Big Picture – 5

Big picture 5

The first one to get this week’s Big Picture wins a lunch at the Musk. Be specific.


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  1. Dinesh Pradhan says

    Cotton wicks burning in oil at the National Memorial Chorten

  2. Thinley Penjore says

    This is a very difficult picture.

    Nevertheless, my answer – a burning cigarette

  3. A big Choemey (butter lamp) and the reflection of the windows on it.

  4. ..i second….pingpong….

  5. ummmmmmmmm………… it “paper burning”.

  6. linda Wangmo says

    Thats the picture of Taken at Sombykha while our Ol was on tour. It was late nite and thats the Mepchi light.

  7. F.Castro lighting his cigar… idea..very tough..not fair..its too tough

  8. oh..its bits of paper burning in a pond or some container…i can see the reflection!

  9. a big butter lam with 4 cotton wisp inserted lit.and can see the reflection of the clear sky on the part of it..

    • I am with Namgey. Its a butter lamp wig in a big butter lamp Kami Komp.

      I like what Linda Wangmo mentioned. Give her the lunch.

  10. Jabab Phub Dorji says

    its a Butter lamp burning.(khuyee – big karmey korma)and the reflection of opened door in the oil.

  11. A big butterlamp with five wicks in it and reflection of the windows and sky outside.

  12. Linda wangmo says

    On secound thought…. a decoration at hotel Taj or Musk

  13. I am glad i didnt vote says

    It’s a big Karmey Kom (not very big but a medium sized) that requires 2 two dongray to burn the oil. It cannot be inside a small glass case as it would have been difficult to get a view from the top or slightly above. So this must be a picture taken from a butter lamp burning 1. Inside a glass house as the flame seem to be consistent but slightly moved because of slightly bigger space in the glass house or 2. In a enclosed room where a photographer’s presence and movement have made the flame unstable. The picture must be taken in the evening as OL won’t go during the day time for the circumambulation or a walk. Not even on weekend day time as he would make a trip elsewhere or spent time with family or go for archery.Also the reflection on the oil potrays a clear picture of daylight. And I hope Dinesh didn’t see you taking the picture at the JDWM Chorten or did Linda Wangmo accompainied you to Sombeykha …..ha ha just a silly deduction for fun. May be next time OL should give more pic for deduction so that it becomes more fun.

  14. burning wool on a glass table with windows refllection

  15. A matchstick and a paper roll on fire….

  16. Its the butter lamp burning

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