The Journalist?

Politicians and political parties love media coverage.

The Journalist, a weekly paper, has featured PDP on its cover, directly or indirectly, in four of its last 8 issues.

Therefore, PDP must be happy. Right?

Not exactly. Every one of The Journalist’s stories on PDP during the last two months has a negative bias. And almost every one of them seems to be intended to undermine the PDP, and to discredit its president.

The Journalist began their 1st April cover story by telling readers that:

The talk in town is that Gasa MP, Damchoe Dorji, the only opposition member apart from the opposition leader, may not continue in the People’s Democratic Party should he decide to run in 2013. This will have huge implications, sources say.

“If Damchoe Dorji leaves PDP, this will badly dent the image and credibility of the party and its attempt to resuscitate itself,” said a civil servant. “This will also be a huge blow in particular to the Opposition Leader whose ability to lead will be under scrutiny.”

And in their editorial of the same issue, The Journalist writes that:

With their candidates switching parties and most PDP supporters not very keen to have the opposition leader Tshering Tobgay as the party president, 2013 does not seem to be as exciting as it should be for them.

The cover story of The Journalist’s last issue in April, on 29th April, focuses on PDP’s leadership problems. And most of that issue’s editorial is devoted to explaining why, because of PDP’s debts, the party may not be able to register for the 2013 elections.

Three weeks later, on 20th May, the day after the PDP’s general convention, The Journalist again featured PDP on its cover page, and again talked about the eminent demise of PDP. According to The Journalist, PDP’s new president, who is not trustworthy and who is not likeable, could be “presiding over its funeral”. The story goes on to say that, “almost all the capable candidates from the PDP have already left the party”, quoting unnamed “observers”.

The next week, on 27th May, The Journalist again devoted their cover page on PDP. But the party is painted as “almost a dead horse” and its president is portrayed as unable to lead. And again, The Journalist goes to great lengths to try to convince readers that most of PDP’s earlier candidates have left the party.

I’m flattered that The Journalist considers the PDP worthy of so much attention. Being featured no less than four times in barely two months on the cover of a weekly newspaper is noteworthy. But I’m amused at their determination considering that there’s so much real news competing for the nation’s attention. And I’m amused at their persistence in writing and rewriting the PDP obituary.

Thankfully, The Journalist is read by very few. And thankfully those who read it, don’t take their stories too seriously. It’s quite easy to spot what The Journalist is up to.


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  1. Who is this journalist who writes about PDP. What is he/she upto. Is he from the east or west or north or south. I the journalist educated and does he/she have a degree. I am not sure and I am hearing about this journalist for the first time today.

  2. The Journalist is newspaper company set up by a group of young over educated people who betrayed Bhutan times. They dont know what they are doing….

  3. TheJournalist—by its name should be a paper run by true journalists,experienced and qualified….. And, apparently, it seems they are doing the job sincerely, the characteristics of a journalistic spirit….but i, m not convinced if they are covering the stories untrue or covering up the stories worth covering about PDP…. Is Bhutanese Media opiners or truth diggers?……..

  4. journalist just wrote the truth and maybe, truth is hard to digest!……

  5. Young Mind says

    Media is the backbone of Democracy today. Media like The Journalist should be unbiased. They should always be an ‘Information disseminator’ not ‘Information Discriminator’

    Like it or not,we the youth of Bhutan can generally say that OL and PDP are doing fine with two just Two of them trying to check whole battalion who may sometime lead to bitter destination knowingly or unknowingly.

    If you folks do not agree, then beg the government to give succinct solution without jargon and ambiguity on rupee crunch.

  6. Young Mind says

    @ Jila. They might have written the truth, but for what reason, and for whom? Well, the direct answer is for Bhutan. rite? Then why they are just focusing only on PDP-covering 4 issues on PDP alone out of eight issues. The point here is, Hegemony and bureaucracy. The media party should always be in between the fence. They should not spur the strength of strong and suppress the weakness of weak.

    Before scrutinizing the prospects of democracy, it would be genuine of our media are professional and DEDICATED. The media person would be over educated, but the ethics comes from wisdom, and wisdom comes from right motivation. So, let us pray that our only solace of democracy,ie MEDIA to foster democracy with equanimity, and professionalism.

  7. I read all the stories, it does not sound unbiased. It’s not that all the stories demean the party. I think it is just pointing a finger at the credibility of the president.

    I always know the opposition leader was not a credible person. With this blog entry, I have lost the little respect I had for him.

    Learn to digest the truth. Shame on you sir

  8. The Journalist is going to the least of the OL’s headaches, there is talk that the DPT is launching another paper of their own financed by fronting queen Am Damcho and fronting entrepreneur Kashi Stores.

  9. Young Bhutan says

    You reap what you sow.

    The Journalist can’t be ‘biased’. And the OL cannot be ‘petty’. I can see what both of you are like, and what both of you are upto.

    Why can’t people be sensible (atleast sometimes)?

  10. Phurba,

    That is an extremely good news … so finally we are going to see some balance in biased reporting.

  11. Sorry OL, but I do not read the Journalist, so I have not come across the articles that you mentioned. Right from their inception the Journalist’s credibility has been in question, esp their content, quality, and motives..I hear that they serve as the government’s mouthpiece and never ever write anything against the government. Fair reporting indeed! Its no wonder very few people read it.

  12. dear ol, stop being so immature. you obviously have zero leadership quality, being so petty and getting upset with a newspaper and saying no one reads them. how can u be so sure – you seem to be reading it.
    for all the crap you write against the government, you can’t even stand to hear the truth written about your own party.

  13. Journalist, is a paper lead by Tenzin Rigden in disguise. And you know Tenzin Rigden, he is P.M’s man. Believe it or not, after 2008 election, he even accompained PM in his trip to Delhi for the NIIT deal.

    And as OL mentioned, Journalist is read by very few. until now i didn’t know that Journalist had such coverages. Don’t worry OL, this time we won’t be mislead.

    We trust you more then PM trusting Rigden.

  14. norboo ongchuk says

    Journalist is a newspaper run by an illiterate CEO, and edited by non other than Tenzin Rigden even as he keeps saying that he has left the media for good, and not realizing that his new organization has also got to do pretty much with media and related issues, just do not bother what they write about. At least they have the freedom to write about anybody and anything as long as they write what is true, and for that matter, people will decide who is telling the truth and who is lying most of the time.

  15. Jouranilist newspaper always criticise government and this is newspaper needs professional reporters…

  16. haha .. taliking about THE JOURNALIST- yeh the paper run by an illiterate CEO and its publications filled with ‘gossips’ initiated by the editor herself!!! and they claim it as feature writing. haha. . i dont have much to say about the paper.. go get a copy and find it out for yourself.

  17. oh i almost forgot Tenzin Rigden (sir Rigden) – PM’s puppet.. obvious puppet!!

  18. Young Bhutan says

    If there is anything that stands on the path to PDP’s success in 2013, it is this – the OL’s credibilty as a leader.

    He thinks the way to success is by accussing whoever and whatever his petty mind sees as a Ghost!

    If you don’t believe me, just wait and see!

  19. It is good that the credibility of the OL is questioned…. Leadership is different from bickering in the parliament….

    Dasho Damchoe is better than you. Isn’t he? Just answer it…If yes, why are you the President and OL…

  20. The Journalist owner, Sonam Gyeltshen, neither supports the DPT nor PDP, or any other party for that matter. The owner Sonam Gyeltshen is a wannabe media tycoon who is restricted by his own lacking; one of which is qualification. Nonetheless, we must appreciate the person for his achievements, & the system which provides this opportunity to each and everyone. As far as Sonam Gyeltshen is concerned he wants to run a thriving business which will give him a little above decent living.

    If management interference in editorial is a concern related to this matter, Sonam Gyeltshen can be credited with none of his own. At times he is not even aware of what is published in his own newspaper even a week or two later. BICMA here must give few points to The Journalists CEO for his complete non-management interference in editorial.

    If The Journalist as a newspaper has biased opinions, yet I will not blame Sonam Gyeltshen. Unless someone makes it a point to tell him, he will not even know whether his newspaper is politically biased or not. What is the problem then? It is Sonam Gyeltshen’s closeness to Tenzin Rigden. They are cousins and S Gyeltshen lets T Rigden have a free hand in controlling the editorial of The Journalist. Here BICMA must deduct few points.

    T Rigden is a DPT henchman, who was in the PM’s media office for sometime. His support to DPT is not a secret and he was involved in many of the ruling government’s strategies to tame the Bhutanese media. It is also not a secret of T Rigden’s hatred for PDP, the reason of which is unclear. But T Rigden has surely made The Journalist to launch his attacks against PDP, and BICMA has not even raised a finger to object.

    OL, it is not Sonam Gyeltshen but T Rigden who is firing those missiles at you and PDP.

  21. constitution says

    what is cooking in this forum……Mr. OL and his petty supporters in this forum seem to have lost their own mind.

    You guys don’t mind maligning every move the govt. moves and now the person who read the very news paper and seem to be following its publications every week, claim the paper is read by very few and completely disregard not realizing his own loopholes…If something is written, there should be some truth in it, may not be 100% but you OL need to realize, when u point one figure to others, u are pointed by rest 4 fingures at urself… so here, WHY are you not able to digest that u r not credible leader and do not deserve ur post, a default post and now your petty supporters whom PDP might have invested with few lakhs during last election claim this is done by the GOVT…. shame on you……all…get ready for harsh slaughter in 2014,.DPT may not win by this margin, but for sure DPT is to stay and hope new parties will come up with great leaders not like we have now in the OL………

  22. Nima Tshering says

    dear OL and pity supporters!
    I do not read often but whenever I get chance to read I choose “The Journalist”- the newspaper with story. How many times the said paper would have written about the govt especially during their down times ? But i have never seen PM expressing his grievances and discrediting the newspaper like our OL. He in fact respected every newspaper with equality. Democracy is government of criticism and if you cannot stand constructive criticism of the public, it undermines your own leadership quality. when you have a more important work of running a country as a constitutional opposition leader, how do u manage time to compare and make writing out of such a small and truthful things.
    sir, i think you have more important responsibilities to shoulder than making mere publicity of the government.

  23. @Nima Tshering – The PM need not discredit a paper on public forum. He launches a coordinated attack on the newspaper by closing govt advertising which in bhutan is the sole tap of revenue for all kind of newspapers. If a particular newspaper writes against the govt in the interest of the general public, its suicide!!! we wish to read quality content in all newspapers and we certainly dont want the PM to stop that in his own draconian ways!!!!!!

  24. Nima Tshering says

    I agree with you that the sole revenue for newspaper business in Bhutan depend upon the number of ads and other publicity they get from the general public. But I don’t find any truth when you say ‘PM launches a coordinated on the private newspapers in Bhutan’, instead Bhutan is running out of the readers of so much private print media. In the recent years people found newspaper to be a easy and profitable business and everyone jumped into in for their own “suicide” and not by this government. This is the real problem in Bhutan that whenever they start any business they never innovate or create any new and challenging businesses rather they(private newspaper owner) not only discredit themselves but also affect those who were running the paper successfully.
    Therefore, it is not the PM or his government who let the newspaper die or suicide but strangled themselves. It is therefore very crucial to produce and write story and news like “The Journalist” to survive and strive in ever growing competitions. cheers !

  25. the Journalist paper write opinion piece article and feature only. i read their story on PDP, what they have written was all pre-empt story based on their interest.
    practice ethical journalism.

  26. Totally agree with Nima Tshering.

    The promoters decided that there was this huge chunk of government ad money that they can sit back and enjoy. They forgot to realize that others would think like they did. All of a sudden, they now find the market place being strewn with inappropriate number of competition vying for the same pot of pie. As a result, they are at the verge of bankruptcy.

    Unfortunately, they haven’t learnt their lesson. They are still hankering after the government for ad money. They are incapable of realizing that the only way to remain afloat in the long term is to be competitive, imaginative, hardworking and forward thinking. The media houses are still trying to tell the government that they need help and that they need the ad money to solve their problems. They aren’t talking of working hard. It is a pity.

    Regarding the Journalist’s not-too-complimentary articles on the OL, I think the OL needs to be a little more tolerant. Being in the business of politics, they are material for public debate. Not all views are going to be good all the time. The Journalist is certainly entitled to express their views as they see it.

  27. gamingumin says

    Dear OL
    Are you sure that in its 20 May issue the Journalist talked about the EMINENT, and not the IMMINENT demise of PDP?

    Somewhat like PLAGUE instead of PLAQUE which you had pointed out.

  28. How easy it is to be the Opposition Leader. Really no work. Just to ride Bicycle, hang in the town and rummage through the newspapers, and write against the government. Don’t you think the job of a Opposition party is risk-free, labor-free, and easy?

  29. metho pema says

    Like less people read The Journalist as said by the OL, i guess fewer of us who have been supporting PDP for the past years go through his blog as well.

    I dont know about others, but me, i want to cry at the leader we have. OL should sit is a calm place and reflect on what you have been doing and trying to do. If you can find out atleast a part of human being you are, you will cry at yourself too.

    Why do you only write those articles and dont respond the comments?

    Never seen PM get pissed with people who write bad things about DPT even if some things were not true. But our OL, whats wrong? Were you brought up the wrong way? Look at PM and compare yourself with him, he’s so noble and you are just otherwise.

    With this attitute to want only good things happen to you, you will lose all our support. We want good leaders.

    If Dasho Damcho agrees, why dont you request him to take up the presidential post?

    And please respond to our comments. I know you have a very raging heart.

  30. (norboo ongchuk June 5, 2012 at 6:13 pm Journalist is a newspaper run by an illiterate CEO, and edited by non other than Tenzin Rigden even as he keeps saying that he has left the media for good)
    norboo ongchuk is something like you are teaching to Buddha,if u think CEO of journalist is illiterate,than what about you ?
    because educated person will never write like you,you are egoistic and jealous for the success of his paper since it is the one of the most read paper in Bhutan.if you are educated,than why cant you compete with an illiterate man,illiterate man is serving to the country by employing more than 70 employee,but what about you?you seems to be poker and CHAMCHA and i assure you that he is fur more better than you in any form and yes RIGDEN the puppet to PM,because he is highly qualified and they seek a help from will never success in your life for you ego and hypocrisy.(write me at

  31. “OL” = Oppressed Leader
    Stop blogging, cycling and poking. Better be shame than shameless. You have not done anything except writing nonsense. You have no rights to say anything about the journalism ethics. Better stop pointing fingers, you have no background on journalism. You are my cousin but I don’t like your attitudes. “STOP WRITING”

  32. Dear sir oL
    i really appreciate your way of opposing the new government. as i am being the trainee of journalist i strongly support them and sir should still continue the greatest job la. may god bless u longer la

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