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A couple of months ago, I launched an “About” page in this blog.  But, that page, till now, remained empty. Instead, it announced that a certain Tashi P. Wangdi was writing the content for the page.

That content is now complete. So, if you go here, you’ll see what Tashi – better known as Tosh – has written about me.


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  1. Interesting journey for OL. Alls well that ends well. Keep up the good work la.

  2. dorjiwangchuk says

    People admire my writings but there is always someone better than me. And that “someone” is “always” Tosh!

    My homage to both the writer (Tosh) and the subject (Hon’ble OL)

    • Lampenda Chuup says

      Count me out – I really don’t have much to say about your writing. Long and laborious usually.

    • Is this ‘dorjiwangchuk’ the guy from centennial radio who contributes to Bhutan observer/times? I can’t believe he said “people admire my writings.” Count me out too. Perhaps you should add “Some” before “people”.

    • We live in a world of two faced hypocrites. And I won’t blame “the usual suspects” for pretending not to understand. But what is, is.
      The same people who publicly sing Tosh’s paens, as so he deserves, would stab him in the back at the slightest opportunity. These are such times.
      But as the man himself says, “I’m too busy looking good to care.” And as they say, “You can never keep a good man down”. Especially of the non ‘self-tooting the horn’ kind.
      As for the “people admire my writing, all I can say is … HAHAHA HA HOHOHO …… hahahahahahahahahah …. the irony and gall of it all speaks volumes of the MR. MAN himself ….

  3. Tosh…looking cool!

  4. Tosh…looking cool! Did you or Ol choose the pic..ha ha

  5. Honorable OL

    Your site seems to be in dormant stage since few days back. We are expecting more than all these from your site which is of national interest.
    We request you to update the site on daily bases and share the daily NA discussions as well.


  6. dorjiwangchuk says

    ok. “some” sounds better. sorry..

  7. I think Tosh’s works are powerful!

  8. Dorji Wangchuk,
    Knowing the person that you are I am not surprised by your comment.

    This post is nothing but self-serving! I can’t believe some (two) people here could get this low to… ha ha. Am I really reading (hearing) this? Someone please tell me I am only dreaming?

    Ha ha… my oh my…

  9. I am glad i didnt vote says

    In deed refreshing and encouraging. I assume that the OL must have been a industrious and zealous guy. I appreciate the author and the OL for sharing this beautiful story to us.

  10. Toch is one of the best writers of all times in Bhutan.

    Our OL is cool guy.
    Thanks for the beautiful story, Toch.

  11. Jagpamelen says

    That was good ‘yarn’ Tosh. Did transport me back to the good old Homes.

  12. Interesting. I wish I could also write well. I know we need to do more readings.

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