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“Far apart and close together” is an informative book that celebrates the enduring friendship between Switzerland and Bhutan. The book comes with a DVD on GNH.

Every MP was gifted this delightful book.

Did we accept the bag which cost Nu 1,800? Absolutely not, that would be corruption. Did we accept this book, valued at Nu 2,700? Absolutely.


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  1. What is the difference between accepting this book and NOT accepting the now-infamous DHI bag? Can you throw some light, please? On hindsight, may be you should have accepted the bag – this book would have gone in neatly inside the bag!

  2. politics is not for logicians la

  3. Going by the observation, it seems that MPs do not count books as gifts. Then it is most probable that we can bribe officials with expensive books which they would like to collect but do not want to spend money for.

    I think ACC needs to seriously think if books can be considered as gifts in the same way as the MPs did for the bags. If taken up, it would be an easier issue to tackle as the MPs have already given the solution.

  4. What to accept, what not to accept, where to accept, where not to accept, when to accept, when not to accept, How to accept, From whom to accept, from whom not to accept – so on and so forth! Confused as ever!

  5. ashang add on what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, when not to eat, how to eat, how not to eat, where to eat, where not to eat…what a randomly monitored life!!!

  6. Its interesting to know what gifts have been presented to our MPs and Ministers. What about the 1907 and the K5 wiskeys presented to the ministers? It is worth more than 7000 NU. Has that been returned along with the mobile phones?

  7. hahaha!
    I like this dry humor, of OL and my fellow commentators.

    We've got to lay back and laugh at ourselves sometimes, don't we, eh?

    Seriously though …
    What would I have done, with the bag & book?
    I'd not have said "bag it!".
    And, I would have said "book 'em both!"

    Accept the gift, pay for them, and pool the money to donate to the Kidu Fund.

    Presenters would be happy, to see their gift so appreciated.
    MPs would be happy, with the nice bags & great books.
    ACC would be happy, with the MPs leading by example.
    The people would be happy, with the honest MPs.
    His Majesty would be happy, of course!
    And, most important, the beneficiaries of the Kidu Fund would be very happy.

    That would have been "walking the talk" on GNH …
    Oh well, perhaps the next time!
    hahaha …

  8. If you don’t know the difference between a book and a bag, ask your two year old kid. If you don’t know the purpose of a book or a bag, get your head checked but not a JDWNRH – they may ask for your head first! BAD, BAD TASTE OF SUBJECT.

  9. Well i guess the ACC has a lot more defining to do …… on what gifts would qualify as gifts….after all, gifts are gifts …not supposed to be associated with bribery….”all in the mind how we turn purity to impurity…” as Buddha might’ve remarked. Otherwise, ‘gift’ has no place in the dictionary by our ACC standards….hilarious, isn’t it?

  10. I think as long as gift are made in good faith (without the intention of something else) its ok. I think its important for our MPs to be reinformed about the values of GNH, something that should be in their mind whenever they made a decision.

  11. Deep inside the Bhutanese society, it is flooded with corruption. From nepotism to bribing, it has been a form of practice in our society. Truly, if we were free from corruption, Bhutan would have achieved newer heights in development, but its quite sad, though the development is apparent in Thimphu, most of our villages suffer unimaginable.

    In this case, where has MPs and NCs gut gone in denying the Book and “leading by the example” gone. If they rejected the bag and accepted this book, MPs simply prefer higher value of gifts challenging ACC. Or should we take that our MPs could be bribed, but with higher valued good?

    This is polities and we are already witnessing it from every angle.

  12. Its funny how you act like you are not even a part of the National Assembly (especially when some bad light is shed on the NA). Remember, when we think of accepting the books as a form a corruption, you are not excluded.

  13. Well, that’s exactly the point of difference. The OL is honest and bold enough to talk about something his conscience rejects, although he has had to comply with the near 100% majority. I think it is courageous of him to talk about something that he is very much a part of. We should not be indulging in the protection of territories (that’s being subjective) but rather protecting the people’s welfare and national interests and the LAW.

  14. The book in question is not a commercial object – it is as OL says informative and documents the long history of cooperation between Switzerland and Bhutan It is, if you look beyond the thick glasses of OL, an educational material. Let us be a little more objective when we discuss corruption. OL often gets invited to lunches and dinners worth several thousand Nu., shouldn’t he consider those as bribes? Definitely, and more poignant with ulterior motives than books!

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