Impersonating anyone on social media is easy. All that’s needed is to create an account using that person’s name, photo and other relevant information. And the impersonator is in business.

We’ve seen one person impersonate the prime minister on Twitter. And another person, also on Twitter, has been going around as MP Tshering Penjor. More recently, someone has opened a Facebook page pretending to be me.

I don’t mind impersonators on social media, especially if their purpose is to expose and make fun of the stupidity and excesses of public officials. This type of satire could generate much-needed laughter, while also subtly passing on important messages to the public as well as the targeted official.

But it’s dangerous, and unacceptable, when impersonators become impostors. The purpose of impersonators is to entertain and to poke fun at public officials. The purpose of impostors is to deceive and mislead the public.

The person who pretends to be me on Facebook is an impostor. That impostor has used my name with my photograph to deceive my Facebook followers that Bhutanomics is run by PDP and The Bhutanese. In fact, that impostor even misled BBS into believing that it was really me.

I’ve expressed my views, even very critical ones, openly and honestly during my term as MP. I’ve done so in the Parliament, in the media, when interacting with the public, and on my blog, Facebook and Twitter. I do not need (thankfully) the cover of anonymity to discharge my duties as a member of the opposition party. And no, I do not have any thing to do with Bhutanomics.

I wrote about Bhutanomics because I’m against illegal censorship. But there’s a bigger reason I wrote about it:  I’m frightened that any one who can order the illegal closure of a website could also, just as easily, order phone conversations to be tapped and SMS messages to be tracked, illegally.



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  1. Kinley Wangchuk says

    Its good that the cloud of doubts is now clear.

  2. With the elections due in a few months, dirty games are expected from all quarters. Bhutanese people must realize that unethical practices will come into play. If this was an intent to discredit the OL or the party, I am happy it did not work. Also happy because it has made me wary of the intent of others.

  3. Its good that OP is always open in his statement and respect him. I think the impersonator is someone who is Pro-DPT or some people employed by DPT to defame PDT.

    Any way I am always with PDP.

  4. i am a less foll than an humble bhutanese, sorry to remind you your flaws but how comes the very page you have been using for years is named a page of imposters?

  5. I think the OL has some explaining to do, as ‘ONE’ above says, the same facebook page has been in operation for years and there were no complaints. Also, the write-ups/photos on that page would have been impossible for an impostor to obtain.

    But as the OL has strongly denied it his page, in-spite of my comments, I give him the benefit of the doubt.

  6. This is good that you are trying to bring the truth out. However, it may be pertinent for Lyonpo to pursue the matter further, since a lot of doubt and speculation is rift. Most of the people are saying that it is your personal page and they seem to hold their argument by way of your personal posts, mobile updates, personal pictures and comments to friends/family in Bhutan and abroad from the last so many years.If it is really an imposter, it looks like it is very close to you. This is dangerous. Please get to the bottom of this for you and your party’s sake.

  7. Am I the only one not surprised that “The Bhutanese” is not doing a story on this, if HPM found himself in a similar position, I am sure the investigative journalists at that tabloid would be working over time.

  8. I don’t believe it is an imposter because how he/she knows all your tweets, write ups and and things about you.

    And if he/she is, I don’t care

  9. Lets not jump to conclusions. It is very evident that this is a ploy to bring disrepute to OL and PDP. Having seen OL the last 5 years as one of the politicians who made his mark on democracy and politics in Bhutan it’s not possible that he’d be so foolish.

    Politics is driving people to scheme against others, and it is proof that people in certain quarters fear PDP and it’s president. This is therefore an attempt to discredit them and it only proves that all is not well in democratic Bhutan. Let’s not join this bandwagon and reduce ourselves to their level, which understandably is not something that we can be proud of. This must not happen in the GNH country.

  10. what is wrong in associating one with something which one believes in strongly!!!

  11. Wai OL,
    You need to provide a better explanation than simply denying what is obvious to all. How can you explain that some one stole your facebook password and your photo and entered your mind to utter the very words that you normally use.

  12. Well guys, there any number of people switching roles from PDP to DPT and vice versa. It’s up to the readers or followers to understand the games being played by the players and amongst them and everyone of them thinks we have horns like buffaloes! The important thing is; we get some insight into the probabilities of things brought out in the open. We can scan them, scrutinize them and think for ourselves! Even with horns on!

  13. Falcon,

    So explain how OLs personal pics and personal tweets are on that page. And the FB page has been up and running for the last few years, how come there were no complaints about it earlier. But, please, we are not questioning him because we fear him, OL and the PDP are the last person/party anyone should fear.

  14. the game already started…nobody knows the truth!!!

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