under attacks in future.

    He is a great leader besides our beloved Kings and indeed, their true ambassador to the people.

    He is our national asset so let’s be a reasonable citizen in preserving such assets.

    I think Bhutan is too small for him.

  42. I concur with the views expressed by BNB. Let us deposit faith in the ultimate guardian of democracy that is justices system. Let court or ACC decide the case on its own merits or demerits. The media houses must not only target a specific political party or individuals affiliated with it, but should expose corruption if it exists elsewhere—otherwise the media will lose credibility of being fair and impartial.

    Media must not sell its soul to vested interest groups and act as their moth piece or foot soldier. Like court, media must uphold the principle of justices and impartiality. By the way, do we have have such media in Bhutan???


  43. What ever it may be, The Bhutanese has done a great job in exposing the truth. And Thanks to OL for bringing this issue for discussion in his forum.
    As a concerned citizen, whether Chang Ugay has been involved in corrupt practices year ago or decade ago, he has been involved in corruption. And this is the fact. Therefore, we demand thorough investigation by ACC and other concerned agencies without bias and he should be booked at the earliest.

  44. The Bhutanese and Lamsang has done a great service to the country especially as it is not easy to criticize people in power.

    Lamsang’s paper continues the good work after his earlier invetigative stories on Bjemina, yabs stone quarries in wnagdi, MoH scam, lottery, gyelpozhing etc.

    Also looking at the list of above stories i would say Lamsang is the only brave journalist who has attacked both PDP and DPT.

    We should all support him and The Bhutanese if we want to see an end to corruption and abuse of power in Bhutan.

  45. Yes, its a work well done. BNB you make me grin wide. You are really working hard and can see that you really love this guy and the party. JYT must get in touch with you so that you will get instant promotion as the ambassador of Thailand or to any other post. Hve fun supporting for the cause.

  46. tenzin wangmo says

    Why are we discussing dpt and pdp here? Let us look at the facts and the fact is that DPT vice president had been involved in a 3,000 lakhs, that is in excess of 300,000,000 worth of community land as a gup and now he is the dpt vice president. Did judiciary go soft on the man who was involved in a forgery? Didn’t a few officials of the Ministry of education lose their jobs for a mere thousands on forgery case? Is this DPT’s equity and justice?

  47. BNB…..I made my comments as a neutral individual and since I know that Chang Ugay’s case was in court even before The Bhutanese published the article. My opinion is not blindly influenced by my dislike or hatred for Chang Ugay, because I have never met him. I must have seen him on TV a long time back but I would not recognize him if I see him on the street. Therefore, my opinion is not against Chang Ugay for the person he is, or the post he holds as the DPT Vice President. My comments are against Chang Ugay, the man who used the authority of his office to swindle the people and the previous governments of Bhutan for personal gain, and I resent the fact that he forged documents which is I think a very serious crime in Bhutan and also elsewhere.

    When a monk and many others are in jail for possession of few packets of tobacco worth less than Nu. 200, I resent the fact that a man walks scot free after pocketing Nu 300m worth of public property. Newspapers bring out issues and it is for the readers to check the facts. And what I see is the issue of Chang Ugay being linked to politics, and diverted from the facts that he has committed a serious crime.

    In 2008 I felt that JYT is the person to lead our country, and today also I have the same opinion. But come 2013, I hope this does not change because if the DPT govt cannot live up to its Equity and Justice slogan, I would say many would be forced to vote for other parties. Chang Ugay has come under media probe, and the issue is more delicate because he the VP of DPT. But should my judgement or the judgement of the law change because of that?

    BNB, I do not accuse you of being a JYT fan or a DPT supporter. The law of the land has given us the right to vote and to support the ideals we believe in. I feel if the DPT cannot keep a clear line between Politics and Corruption, I think it will not fare well in 2013. That it why I said some are willing to forgive and forget.

  48. Kelpazangla says

    “By the sheer announcement of such unproven statements randomly within some quarters, following which, if bulk of our decision is to be dependent alongside these tenets, then, why have our courts in place?”

    This above statement of BNB holds great meaning….I fully agree. The Bhutanese, Tenzing Lamsang as a media/man has done its/his job of informing fellow citizens of an unethical practice. Great! But, it is also unethical to belief blindly on something that is reported in a media paper. There are responsible agencies to verify and chargesheet such cases. Only when the Court Verdict is passed proving the accused guilty, then we the citizens should condemn the person. Not so early and not based on media information.

    Let us all mature together!

  49. I think it is false to say the case against Chang Ugyen was unproven, because the paper clearly states that the court issued a verdict against him, stating that he should replace the land, which means he is guilty.

  50. People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

    We do not forgive we do not forget

    We are Anon!

  51. Can we have a ‘Meet the Press’ that centers around other things than a personal confrontation between PM and Tenzin Lamsang. Long time ago it was Lottery and Tax Hike, but now it is Chang Ugay. I might just decide not to attend the monthly Press Meets anymore. Either Lamsang should not report on DPT and PM sensitive issues, or PM should stop taking things too personally. Let us remember that other people are also there.

  52. This discussion is very politicized. Everyone can read this as debate between PDP and DPT.

    I think The Bhutanese has only mentioned the designation of Chang Ugye. I don’t see any problem in mentioning it.

  53. If one trys to accuse the bhutanese for mentioning DPT vice president Chang Ugyen in its news report, then one should also accuse for addressing PM JYT, King JKNW…..

  54. BNB is all right in his way but his writtings do sounds like coming from DPT table.

  55. I support “masala media” February 24, 2012 at 10:51 am

  56. Lamzang’s paper refuted the PM’S Clarification and it is becoming too personal.Why the hell CEO is running the editorial as well as news editing?

    OL..can your PDP’s supporters come up with another paper? You have business Bhutan, Bhutan Times, Druk Neytshel and now Bhutanese to support you. They are either owned by your party’s supporters or finaciers.

    Why didn’t coming of other papers merit mention in your blog? Tenzin Lamzang can dig out old issues so that opposition leader has something to comment. I don’t really think opposition leader is getting paid because he works hard to comment on Lamzang’s or anti-government paper’s issues.

    PDP had nothing to offer in 2008 and we know your party will have nothing to offer in 2013.

    Anyway, best of luck……

  57. I read most of the pieces and found two sets of arguments; 1 for and 1 against but both not finding their feet on firm ground. It could have been anybody, why Chang Ugay? say for instance, Ap Zedey Bau was the VC, DPT and found out that his reputation wasn’t good enough to be the VC! The question here, as far as the DPT connection is concerned,is who, how and why was Ap Zedey Bau elected/selected/appointed as the VC? Are all election/selection/appointment done in this fashion. This is why the connection between the two and should not amount to character assassination by any measure or standard. Digging is good for us because we have a poor recorded recent past history, all buried under lot of muck. Gyelposhing case would never have seen the daylight and poor people pushed back into historical oblivion while undeserving people enjoyed unwarranted benefit!

  58. tenzin wangmo says

    Gyelpozhing land scam

  59. Let hope that the paper its promise to “…be impartial and not favor any political party, business house, organization and prominent individuals.”

  60. theribari says

    Lamsang is a crusader alright but a crusader for tarnishing the image of the DPT. He is carrying his personal feud with PM too far by singling out DPT leaders. I hope that future editions will be more balanced politically and reflect a broader agenda than what it obviously has at the moment.

  61. As far as i know lamsang is neither for DPT nor PDP but he is for bhutan and the people of bhutan.

    We need lamzang to teach these so called high class people who have been grabbing our lands from beneath our feet and the jobs of our chidren.

    lamzang is also the only journalist who has bashed both PDP and then DPT.

  62. If one is wrong then sure every paper will be against that one. Tenzin Lamsang…please bring more n more of such cases, thats like a real newspaper when others are only praising government on nothing. Enough lip service we received from present government, people trusted their lip service and elected them but what is that…a full of corruption involved in that party..a head to toe…huh….

  63. Kelpazangla says

    The underlying intentions of The Bhutanese and Tenzing Lamsang has been well established by some good writer, rNalByorpa, in Becareful in believing blindly in TL’s writings and pointing fingers at each other (DPT and PDP supporters).

    The intention lurking behind TL’s writings are not really political but to kill politics and democracy in Bhutan. The writings and the paper invites serious analysis. The name, “The Bhutanese” of the paper itself speaks loud enough, the intention!

  64. I read the post on and found the biased opinions of a govt (DPT) stooge wrutten all over it. If it was a crime scene the place is ridden with clues making it easy to place that the writer sees only the possibility of bringing the DPT and PDP, and all the people against Tenzing Lamsang and the Bhutanese.

    I walk in town a lot and there is no rumor that the Bhutanese is funded by forces intent on disrupting democracy in Bhutan. The rumor going around is that Tenzing Lamsang has tons of information on corruption and the govt is trying to bar him because most of the people involved are DPT and friends of DPT. The rumor going around is that the govt even tried to stop licensing the Bhutanese. while the writer expresses the opinions of a few people, this is the rumor going around with the masses on the street. If democracy does not find grow in Bhutan, much of it can be credited to the govt, which is sweeping many corruption cases under the carpet. The case of MPs using their influence to place excavators in PHPA is shut. The Bhutan Lottery, which involves people from a security guard to ministers is also shut. When millions are siphoned and if journalists keep shut, I do not know if they can find peace. The writer’s intention of defaming Tenzing Lamsang and the Bhutanese, is very much evident through out his article and so is the fact that the writer is in some way associated with people involved in corruption.

    If Tenzing Lamsang is a non-national as the writer says, the authority should not have given him a license in the first place. By issuing him a license the authorities accept that he is a Bhutanese. If we go by assumptions there are many people in high places whose origin can be questioned.

    Why should we not be concerned about the past. Id the writer suggesting that corruption in the past should be let off? Is he suggesting that if people can embezzle and not get caught for 5 years, the case should be forgotten? If so, the race henceforth would be towards full corruption and the efforts not to be caught for a few years. This truly is not one of the pillars of democracy, or any form of governance. I doubt the sanity of the writer.

  65. Some people here are accusing ‘The Bhutanese’ of being a pro PDP paper and lamsang a PDP sympathizer.

    Than can someone explain to me why a PDP paper would blow up yab’s phobjika case all over the front page on ‘The Bhutanese’ today when even pro govt papers are afraid to write about it.

  66. Aku, I think you are right. When people feel that someone is not with them, they automatically think that person is on the other side. Bhutan’s democracy is at such a stage where we know only 2 political parties, DPT and PDP. And at this point of time ‘The Bhutanese’ is the most prominent vocal newspaper, and since DPT is the ruling party, it is only natural that most issues raised by the media will be about the DPT. After all what is there to write about the PDP, which does not have any responsibility.

    That is why DPT is branding all vocal media houses as PDP supporters, even though most media houses are trying to be apolitical. And the DPT govt may even be using this to attack the media houses, especially the Bhutanese. After all it looks like DPT has no stand against the media houses except to tag them as PDP supporters. I know many people who still do not support any party, or are still royalists. DPT in doing this could actually push such neutral people to be PDP.

    But in all, the Govt’s response to the issues raised by the media have been weak.

  67. Nyamgawaitosa says

    Good for PDD if that happens. BUT this could be wishful thinking and it is more likely to work the other way.

  68. It could be good not only for PDP but also for the other new parties. I do not think it could work the other way round. I know the average Bhutanese is vindictive. It is just a neutral stance that I take.

  69. ACC n Lamzang n other media are like small puppies barking at a pack of Lions or Tigers eating the dead body’s carcass.
    The fact is our people (Bhutanese people)are like the carcass of dead sheep and our Royals,Government,Judicial system,dashos are all Lions and Tigers.
    Bark how much the little canines but becareful of the paws of big canines! hahahahahaha….

  70. Before i was very happy and felt fortunate to be Bhutanese citizen but now i am feeling i wish i were born at some part of world after knowing much on every policy. Here in Bhutan the policy are made to free high people. Due to free policy for big people all the land scam and corruption has occured.

  71. yes true for many under priviledge Bhutanese people.But one thing i really wonder is why Bhutanese people still carry that serfdom attitudes to high level people!!Why are Bhutanese try to differ by their valleys and hill locks?why are they so valley minded.Why are they no broad minded?

  72. Hey guys,,, Am a apolitical bhutanese citizen and just wanted to share dis to you all… IF you know plz just leave after reading and for those who dont know take dis as a point to be noted… The Bhutanese is doing an excellent job and taking out some corrupted citizen in their media.. But what i feel is that DPT government is having no fault at all as this corruption is a decade old case. Till now no body has courage to print in media.. but dis paper did it… CHEERS FOR THE BHUTANese..

  73. Its so sick to read all the views shared by the people of Bhutan.. .WE have to be happy and united to sustain peace and harmony in our country,…

  74. The story of collusion of a local gup and a survey officer in a land grab incident is very much a possibility and should therefore be probed into seriously for justice to prevail.

    We await the ACC action

  75. Seldom is truth spoken in anonymity .However for a small close knit society this forum is a God send. Here as to be expected ,are groups often individuals reinventing themselves all with the thought of making themselves heard.
    We have come this far guided by visionary Kings who love their Country above All else .but look at us ,yes all of us scattered against each other drawing imaginary lines that never existed before.
    While we point fingers appalled by the shenanigans of the past,stop and think awhile,where do we draw the line? Are we going to spend all our energies defaming each other? We have worthy agencies who’s job it is to look into such matters.
    It is becoming habit to criticize .usually led by vested interest groups and their cohorts.If we love our Country as I am indeed all of us do,let us critique not criticize .the former is constructive and progressive.the latter only wants blood.

  76. No rally,protests in Bhutan Mr.tsering Tobgay.

  77. worrisome says

    I noticed few people who are going with PDP President are not really a PDP supporter.
    They talk so harsh to people which can change the mindset of supporters. PDP President, you have to mend their behavior.

  78. Sonam Haap says

    The Bhutanese is representing his group of Bhutanese.

    Tshering Tobgay has forgotten that he owns a blog and through it he began the war. Its chilling, he has encouraged people to compare us (Royals ) to scavengers and Bhutanese people to animal carcasses.

    Tshering Tobgay will repent his own endeavour. To bring security Mahakala and other protecting deities should be offered his blood. Our country cannot remain safe, nor the Bhutanese people if people like Tshering Tobgay remain alive and constantly nourish extreme sentiments against us, Dashos and Bureaucrats. May our people accept that we Royals are as humble as themselves and genuinely Bhutanese as them.

    This website is purposefully put forward and Tsheringtobgay is born to serve his blood to our protective deities.

    We will have an honour festival in Bhutan. In that we will offer human blood to our protective deities to please them. It’s been too long this devine offering has not been held, Tsheringtobgay is The Chosen one.

    Palden Lhamo will assume her Throwa form if Tshering Tobgay’s blood is not offered. If he is a true leader, he will willingly offer himself in the wellbeing of our Nation. On 13th May, He will head towards nirvana in complete bliss of Buddhahood.

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