Why I’ve decided to Blog

I’ve started this weblog to:

  1. interact with people more effectively
  2. encourage open debate on public issues
  3. share my ideas with the public
  4. accept public criticism for my ideas and actions
  5. encourage our youth to be more politically aware
  6. start a blog before my children do so


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  1. You’re lucky you’ve made a start. I’m still on the way…..

  2. Tshering Tobgay says

    Just do it! It can be a lot of fun. And when you do, let me know.

  3. nothting on you bt excellent on your work in any area

  4. visited yr blog and any area where u build in cyber world ,feel u are good man , new wave and always have good Ideals
    best wish /good luck

  5. i like the way you do it sir our honable minister, so keept it up lyampo

  6. Tshering sir,
    How much time do you spend on this “blog” thing?

    TP Mishra
    United States of America

  7. Your Excellency,
    I liked your blog and out of curiosity went to and saw the last page, I mean the first page you posted.
    Your excellency overlooked the spelling of ‘criticism’ and wrote ‘critism’ in your aims of blogging. It is not a big matter but I am suggesting its correction as a matter of fact.

    Hope all your works are going well and all my wishes!

  8. Yangka Chojay says

    On the spur of moment, i was on your last page and i was very much glad to read about your aims and objectives on topic “Why I’ve decided to Blog”. Thanks for your DONE…..

  9. your excellency,
    I am a student, and daily updater of your blog. It is really informative, thanks for keeping us informed.

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